August 6, 2009

Second Honeymoon

Well, who knew we would get to go on our second honeymoon so soon! It hasn’t even been two years since the first one, but sure enough when Mary & I got to our room this was hanging on the door! This place is INSANE and we just keep looking at each other and going “This is our JOB!!”

I love my wife in Punta Cana! And in honor of her and how I love her more every day, this song seems to say it all perfectly…

  1. Gina Meola

    Lucky ducks! Enjoy!

  2. Valerie Acosta

    wow… this is a really cute post.

  3. Syreena B

    we just got back from Punta Cana…. so AMAZING… can’t wait to see images!!!!

  4. Ray

    Nice hotel room digs. And such a beautiful song. Have a GREAT second honeymoon guys! ;o)

  5. Nicole Haley

    Look at that place! Live it up!

  6. Yuka photo art

    Enjoy your second lovely honeymoon guys!!!!

  7. Tira J

    Enjoy! I love that song!!!!!!

  8. ERica Velasco

    OMG I want to go there so badly! I can’t wait to see pics!

  9. Vanessa

    Wow it is SOOO beautiful and romantic! Have a great time!!!

    Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  10. Kellan

    Awwww..that is where we went on our 1st honeymoon!!! I love that place it holds lots and lots of memories. Do it up good kids!

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