April 25, 2014

Scenes from Antigua

Once during law school, when I was spending one of my summers working for big firms in London & New York, I had one of the recruiting team members tell me: “Oh the firm is so great, they have such awesome benefits! Like when you have to cancel a vacation for work….they’ll reimburse you for the trip!”

To which I said…..If you think that’s a benefit, then we have a problem.

It was scary to walk away from those big firm offers, I’m not going to lie. But it was far, far scarier for me to see a life stretching out in front of me where I wasn’t chasing the things that set my heart on fire. Where I was doing something I knew wouldn’t make me happy just because it felt safe. Where I was walking down a path just because it was where someone else told me I was supposed to go.

Eight years ago, I leapt. I dove. I went for free fall. And when I came back up, gulping for air and expecting to have the wind knocked out of me….I realized that I’ve never been able to breathe deeper. Fuller. And I’ve never felt more alive.

As the age old quote goes, “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Now that’s the kind of vacation plan I can get on board with.

**Here are a few scenes of our time so far in Antigua, including a sunset catamaran cruise with our amazing bride & groom, Lauren & Gary!!

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  1. Stephanie Stewart

    Love this post! So glad you took that leap! Wishing you a wonderful time in Antigua!

  2. Ann Jones

    Hey! I have followed you two for awhile now and always enjoy your fabulous sessions, traveling and the fun you guys have; esp together! Keep up the good work ;)

  3. Clara

    Hi there! I’m a new follower =] Found you through Katelyn James. Love this post, as I just decided recently that photography is my path too. My family has a small business that I could end up taking over one day, but I just can’t see myself doing it forever. Time to turn dreams into realities! Enjoy your trip!

  4. Lauren Pinson

    Hi! Sooooo excited for Lauren’s wedding! And to see your beautiful images!

  5. Ashley B

    Hey y’all! Looks like you’re having a great time, enjoy every minute!

  6. Missie

    I love where photography + weddings can lead you! Those scenes from Antigua look beautiful!! :)

  7. Amy Jensen

    Hi Guys! Antigua looks simply breathtaking! Enjoy!!


  8. Sarah Bradshaw

    hi. :) enjoy chasing those dreams.

  9. Ann Oleinik

    So excited to see Lauren and Gary’s photos! They are such a special couple and we are so happy for them!

  10. Jessica Frey

    Hi!!!! Can’t wait to see ya’ll next week and your ‘fresh from Antiqua’ tans! Enjoy and safe travels!

  11. Allie Rittle

    Hey there! LOVE these nautical photos and Mary’s adorable shirt…I can practically smell the ocean ;) Have a blast, you guys!

  12. Rachel Blanke

    I’ve been itching to get away from my normal routine… Now I want to go to Antigua!

  13. Lisa Cour

    Always happy to say HI! So glad you are getting sun, sand and time together!

  14. Emily Jefferis

    I’ve been following you all for awhile (and occasionally leave comments via Facebook). I’m always a fan of how classic your work is! Anyhow, safe travels. :)

  15. Faith T

    Here’s to breathing fully!

  16. Lani

    I have been working a job for over two years that is contract, without vacay, so I hear you on that! My heart is crying out for something new… PS… Love the anchor tank!! Enjoy Antigua :)

  17. laura

    hello! looks like a great trip! perfect Friday post.

  18. Sue McFarland

    I love your photos…so jealous of you being near that beautiful water :) Have fun!

  19. Hannah Hagaman

    You know I love yall. Thanks for all of your help along my journey! Could totally use some starbucks right now ;)

  20. Vanessa Chupp

    So GRATEFUL you took that leap! :)

  21. Justine

    So beautiful!

  22. Brittany Hyde

    You guys deserve a little R&R and some Caribbean sun! I’m super pumped to be taking my brand new (and first!) full frame Nikon down to Charleston, SC this weekend! Time to get out of the cold New England ‘spring’. Thanks for all the inspiration every single day.

  23. Brooke

    Can’t wait to see photos of their wedding! After following both of your blogs, it feels like I know you all!

  24. Lindsay Smith

    Greetings from Colorado Springs! Glad you got to visit Garden of the gods when you were here!

  25. Tira J

    What a beautiful location for a wedding1 Can’t wait to see the images! Enjoy!

  26. Kara

    HI! *jumping up & down, waving emphatically*

  27. Amy

    Great post…and beautiful pictures!

  28. Jeanine Rose

    Ummmm I am so jealous right now…it looks so warm and beautiful~~~ See you really soon at the Lighting Intensive..really looking forward to seeing you guys.

  29. Tiffany

    You two look so cute!!! Like a perfect J Crew ad! Enjoy Antigua ;)

  30. Kate

    Your trip looks like it’s been amazing– what a sunset! Have fun!

  31. Lydia

    Aahh, so excited for Laura and Gary!

  32. Leah

    Hi there! I just found your site through Katelyn James and im so glad I did! Love your work. You have found yourself another new follower :-D


  33. Jennifer

    Good morning! Thank you for all the inspirational messages you give out on your site, they make me strive to be a better photographer every day.

  34. Joan

    Hi Mary! Not commenting to enter but just to say hi :)

  35. Katie S

    hi! hope you guys are having a great trip! cheers!

  36. Brooke

    This is adorable!! Cooper is such a cutie; I love seeing him on instagram :)

  37. Tonya Damron

    one day i will ride a sailboat one day

  38. Rici

    I love this one Mary!
    To breath deeper and chaise that dream of yours. Thank you :*

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