July 25, 2013

Short Stack: Point & Shoot Recommendation

One of the biggest questions we get from our clients & other friends who aren’t photographers, is for a recommendation for a good point & shoot that they can take with them on the honeymoon or vacation. We get it so often in fact, that I just put together one of our email signatures for it with links to our favorite p&s cameras. But I was thinking about it, and I realized that even professional photographers need a good point & shoot now and then for those times when you’re going away and don’t want to have to take your “big” camera with you. Because I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes it’s really nice to go away and not feel the pressure to have to document every little thing on your vacation as if you’ve been hired for it! Or to spend more time thinking about how you’re going to blog it than actually being present and enjoying it. :) We’re actually packing up as we speak for a little getaway up to Maine with some amazing friends…and that’s exactly what I’m hoping for. To take some pictures yes….but to ENJOY it even more!

So without any further ado, if any of you are on the look out for a new “fun” camera here is our recommendation for the top compact camera we’re loving right now: the Fuji XM-1!!

We love it first and foremost, because let’s face it…it just looks cool! :) You can also get it in silver or black, but we’re loving the vintage vibe of the tan one. In addition to the cool factor, we also love that is has a growing arsenal of interchangeable lenses that you can add to it over time for different looks, a tilt lcd screen so you can shoot from the hip or shoot up high, a fairly large sensor (resulting in better quality images, better lowlight performance, and more shallow depth of field than other point and shoots), more compact than it’s big brothers the X-EI1 and XPro1, fast autofocus, and HD video. And finally, perhaps one of the coolest things about this camera would be that it has wifi built in. Which means that you can send the pictures right to your phone & use them on Instagram if your iPhone camera just isn’t cutting it.

And because looking at cameras is a lot more fun when you have some money to spend on them :), just leave us a comment in the box below & some lucky winner is going to get a $50 gift card to Adorama to get you on your way! Winner announced early next week! Happy Pancake Day!

  1. Esther Gallarday

    Awww how cute! I want one! :)

  2. Sue

    What a perfect take everywhere camera!!

  3. Brie Morrissey

    THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for a small point and shoot to take with me when, like you said I don’t want to lug my "big" camera! Hope for the $50 to help with this purchase!

  4. Stephanie

    I very much would LOVE this p&s! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wendy Ewing

    Oh, I want it because it looks like some of the old ones I have on display in the studio. Very cool.

  6. Ashley K

    I need a p&s so badly! After I bought my SLR I haven’t found the money for a p&s but wish I had one a lot. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Jete devisser

    This camera’s got SWAG!! Not sure if an inanimate object can have that, but I think this does. FER SHER. love pancake day!!

  8. Lea Ciceraro

    Oooooh mama wants! :) Have fun in Maine!!

  9. Morgan E.

    looks great! love the vintage feel :)

  10. Carrie Holbo

    ooooh, I’ve had my eye on one of these! (Yes, my name is Carrie, and I have an addiction to cameras….)

  11. Terri

    Wow! thanks for the tip. Sounds like a cool camera!

  12. Janet McKnight

    That camera is so cute! thanks for the rec!

  13. Erica Hamilton

    Thanks for posting this review!! I’ve been eying this camera for a while but have been hesitant and waiting to see more reviews. But I trust your opinions so it’s going back on my wish list!

  14. Julina

    Ive used this camera before and it freaking rocks!!! Great recommendation!

  15. Kristen Driscoll

    Thank you so much! I’m going on my honeymoon this September and was looking for a great p&s and will definitely look into your recommendation! See you for your workshop next month! :D

  16. Tiffany Bolk

    So cute! I’m always thinking that I wish I had a nice point and shoot instead of having to lug around my giant SLR! It would be nice to be less conspicuous sometimes!

  17. Alisha Kistenmacher

    I want! :) We are on the verge of buying a new small camera for everyday instead our big Nikons!
    Love ya guys!

  18. Michelle Feeney

    Funny you post this because as we embark on our cross country move I said to Sean, we have to have the camera easily accessible so we can take pics. I don’t want just iphone pics. That being said, I end up always being that photog that is documenting and sort of enjoying. LOL. The tan is sexy on the Fuji. If I didn’t have to use the amount it costs for hotels, gas and food, I’d seriously consider getting it for this trip. :)

  19. Dawn

    Very timely! I’ve been thinking about getting a compact p&s for when I’m out with the kids and don’t feel like lugging the big camera. Will check this one out! Thx.

  20. Emily Crall

    Love it!!!! Ooooh, I want one now so I don’t have to carry around my DSLR!

  21. Stephanie Meyer

    Adore this camera! I’ve been looking into these for a little while now and just couldn’t decide if I really wanted/needed this one… You have helped me make up my mind! :)

  22. Tina

    Love this post! I am always on the hunt for a small good camera I can take with me when I don’t want to lug around the large one.

  23. Clarissa

    Love this camera, the vintage vibe just rocks!

  24. Cortney

    Gorgeous camera : )

  25. Rob

    Thanks for the post. I have been wanting to get a smaller camera for the days that I don’t want to carry the big one.

