February 16, 2011

Short Stack: WPPI Survival Kit

Happy Thursday before WPPI you guys!!

We are gearing up around here, packing our bags and checking em twice! We take off tomorrow and can’t wait to see you ALL in Vegas, baby! Before we go, we wanted to share with you guys our WPPI survival kit that Julia put together. There are a lot of things we didn’t think of the first few times we went, and our experience suffered for it. Probably the *biggest*one for me is just how darn dry it is out there. My face is usually burning by the end of the week, so make sure to bring extra rich face lotion especially for around the corners of your eyes. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it! Let’s see what else is in our kit!

1. Fashion Tape! No wardrobe malfunctions here!
2. Make sure to pop a packet of Starbuck’s Via in your purse! You don’t want to miss any platforms because you were waiting on line for a Starbucks fix!
3. The iphone alarm- essential to making those early morning platforms!
4. Whether your wearing heels or flats blister defense will get your feet happily through WPPI!
5. A trusty notebook from Barnes and Noble!
6. Some pens courtesy of target
7. The casinos are dry! Keep some Visine on hand and your eyes will thank you!
8. Never leave the hotel without your lipgloss!
9. Always pack a water! Water with electrolytes? Extra bonus!
10. It is SO dry out there! Always have some hand cream in your bag. Our fave? L’Occitane Shea Butter!
11. A schedule. So you know where to be and when! We used iCal to make block scheduling- literally, gym, lunch, showers… they are all scheduled before we leave! :)
12. After drinking your Starbuck’s Via, you might need some Starbuck’s after coffee gum
13. Dr. Scholl’s heel insoles. Because dancing can take a toll on your feet!
14. Plane rides and casinos are packed full of people! Airborne makes sure we all make it through Vegas without getting sick!
15. You are on your phone constantly at WPPI! Twitter updates, texting, looking at your schedule. Plus because there are so many people also on their phones, your phone will constantly be fighting for a signal. And that can wear a battery down FAST! We recommend the mophie juice pack because it’s like an entire extra battery, to give your phone (and your social schedule) a longer life!
16. The days are long, and there is a lot of walking! Sometimes you need a little pick me up on the go! So we always have a Granola Bar in our bag! One of our favorites? The Kind Cranberry Almond bars!
17. Want to make sure you get in to see your favorite speaker? Make sure to sign up for your Preboard Passes! It also ensures you don’t get stuck on those long lines outside of the room!
18. Purell hand sanitizer is always a good thing to carry!
19. Aleve can be a life saver!
20. And when you get back to your room and just want to relax? Pop on a comfy pair of Uggs!

Be sure to tune back in tomorrow for Kim & Steve Pt II and we’ll also be posting our WPPI schedule with all the places you can catch us!

**And be sure to follow along on Twitter for all the minute by minute updates from Vegas!!

  1. Kristin Nicole

    Love the fashion tape and blister stick….gotta have them!

  2. Emily

    Oooh LOVE smart water! And Uggs, yes please.

  3. sarah

    last time i was in vegas i spent $10 on a box of band aids. totally stocked up on those for the trip

  4. Vanessa Price

    Hey Guys, I hope you have a great trip and get to meet my friend Ashley Ferren Davis from Happy Heart Photography! She is a sweetheart and I think you’ll love her! I believe she is planning to attend one of your classes! Her husband and mine worked together in Fairfax, VA.

  5. Michelle

    Have SO much fun on your trip!! I know you guys will rock some serious booty out there ;), but many good luck wishes for all of your events, too!

  6. Lydia

    Instead of hiking to a grocery store to buy water bottles, bring along a Bobble to make your own bottled water!

  7. maggie

    !…ready or not…!

  8. Brooke

    Great ideas, the fashion tape cracks me up. I hope you’re both having fun in Vegas! :)

  9. Dawn

    I wish I would have seen this list BEFORE I went to Vegas! I can’t smile, my lips are too chapped. Thank gosh, no wardrobe malfunction though!

  10. Gail

    I’m gonna echo Dawn — where was this list BEFORE I packed? haha

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