August 4, 2009

Shut UP!!!

Shut UP!! We just got the sweetest gift from Meredith Perdue of “& Unlimited” Photography , who just attended our workshop with Gene Higa. She sent us these lotions from a little shop near her in Maine…

and then she sent these “barkwheat” treats to Cooper as a gift from her pup. They looked and smelled so good that Coop was willing to sit…..stand….

…roll over…

and stay just to get them.

And get them he did!!! (PS: omg, look how SCRUFFY our dog is!! don’t you love how he’s rockin’ the 80’s crimped look on his ears? I’d say the only person more in need of a good grooming right now than him would be me. My split ends aren’t nearly as cute!)

Thank you Meredith!!! You rock our world!! Hard!

  1. Dennis Bullock

    That is so cool!

  2. Onada Photography

    your dog is too cute!!!

  3. Meredith Perdue

    Wow! I’m smiling ear to ear right now, guys! Thanks for that awesome shout out! And way to go UPS- I sent that box yesterday afternoon!

  4. steve depino

    I’m not a pet owner but I think your are supposed to unwrap the treats before you give them to the dog :)

  5. Valerie Acosta

    too cute!

  6. Yuka photo art

    Maybe the best way to say "Thank you!" :-))))

  7. Amanda Herzberger

    SO CUTE! I spy Orvis on the card! Cooper is such a good boy :)

  8. Justin

    @Steve: lol, Coop is pretty good about opening his treats by himself. You should see him tear into wraped gifts at Christmas!!

  9. oneshotbeyond


  10. Samantha Harkins

    I love the crimped ear hair look! Murpher gets that too when it’s close to bath time. Cooper is just too cute!

  11. Jackie Beale

    I love your dog, he is so cute!

  12. jennifer bach photography

    I love it! Our golden Cody is sporting the same 80’s crimp on his ears, too!

  13. Michelle Sidles

    I love that I can see a Starbucks cup in the background. Makes me feel right at home. ;) And your dog is gorgeous!! :)

  14. cassandra m

    ooooohhhhhh…I love love love love Cooper. He is ADORABLE!!!!!

  15. Tira J

    OMG! Cooper! Where have your parents been hiding you! You have been missed!

  16. Lydia

    Cooper is so cute!!

  17. Ray

    Your dog is the cutest. ;o)

  18. Deyla Huss

    That is so sweet!!! love the gifts!

  19. stacey

    awwww i heart cooper!

  20. Amanda

    I’m a pittie gal through and through, but even I have to admit Cooper is about as cute as it gets right here. =) The treats–human and poochie–look awesome.

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