  26. Emily

    I didn’t know I needed one until now, but I do! :) Love pancake sessions!!

  27. Angela Glisik

    Have a wonderful trip and definitely enjoy it instead of just recording it!

  28. Holly

    Oh my I think I must have one of these!

  29. Bridgette

    This camera is so cute! I’m into the vintage vibe right now so it would be perfect!

  30. Samantha Melanson

    Thanks so much for sharing this! My old point and shoot has been broken for way too long so it’s about time I looked into getting a new one! I’m already in love with this one and can’t get over how cute it is in brown! I would absolutely love to carry this thing around with me.. everywhere! :)

  31. Diana Yntema

    Thanks for the awesome recommendation!! =)

  32. Rebecca Pierce

    This camera is adorable and awesome!!! Hope you enjoy your little MA getaway :) :)

  33. Stephanie

    that’s super cute. i’ve been looking for a great point and shoot + this might be the one!

  34. Edwina

    I love this camera, too! And yes, it is so hot!

  35. Tinakaye

    I love the tan one the best what a great feel to it

  36. Marcie S.

    I always get Point & shoot questions and never know what to say! (I don’t use one) Will definitely refer them to your list. Thanks!

  37. stacy hart

    sooo cool! Do you have any examples that you have taken with it?

  38. Maria Burnham

    Definitely number one on my list!

  39. Stef

    Oooh this camera looks dreamy!

  40. Donna R.

    That looks awesome and so fun!

  41. Luke

    based on looks alone, I am pretty sure this needs to be mine! Thanks for the advice!

  42. Heather Toller

    Love the vintage look!

  43. Kelly

    So cute! I want one! :)

  44. Karen

    This would be perfect for my Grand Canyon/Sedona vacation in August. And it is lightweight so I won’t fall into the canyon. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Help me travel and shoot safely!!

  45. Lelia Marie

    Oh wow that is cute! And looks like it is a lot easier to travel with than my work camera :-p

  46. Jill Prebola

    I couldn’t imagine getting the silver or black version when this gem is available instead!

  47. ahren

    ahhh! love this! thanks for sharing! I need a good one to keep in my purse. My phone camera gets waaaaay to much use right now

  48. Kara Carrier

    Love this camera!!! Great post : )

  49. Tiffany Farley

    Ooh I love the tan! :)

  50. Jennie

    It does look cool! Love the vintage look :)

  51. Tricia

    This camera sure is pretty!! maybe I can talk my hub into getting me two. Birthdays only come once a year, right?! :)

  52. Tara

    Everyone needs one of those cameras :)

  53. Megan

    Love this! Thanks so much for sharing! I want one!

  54. Cristal Veronica

    That camera is super cute!! Add it to the wish list :)

  55. Sue McFarland

    Oh my! I would love to have this point and shoot for when I am running my grandson in special places!! What a joy that you guys recommend a good one!

  56. Pam Butler

    L.O.V.E. the tan! Is shutterlag much of a problem with this camera?

  57. Kelly S

    love this! Been looking at the fugi x100s. This sounds perfect! And love the vintage look!! Thanks for the tip – whether I win it or not….. but I hope I do!

  58. Amanda Patterson

    What I wouldn’t give for a point and shoot I actually liked. Thanks for sharing!

  59. Amanda Patterson

    I have not found one point and shoot I like. Thank you for sharing this recommendation!

  60. Melanie L

    I would love to give this as a gift to a huge photography lover in my life!

  61. Kathy Andrews

    I love that tan camera! Looks like a great "grab and go"…we all need that! :o)

  62. Joe Don Richardson

    Thanks for all you’ll do!

  63. Stephanie

    Lovely, thank you for always being generous and sharing your thoughts and priceless professional insight, $50 at Adorama would be like a holiday – Thank you!

  64. Tara

    Eeeek! Pick me! I want a really nice, small camera to make art everywhere I go.

  65. Philip Haughey

    I totally agree with you on the great look of the tan one. I’ve been looking for a good point and shoot myself. Might have just found it. Thank you!

  66. Ryan

    Very Cool!! I love the vintage feel of this too!!

  67. Dawn

    I would love to have an extra $50 towards a new point and shoot!

  68. Jen Araya

    OOO my point and shots is old, Canon one, not even sure what kind, very nice I’ll add this to my future purchases :)

  69. Happiness Brown

    I would love to win this gift card! This camera would be a great addition for my upcoming trip to the DR.

  70. Wendy Nielsen

    Thank you for doing a session on this! I don’t like to bring my "big" camera on vacation for the reasons you listed (plus it makes me too nervous!) so this post is perfect! Got a big trip coming up…. this was perfect timing!

  71. colleen

    wow….i agree with you…a stunning camera. i want one….ha!!

  72. Sabrina

    How fun is that??? I’m in love with it already :-)

  73. Alison

    I’ve been looking at this camera for a while now but have a hard time pulling the trigger!

  74. Amanda

    Okay, this point and shoot not only sounds great, but look gorgeous!!! I definitely have my eye on it now!

  75. Courtney

    What a FANCY lookin’ point and shoot. :)

  76. Sophia Harcourt

    I love the look of this tan one as well!

