January 4, 2018

Setting SMART Goals & January Goal Sheets!

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Happy Thursday friends! When we brought my own business coach, Kim from The Whiteboard Room, in to speak to our What’s Next Getaway attendees about goal setting last year, one of the things that she spoke on is creating SMART goals. That doesn’t just mean goals that are smart for your business or life, but goals that have five very specific characteristics. SMART goals should be:

Specific. Being successful is a great ideal for your business, but it’s not a specific goal. If we want to achieve something, we need to get really specific about what it looks like in order to move towards it. So for example, one version of that success might be booking 25 weddings next year.

Measurable. Similar to the characteristic above, being measurable has to do with us being able to track our progress toward a goal. So for example, rather than saying “get more Instagram followers” as the goal, we can say I want to add 500 more Instagram followers. This is both specific and measurable, and allows us to track our progress toward the goal as well as break it up into more bite size chunks each month (if I want 500 more followers by June 1st, I should try to add 100 more followers each month of Jan-May)

Action-Oriented. Rather than setting passive goals (I want more people to notice my work), SMART goals are ones that set out specific actions on our part (Since I want more people to notice my work, I will submit to three wedding blogs this month. Or since I want more people to notice my work, I will update my portfolios by next week).

Realistic. One of the biggest reasons that people give up on their goals (or more to the point, New Year’s resolutions) is because they set all or nothing, crazy, unreachable goals and then feel like a failure when they don’t reach them. So rather than saying “I will work out twice a day every day for the next six months” let’s try for something more realistic with the day to day realities of your work & life like “I will work out for at least 20 minutes, three times a week.” Then once you are regularly hitting that goal, you can aim higher.

Time-sensitive. A goal without an end will rarely be achieved. We all have those goals that have just been dragging on forever and ever with no end in sight. And on the flip side of things, we’ve all seen how crazy much we can achieve where there is a deadline looming. So set deadlines on those goals that matter most to you. You’ve seen me do that in several places above. I will do this by the end of the week, I will do that this month, I will accomplish this by next June. What is the deadline on your most important goals?

So taking all of that above, if I want to set a SMART goal about growing our newsletter community then I could say the following: I want to add 5000 new friends to our newsletter community by June 2018, which I will help accomplish by creating & offering helpful resources and being a reliable source of inspiring emails at least once a month . This goal is specific in the number that I want to add and to which platform, it is a measurable goal that I can break up over the next six months, it gives me clear action steps (creating resources & writing inspiring, helpful emails at least once a month), based on the number of people who are already apart of our newsletter list that is a realistic growth, and I have a timeline of next June. Now I have a SMART goal, a plan, and I can set out to make that happen over the next six months! (PS: if you aren’t on our newsletter list yet, be sure to  do that by going HERE!!)

So what is a SMART goal that you want to set for yourself for next year? Write it out: specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time-sensitive.

Pretty awesome stuff, right? That Kim is the best. And even better, she has given us a fun little gift to share with you! Kim has put together these beautiful goal-setting sheets for each month, and she gave us her January one to give to you guys for FREE which you can get by going HERE!

And while your at it, she’s also put together her amazing FREE Goal Setting Guide for you to download and start working on today! Enjoy friends!



  1. Kim

    I LOVE that smart goal! You guys are the best and I am so excited for all that is coming!

  2. Maureen

    This was great. Thanks for sharing! :)

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