April 8, 2014

Short Stack: Our Secret Weapon

Happy Tuesday friends!

Here is a little bonus short stack addition to the letter I wish I could have written to myself my first year of shooting weddings.

I think we’ve all found ourselves in that position where there is just nothing to hang the dress on. Or maybe there is a pretty cabinet to hang it on, but it is nowhere near the good light or not in the direction that we want the light to fall on the dress (we like it to rake in left to right or right to left to create direction & dimension). And it can be super stressful trying to get a good dress shot.

Well in those cases, we have just learned to turn to our go-to secret weapon that we try to always carry with us: a silver 3M Command Hook!!

We keep one of these little babies in our Think Tank Airport International bag, along with some refill strips. You just peel off the back of the strip and now you can hang the dress anywhere you want! Plus it still looks really nice because we spring for the pretty “silver” looking ones ($3.88) instead of just the plastic white ones. :) Then when you’re done, you just pull the tab on the bottom and it pops off the wall and no one will ever be any the wiser.

A few words of disclaimer. This will work on most dresses, but if it’s an extra heavy dress it won’t be able to hold it. Also, we have never had any trouble getting the hook to come off without leaving any marks/taking off any of the paint, but still be extra careful and just pull the tab really slowly so you make sure it doesn’t cause you any problems.

Ok, that’s it! Go rock it out friends!


  1. Elizabeth

    This is such a good idea! I have definitely run into that problem multiple times where there is no good place to hang the dress. I may have to borrow your idea ;)

  2. Jenny McCann

    Excellent tip! Wow. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Josh

    Seriously! This tip is a no brainer but some how I’ve never thought of it. Kudos to you two for sharing.

  4. Rebekah

    This is so brilliant! I can not wait to use it at my next wedding. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  5. Laura Hernandez

    I was about to buy one of these the other day (from your suggestion at UNITED), but it said I needed to have an hour wait time to use once applied. Do you wait this long or does it work quickly? I would just hate to hang a wedding dress from it and have it fall off the wall.

    Thanks! :)

  6. Karen

    Been doing this for YEARS …. it’s truly the best.thing.ever!

  7. tonya

    say what!? awesome

  8. Caroline Logan

    I will never forget the amount of jaws that simultaneously dropped in that room at United when you casually mentioned this little nugget of seasoned wisdom and blew so many listener’s minds. :) Haha! Genius!!

  9. Melissa Jill

    Fabulous idea Mary!! Thank you!

  10. Kelly Lane

    This is simply BRILLIANT! One of the simplest ideas that you hit yourself on the head and think, why haven’t I thought of this?! Thanks for sharing!

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