November 26, 2013

Sharon & Chase Maternity Shoot

Happy Tuesday friends!

And ohhhhh is today a GOOD day because today is the day I get to finally show you guys the maternity shoot we did of the absolutely beautiful Sharon & Chase (and of course, coming soon, baby Ava!!) We got together with these guys last month when we were down in Charlottesville, Va for our anniversary. We met up with them to shoot all around an apple orchard (on a day when all of VIRGINIA decided to go apple picking!), grab dinner with them, and feel if baby Ava had perfected the ninja kicks that her mom is now so famous for (for any of you who have met Sharon, you know she spontaneously starts doing ninja kicks whenever she gets really excited about something! :) So with only a couple of weeks until Ava makes her BIG appearance, you can be that Sharon is doing ninja kicks all around their house right now!

S&C we hope these pictures always remind you of what this moment right here feels like, waiting on Ava to arrive. Your love is SO beautiful, and I know that little girl is going to be the luckiest girl on the planet having you guys as her mom & dad!! We LOVE you both! To the moon & back.

Ninja KICK!

  1. Ashley Watson

    I am in LOVE :) They are gorgeous and she is a BEAUTIFUL mommy to be !!! :):):)

  2. sharon elizabeth

    i am crying…. all i see is pure joy for baby ava!!! these are more than perfect <3

  3. ashley barnett

    Yep, totally creeped on the blog 400 times this morning waiting for this to pop up. SHARON STOP IT RIGHT NOW WITH HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE. I’m obsessed with these. Ava is going to be the most beautiful and loved little gal on the planet!

  4. Tiffany Farley

    So, so gorgeous!!!

  5. Heather

    Gorgeous, as always! One thing can be certain Baby Ava will be a stunning child with amazing eyes, her parents sure are a lovely pair!!
    Congrats and enjoy every amazing moment. <3

  6. Liz and Ryan

    So gorgeous! Ahhh! Love these! Sharon and Chase… could not be more excited for you! And to know that you will always have these photos to look back on and share with Ava to remember this AMAZING time in your lives… that is happy!

  7. Erika Mills

    Oh Justin & Mary these are gorgeous pictures of an even more gorgeous couple! Sharon & Chase you both look amazing and so incredibly in love. Ava is so lucky!

  8. Nikki Santerre

    These are so incredible! Ava is such a lucky little girl already to be so incredibly loved my her sweet Mama and Daddy!

  9. Spring

    I could not possibly love these more!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! XOXO

  10. Meredith

    OH glory. These are too good. Sharon, you’re gorgeous. Can’t wait until little Ava is born!

  11. Katelyn James

    just stunning! Sharon you are so gorgeous!!

  12. Ieva

    so lovely!

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