January 20, 2011

Short Stack: Second Shooter’s Survival Kit

Hiya guys!

Happy Thursday! Hopefully, right about now, or maybe in an hour or two (what time zone is Hawaii in?!?), J&M are sitting out on a balcony enjoying a stunning sunrise while noshing on some warm pancakes smothered in pinapple, coconut, and macadamia nuts. Because that’s what you put on pancakes in Hawaii right? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, anyway, in honor of their imaginary breakfast, it’s time for another edition of Pancake Sessions! This is all about what I like to call my Second Shooter Survival Kit.

The night before a wedding, the first thing I do is make sure my batteries are charged, my Tenba backpack is packed, and my gear is all set to go. And then I take stock of my second shooter survival kit. I started this kit the very first time I shot with J&M and my list has grown a little bit, but has basically stayed the same. These are the essentials I need to get through a wedding day along with some items that I need just in case. This survival kit has been used by almost everyone, including the J&M team, the bride, the bridal party, and pretty much anyone in attendance at the wedding. Since you all know I am a tad obsessed with design boards, I put together a little design board for you guys of all the things I bring along on a wedding day and keep handy, just in case.

So what do you think? Did I forget anything? :)

Call in case of emergency,

  1. Mary - Lemon Fresh Designs Photography

    Great tips, love the Hollywood tape reference. That stuff is truly magical for both the photographer and the bride! Thanks for posting!

  2. Edwin

    I second that! Great tips Julia! Gotta have the Burt’s Bees hand Salve and the Tea! Loves it

  3. Karen

    Granola bars and water are definitely essential! :)

  4. Michelle

    what a great idea! On my wedding day I got lipstick on my dress just before I was to walk down the isle and everyone around (wedding planners, bridesmaids, my mom) whipped out a million different things to save the day. Seriously, great idea!

  5. Alison

    I have a lint roller with me for all of my shoots, but second shooting in particular it has been a huge help and I never leave home with out my staticguard in my bag! Great idea to share!

  6. kathleen

    A stick of white chalk! Works well to cover any marks on a white wedding dress. Just rub on. Washes out at the dress cleaners then! Have never tried it on an off-white gown though..

  7. Victoria Harding-Wakeen

    Thanks for sharing this from another second-shooter wife!

  8. Lydia

    Great idea Julia! Some of these things I hadn’t thought of, and they make perfect sense!

  9. ashley barnett

    Such a fantastic idea :) You have inspired me to get my own little survival kit together! I can’t count the number of times someone has yelled out "I NEED A SAFETY PIN!!!" 10 mins before the bride goes down the aisle!

  10. Jessica

    thanks for this! I never thought about carrying some of this stuff!

  11. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    I had lara bars a few years ago and didn’t like them at all. but now that i have no other sugar in my life, i love those little things!!! they have bite-sized ones. cute perfection!

  12. ajira

    Ugh. I can’t tell what all these things are. No doubt the folks from here recognise the items with ease… any chance you could add a list?

  13. ...&J2

    @Ajira: Absolutely! It’s Starbuck’s Mints, an umbrella, a mini hairspray, extra batteries, granola bars (my fave the Lara bar!!), Burt’s Bees Hand Salve, Smart water, Super Glue, extra hair ties, a small brush and small mirror, a small notebook and pen, green tea, 100 calorie nut packs, band aids, a small pack of tissues, Burt’s Bees lip balm, tylenol, rice paper blotting tissues, Hollywood Fashion Tape, Pepto Tablets, bobby pins, a travel sewing kit, safety pins, Travel hand sanitizer, Tide to Go, Q tips, Wisps, Static Guard, and a travel manicure set! Hope this helps!! :)

  14. Michelle

    Such a great idea! There are numerous items that I would have never though to include! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

  15. Feuza

    This is great I would love to repost this idea in my second shooting blog series, I will link I guess, probably better

  16. Serena

    Some really great ideas here! I do also have a Swiss Army Knife type tool that includes a screwdriver (have needed that more than once!), small knife, scissors, etc. And a small LED flashlight, which I’ve also used on many occasions. Wouldn’t be without them!

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