November 26, 2009

Shyla Rocks!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Today I am especially thankful for our dear friend Shyla who is in town to make dinner with us, and who grabbed this quick shoot of us last night for the new Spread the Love workshop. Seriously?? She is AMAZING!! Check these bad boys out! We love her!

****Be sure to check right back here tonight at Midnight, EST when the Black Friday sale opens to grab your seat!!

Yea….my husband is HOT!!! :)

LOVE the motion blur in this one!

Raaaaaaar Julia!! You are gorgeous my friend!

  1. alice

    Once again, Shyla is rocking it! You three look awesome… like a gang of Spread-The-Love-Super-Heroes! Thankful for your inspiring ways… Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Dennis Bullock

    cool pixs….you guys are some studs! :)

  3. maggieb

    …beautiful people, inside and out!!! Watch out world, here you come! Spread the Love!

  4. MM

    Happy Thanksgiving Maggie B!!

  5. Christa

    You guys are HOT! :)

  6. Jess

    Too cute. Can’t wait for you to come to San Fran. Happy Turkey Day guys! :)

  7. Mel and Derek

    You guys look awesome! Soooooo BA!

  8. Amanda Herzberger

    If I didn’t know you were big balls of mushes I’d be intimidated :)


  9. MM

    @Amanda: LOL!! I know right!! We look downright mean! :)

  10. Katelyn

    mmm you guys look gooood!!! :) Mary, you get it girl!! :)

  11. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    These are AWESOME!!

  12. Carol Lundeen

    Congrats on the hot work – and the tour!

  13. Kate Gardiner Photography

    Lookin good guys! Just signed up for Jax tour. see you in jan.!!!

  14. ohana photographers

    WE LOVE SHY!!!! she is without a doubt amazing!!! hope your turkey day was an awesome one!

  15. carla ten eyck

    nice pics guys!! you all are so fashionable I love it!!

  16. Anna Sawin

    tee hee–you look FIERCE and awesome, but we know you are just really sweet and awesome.

  17. tara

    wow. these are so awesome. hawt!! love it!

  18. Harmony Loves

    Ya’ll are so gorgeous, and fierce, and rockin it! Great pictures!

  19. Denise Saucedo

    Yes, I agree, your hubby is hot stuff… but can we talk about you for a second here… Hellooooooo Hotness!!!! Sheeeshhh. Love it!

  20. Ray

    All these photos are awesome. Your friend did a great job. But the first one, the first one has that, "We are un-f”in-stoppable" look! I LOVE IT! =D

  21. Joshua K

    These photos are so cool!!! Woooow!!

  22. cassandra m

    Mary…Mary…Mary. U is one sexy mama in des photos….LOL. YOU guys all three look HOT~! AWesome shoot.

  23. imthiaz houseman

    wow, how hot are you guys…

  24. Christina LeMarr

    LOOOVE this!!! It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to blog stalk!!

  25. feuza

    these shots are hot!!

  26. Brendon

    Haha, you guys are equally talented on either side of the camera!

  27. Zach Gray - Gray Photography

    You guys just brought sexy back.

  28. Amanda

    Wow, looking all kinds of super hero-ish. ;) Love it!

  29. Betsy, La Vida

    SMOKIN’ Hot!!! Love the feel of these AND the fact that they’re all B&W (I have a soft spot for B&W). So when do you start the band? You definitely have the cover art for it!!

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