  77. Joanna Hildebrand

    This camera looks adorable! I so want it!!

  78. Gabrielle Halle

    Love the vintage feel! I get this question all the time too. Thanks for the recommendation :-)

  79. Natalie

    oooh la la! I love it and want one!

  80. Jenny Lee

    Pick Me! Pick Me! Lol! :)

  81. Brian

    I first saw this camera in an email newsletter a few weeks ago.
    I have shot the XE1 and really enjoyed it but I had to let it go. I’m hoping this is my next little camera!

  82. Lindsay V.

    omg! I have been in the market for a good point and shoot. I’m sick of lugging my big camera around (and my husband is suck of having to wait for me as I click click click)

  83. Elizabeth

    I love the look of this camera and am interested in seeing the photos!

  84. Emily

    We have this! It’s great!

  85. Jessica Chavez

    LOVE this recommendation!! I just came back from a trip and I felt just like you mentioned in the post, having to get the ‘perfect’ image instead of just enjoying the moment. I’m so going to have this in store for next trip! Thanks!!

  86. Tyler Lawson

    Love this camera and the ability to change lenses. Another great camera to check out is the X100s by Fujifilm!

  87. Caryn Taylor

    I think you sold me!!! I’d love to get my paws on this puppy and see what I could do. :D

  88. Kristi

    This is wonderful, thanks so much for sharing!

  89. kara

    i need a new point & shoot for vacation this fall!! this would be SO awesome! :D

  90. aaron tokarz

    love it. the coolness factor definitely works with the tan one. can’t wait to get my hands on one. thanks for the good info…

  91. Tyler Lawson

    Love this camera and the ability to change lenses. Another great camera to consider is the X100S also from Fujifilm!

  92. Laura

    That’s an amazing point and shoot! How cool!

  93. Lindsay V!

    l.o.v.e! Took my friend’s camera to Greece and somehow cracked the glass on the viewfinder, I’m just sick over it. But, I would loveeee to have one myself!

  94. Minh Hussey

    Very cool camera!

  95. Tania

    Funny.. I was skimming through some sites to see what others have used for a P&S and LOVE LOVE LOVE your recommendation.. thanks!

  96. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    I get this question a LOT, too!

  97. Eric F.

    Sweet camera!!!

  98. Christy Tyler!

    Ummm YES PLEASE! We currently doing own a p&s and that definitely needs to change soon.

  99. Sandy

    I am always looking a little point and shoot cameras so I don’t have to lug my good equipment around on vaca. I go back and forth and end up taking both my old p&s thats wearing out and my slr. So frustrating-so a good little p&s camera would be awesome so I can leave the big gear home!

  100. Kayla :)

    Great post! I love the vintage look of that camera, too. Thanks for sharing!

  101. Joan Solitario

    Hi Mary and Justin: when you have a chance can you post up some sample photos from this camera and the lenses used? Thank you!!

  102. Courtney Cook

    This DOES look cool!
    And I am always wishing I had a cute little camera to tuck in my purse when I am out adventuring with my girls … Definitely looking into this one!

  103. Sarah Wamuhiu

    That is one cool looking camera. Hubby and I are about to both have D7000’s which has been a HUGE dream for us. But a little point n shoot would be so great taking everywhere!

  104. Linda Kuo

    I have to tell you something funny! I was just looking at the carousel house wedding, and I had a great shot of the bridesmaid tying the bow, on the bride’s dress. But the bm’s hands were SO bad, they were literally "man’s hands" to quote the episode from Seinfeld, that I couldn’t use the shot!!!

  105. katie

    I usually recommend a Canon Powershot because that was one of my first cameras that I took EVERWHERE, but this camera looks so awesome!

  106. Lydia

    What a fun camera! Wouldn’t mind pulling this out of my purse!

  107. Sarah

    LOVE the vintage look… and it would be so nice to own this Fuji point & shoot. I would be out and about shooting my favorite places and showing this baby off.

  108. Dannielle P

    So cool! Thanks for the recommendation!

  109. Anna Sawin

    Well indeed, this would be an upgrade from the iphone-on-vacay! xo

  110. Melissa Thibodo

    Thank you so much for this post! I have been really torn when it comes to buying a point and shoot… there’s so many options and I just can’t decide. I honestly think I will go with this one, as per your recommendation. If you recommend it, it has to be incredible! Thank you :)

  111. Kristin Robinson

    Oh, I would LOVE a nice point-and-shoot! It would be so wonderful to not have to lug all my equipment around all the time. :)

  112. Erin Schrad

    I saw this camera when it was first announced and my initial reaction was that I wanted it based on looks alone! I looks like my vintage Polaroid SX-70 camera! (Justin knows what I’m talking about I’m sure.)

  113. Kelly Smith

    Hi! I was googling reviews of the fuji X-M1. Since it’s been awhile, I’m curious over time if you still love it. I’m a photographer in the Twin Cities. Actually we sat together a few years ago at TCPPA when you spoke. Anyways, I am going to Paris in the spring and kind of want an option to bring to relax a little. Not sure if I can deal with leaving my d700 at home though:) Any input you have would be great. You do amazing work!

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