October 28, 2010

Short Stack: Vitalist

I am a to-do list junkie.

I make to-do lists of my to-do lists. Heck, even my to-do lists think I make too many to-do lists. They told me one night when I was up working way too late. It was a little awkward….we don’t talk about it anymore.

Now for me I’m still a big fan of the handwritten to do list, rife with the pleasure of marking each item off one by one. And thereby reminding my to-do list that I OWN it. That it’s in my world now. Ok?

But with three other people working in this business as well as a very hectic travel schedule to contend with, we quickly realized the need to be able to access, update, add to and mark off our to-do lists remotely.

Enter Vitalist.

Vitalist in an online FREE to-do list management system that can be accessed anywhere and allows you to sort your tasks by rankings (or assign rankings to someone else’s to do list if they’re working for you and they need to know the priority of things), projects, or the date due. It’s very user friendly and it keeps things organized. So now we all have our own lists and I can add to them/update them depending on which task falls under which umbrella. Ella. Ella.

Now if only I could figure out a way to mark things off on the screen without Justin getting really mad at me. :)

Here’s a little sample of what a list could look like. Tip: Ignore the inbox and go directly to “Action” to add/manage everything.

To-do-ingly Yours

** Also, stay tuned because Jennifer & Eddy’s jaw-dropping Cairnwood wedding is on deck!

  1. Lacy Dagerath

    Oh! J+J+M! If you are on the go and need to add something to the to do list and don’t want to forget… I use an app called "Do it (tomorrow)" or something like that… and you can "cross" it off… whatever you don’t cross off automatically moves to tomorrow! Just another helpful something! ;) Miss you guysss!

  2. Emily

    I just love y’all!! You are officially my favorite blog ever!

  3. Dennis

    This is great…I will have to see if they have an iphone app as I have been wating to get something like this for a while and had been looking at Things.

  4. MM

    @Dennis: I’m pretty sure they do!

  5. Jennifer (& Eddy)

    Yay!!! Oh we are so so so so excited and cannot wait to see the pictures!!

  6. Caitlin

    oh man, there is nothing quite as satisfying as a nice cross through on a to do list, but this is a great tip as Mike and I currently have to-do list post its on every inch of our desk at home. Love it!

  7. Rupa

    Just as I was about to create a new "To Do List"! : ) Perfect and thank you for sharing!

  8. joan solitario


  9. joan solitario

    PS – I added you as a referral. I hope you get something from it.

  10. Paul Manke

    Is it able to sync with phones and multi computers?

  11. Kare

    You had me at *free* :-)

  12. linda kuo

    Hmmm tempting but I still have a hand written agenda!! Old school! It’s cathartic. I like to hand check things off but I also don’t have 3 people working for me!

  13. Diana Lupu

    ugh!!! I get SUCH pleasure from marking things off too. It makes me feel so … accomplished. In fact, I have a list in front of me begging to be checked off. So far, all I’ve crossed off has been "coffee break". :) I am def going to be checking out this program tho! Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Holli True

    I feel your pain! Like you, my to-do lists have to-do lists. My desk looks like someone pranked me by covering it in post-its. But fear not, it’s just my plethora of things to-do. Vtalist just my save my sanity- and my desk!! ;) Thank you!!

  15. Tanda

    I have just come to the realization that I will always be a sticky note to-do list kinda girl. I’ve tried and tried all of the newfangled technology and I always go back to my first love.

  16. Jackie Lamas

    thanks for sharing this! i love to-do lists :)

  17. Sophia Harcourt

    Why Mary why did you have to get me looking at a new todo list option?! I may have a sickness. My biggest need though is to have it on my iphone because apparently I am that brilliant and need to jot down a to do item at a moments notice. It says there is an iphone version but I searched Vitalist on my iphone app store and nada. Do you have it on your phone? Is it called something so clever it is beyond my grasp….please advise.

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