June 14, 2011

Short Stack: Submissions

Good afternoon everyone!

This morning, Mary filled you in on all of the features our couples have been getting lately, YAY! :) So I thought I would hop on this afternoon and tell you a little bit about our submission process. All of our couples put a TON of work into planning their day, and all of them do a fantastic job, so we think they should all be featured somewhere! The key to making this happen, is our submission process. In an effort to keep this short and sweet (this is a short stack after all!) I boiled it down into three major points. Here we go!

1. Research!
I think the most important thing to do before submitting is to research what is out there! There are so many amazing wedding publications online and in print, that it can be overwhelming when it comes to submission time! It really helps to do your research. I have a running list of new blogs and magazines that are popping up so I can check in on them from time to time to see what kinds of weddings they are featuring! Which leads me right to my second point!

2. More Research!
Make sure to know your individual publications! Just like each wedding has a personality, so does each publication! This means knowing what kind of weddings/images they feature and also the technical aspects of submission. Each publication accepts submissions in different ways, at different times, and prefers a different number of images! If you know the guidelines ahead of time, you can be sure you won’t miss a deadline because you weren’t prepared! We try to keep WAY ahead of the deadlines by submitting each wedding within a week of it having been blogged, that way we aren’t scrambling at the last minute or overwhelming ourselves with multiple submissions at a time (Two Bright Lights is a great resource!)! Another thing that helps quicken the process is knowing the aesthetic of each publication! If you know what types of images a publication is likely to feature, it helps narrow down the submission process in two ways. One, it makes it a lot easier to choose where each wedding goes and two, it helps narrow down which images you submit. Does the blog mainly feature vintage or modern weddings? Outdoor or metroplitan venues? Do they feature mainly detail pictures or couple portraits? Do they want ceremony shots? Knowing all of this before hand, means that more submissions are accepted on the first try and also means there isn’t a lot of back and forth before the wedding gets featured! Meaning, the publisher doesn’t have to contact you to get more/different images!

3. Organization
I keep I list of which weddings I submitted, where I submitted them, and the date of submission. That way, I can keep track of each wedding and see where it is in the submission process! It also helps to give me a good idea of how long it takes to hear back from certain publications! Some accept weddings within a week, while others take a little longer! Having a list of average review times is a great resource ! Keeping this list also helps me for future weddings. Knowing which weddings got accepted (or not!) and to where, helps me to keep narrowing down my focus of where to submit!

I hope this helps!! If you have any questions about our submission process, just leave ’em in the comment box below and I’ll be sure to check back and answer them as best I can!


  1. MM

    Such good stuff!!

  2. Lydia

    I’m starting a list on publications and their styles so I can easily match weddings to the right place. Definitely hard work, but hopefully it’ll make things easier in the long run. Then I use Two Bright Lights for everything else!

  3. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Great advice, Julia! One question: do you submit images after they have already been blogged on your site, or do you wait to blog them until after they have been featured? I have read that you can’t most sites won’t accept them if they have already been blogged. Thanks!

  4. Katelyn James

    thank you JULIA!!! I don’t know why but I just adore you!! You’re so cute and I want a Julia of my own one day! does that sound creepy? Yes it does. Great post girl!

  5. Julia

    @Jennifer: Most of the time we blog first and submit later! If a publication requests the wedding after seeing the sneak peek, sometimes we hold back (but not always!)!

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