March 1, 2009

Simple Stunning

Here are some shots from the AMAZING time we had today!! It’s so crazy how close we all got in just two days, and I know that these ladies are going to be in our lives for a long time to come! We love you guys!

Flowers by the CRAZY talented Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral

The Vera Wang favors donated by Bloomingdales

The DELICIOUS food was provided by Metro Catering. They did such an awesome job! My favorite was the “prosecco punch”…a Karen Bussen original!

The Ladies!!

  1. dorelies

    lovely ladies and and the fowers!!!! they are soo beautiful – oh I love the pics of them.
    best wishes from Austria- some friens and me are "watching" you and your grat work!!!

  2. dorelies

    Hi It’s me again, I just looks at the books and want to ask you: "What are Wedding showers?" I just know a shower from the bathroom. It is just a petty that we do’n celebrate weddings as you do in the us.

  3. Yuka photo art

    Beautiful pictures of flowers….I love how you capture details!

  4. Christopher

    Wonderful sots. I love how the flowers pop out at you.

  5. MM

    @ Dorelies: I know, we’re so crazy over here! A wedding shower is basically a party thrown for the bride a couple months before the wedding where she gets a lot of gifts to set up her new home. Think linens, pans, china, flatware, etc. And they usually involve some really silly & embarrassing games! :)

  6. Feuza

    Great pictures, looked like an amazing time.

  7. Val McCormick

    Those flowers are gorgeous! Looks like an amazing time with an amazing group of women :-)

  8. Chelsea Nicole

    Looks like a fun group – glad to hear you had an awesome time. :) And lovin’ those flower shots!

  9. elizabeth

    ohhh how lovely…

  10. Jackie L.

    Pretty flowers! Looked like a great time :)

  11. Cathy Crawley

    How perdy! I want to meet these gals :)

  12. Erik Souza

    Beautiful flowers and gorgeous photos!

  13. Lydia

    Wow, what a gorgeous shower! I feel like throwing a small party after seeing these pictures!

  14. Lydia

    Err, event, not shower.

  15. kate

    the flower shots are gorgeous!

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