May 18, 2010

Short Stack: Info Sheets & Jared Bauman

Good morning!!

After a double header this weekend (the first in NY, the second down in Philly), we took yesterday off to rest, recharge and regroup. And now we’re back and ready to lay the gauntlet down on blogging! :) We have a bevy of posts coming at you this week on everything from engagement shoots to weddings to some house before & afters. And the only way we’re going to get it all done is to do a couple posts a day, blog marathon style. So be sure to check in and check back often!

To kick it all off, we have a little short stack pancake session we wanted to do for you guys on the “info sheets” we give all of our couples leading up to the weddings. In just these few pages, we get all the answers we’ll need to coordinate the family pictures in the shortest amount of time, help our couples lay out a realistic timeline of the day, and get all the contacts we need so we can be sure to hook our vendors up afterwards. But perhaps the most important question of all for us is on the last page where we ask about the details. Now we’re pretty familiar with all the usual details at this point: shoes, dress, bouquet, jewelry. But we try never to take it for granted that a bracelet is just a bracelet. So….we ask. We ask our couples in person when we see them, but we also ask on the info sheet so we’re sure not to forget. And you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find out if you’ll just ask.

For example by just asking, we found out that the bottle of perfume our past bride, Miryha, was bringing with her on the wedding day had actually belonged to her grandmother who had made it all the way through the War with it. The grandmother had since passed away, and Miryha intended to wear it in memory of her. But about a month before the wedding that bottle had dropped and broken into several pieces and all the perfume had spilled out. So, heartbroken, Miryha was bringing the broken chards in a zip lock bag so that hopefully there would be enough of the scent left to wear it on her wedding day. Now because the bottle was all broken and wrapped in a plastic bag, it wasn’t put out with all the rest of the details for us to shoot. But because of the info sheet, we knew about it. So we asked.

And we ended up getting one of our favorite shots that we’ve ever taken.

So we want to help you guys ask too! :) We’ve put up our info sheet in pdf form online and you are all welcome to print it off, save it, change it and use it as you will. We hope that it helps!

For the flip side of our pancake, we also wanted to let you guys know about an AMAZING workshop that is coming to CT that we will be hosting right here at Casa Marantz. Our friend Jared Bauman is bringing his “Business Made Simple” Workshop to New England *this* Thursday, May 20th. Jared will be speaking at our PUG the night before, where you can get a preview to all of this awesome content as well as $100 off the workshop. All are welcome!!

From Jared:
Are you a photographer who’s stuck not making money? Are you buried in the war zone of work, and not able to get out from under it? This is for you ….

The “Business Made Simple” Workshop is designed to revolutionize your photography business. This one-day workshop is packed with information specifically tailored to simplifying your business process and educating the photographer on how to have a successful business, covering:

– Automation and Efficiency: A step-by-step look at what and how to automate your business for success
– SEO – a top-down approach to understanding search engine optimization and social media
– Thinking like an Owner: A healthy examination of how to treat your business like you are the owner, freeing your time to grow and sustain it
– Packages and Pricing: A look at how to create tailored packages that will upsell themselves and maximize your profit
– Associates: Everyone wants them, but no one has them. Learn the “how-to’s” that make associates a successful branch of your business
– Six Figure Drill: See what it will take to make six figures this year …. And how it really isn’t that hard if you know what you’re shooting for

Beyond the topics, though, we will have the opportunity for open and honest discussions on the perks and pitfalls of advancing your business forward. In the end, every photographer struggles with many of the same questions, and we’re all in it together. Come invest in your business, to learn from someone who has once sat in your seat that will help advance you to the next level of you. This could be the most important day for your business – don’t miss out on it!

We’ve talked to a TON of people about what they need the most help with, and time after time they say it’s the business side of things. But when it comes right down to it, no one likes to think about this stuff so we shy away from the exact information we know we need most. If that sounds like you, I encourage you to follow through this time. Justin & I know Jared, and trust me when I say he is an awesome person and an amazing businessman. Do this for business…you will not regret it.

And tune back in later today for some Brooklyn Bridge engagement shoot fun!

love love love!

  1. René Tate

    Love! Thanks you two!

  2. Tiffany Deming

    Thank you for being so generous and sharing your info! Can’t wait for the blog marathon! :)

  3. Alison

    Oh how I wish I could make it down for that! Thank you for so generously sharing your questions with us. I have found sometimes clients don’t realize something is so important until we are talking through ideas (I don’t do weddings) and those turn into the most important shots I can get.

  4. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Thanks again for your kindness in sharing, Mary! I have most of this, but there is always room for improvement in my questions! Also, I can’t WAIT for more before and afters!!!! I’m holding my breath!!!!!

  5. Gina Meola

    Workshop looks great! And thank you for sharing your info sheets! Those should benefit a lot of photogs! xoxo

  6. Miryha

    Thanks for beautifully capturing by grandmothers memory! Miss you guys!

  7. Stacy Cross

    You guys are amazing!

  8. Kare

    So many photogs talk about their questionnaires or info sheets they use BUT you are actually sharing yours with us!! You are simply amazing.

  9. Brent Pilgrim

    You’re awesome! I’m inspired to share more with each of your posts. You’ve at least helped one person today, thank you!

  10. Emily

    Thank you so much. You two are gems!

  11. Whitney Gray

    Thanks so much for sharing! You guys are awesome!!!

  12. Emily

    Oh, you just made my day!! I am riding around on cloud nine. Thank you for your words!!

  13. Tammie

    Thank you so much J&M! The info sheets are going to be so helpful in the coming months. You are always one step ahead of just what I need…first at the STL workshop (which was the point where I either continue forward or think about doing something different with my life) and now this. I am truly blessed to have found you…
    (Sorry if this sounds so sappy, but thank you again :) Love you guys!

  14. Christa

    Thanks so much!!!

  15. Allison Joy

    Thank you so much! This is really going to come in handy! I am enjoying your B&A posts…your house is looking SO good!!

  16. Lydia

    I was just thinking that I needed to make something like this up. You guys are amazing!

  17. Casey Cashell

    I have absolutely fallen in love with your work & am learning so much a as I browse the website. I would love to download your info sheet but the link doesn’t work anymore (i saw this was a super old post) Is there a way you all could share that treasure again?? :)

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