September 27, 2013

September Mentoring

Happy Monday friends!!

And happy last day of September! Seriously, when did that happen? These days are just flying by!

So it seemed only fitting that we would close out this month with a recap of our September mentoring sessions: Sarah & Dave Mitchell and Jeanine Persichini!!

We met up with each of these guys around the workshops we were traveling for this month: Sarah & Dave in Annapolis when we were down in Baltimore and Jeanine in Dallas. This guys live pretty far from us, Jeanine especially, so I was SO happy we could make it work and get to meet these new friends.

What I love about the mentoring sessions is that it really gives us a chance to focus in on one person (or in Sarah & Dave’s case, two! :) and what they most need to work on. We can give really custom advice & come up with a next action plan based on that person’s specific circumstances and goals. And I also love that each one is so different. Because the mentoring sessions can be about anything our mentees want to work on, no two are exactly alike. Where Sarah & Dave preferred to get some really hands on, one-on-one instruction for all things lighting and tough spots using a flash, Jeanine opted instead to hone in on branding and workflow. Which was awesome! I think we were actually able to shave about 5 hours off of her workflow for each job! And I can’t wait to see the amazing things she does with all of that life she just got back!

For each of our mentoring sessions, they include the 2 hour session on anything our mentees want and then they also get a mini-headshot session with it. Since Sarah & Dave are starting to shoot together more & more, they decided to do their session together as a mini headshot/anniversary shoot. I just adore how sweet these two are together! I know you will too!

For Jeanine’s shoot, we decided to head out to Las Colinas and play along the riverfront with all of its super cool windows, doorways and staircases. I LOVED this spot! And Jeanine really brought it, from her super cute teal dress to her amazing collection of vintage cameras (which Justin couldn’t stop playing with!) Jeanine, seriously you just light up a room. Or in this case, a waterfront! You are beautiful from the inside out! I hope you know that!

We only have FOUR more mentoring session spots left this year! Two in October & two in November! They are $750 for the 2 hour session & the mini-headshot shoot including a PASS gallery of the high res files. They can be done either at our place in CT or in conjunction with our travels for weddings & workshops. Over the next two months we will be in: Georgia, Virginia, Philadelphia, Oregon & Miami. So if you’re in one of those areas let us know & we can try to make it work! The price for mentoring sessions will be going up in January for the 2014 season, so if you’ve been thinking about doing a session now is the time! Shoot us an email at and we’ll get you all set up!

Happy Monday friends!

  1. Maria

    I love this. Wish I could have been at the lighting intensive in Dallas. It wasn’t in the budget unfortunately. :( I love the Canals! I’ve only shot there once but it’s a beautiful spot.

  2. katie

    J&M Mentoring sessions are the greatest :)

  3. Jeremy

    Las Colinas was perfect! Gorgeous session!!!

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