October 14, 2013

Six Years…

Six years ago, we each woke up to a deep blue October Sky. It was the perfect Fall day. Sunny, with just a slight crisp in the air. And every tree was bursting with color, as if they too had been invited to our wedding.

Six years ago, I sat in a hotel room surrounded by my nine (yes NINE!) girls, laughing, crying, sipping on mimosas, and dancing on the bed to songs like Going to the Chapel, Hey Mickey, and Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Six years ago, they didn’t have your room ready yet so- unbeknownst to me- you got ready in the hotel bathroom. But somehow in the midst of all that craziness and you not having everything you needed, you still had time to bribe a bellhop to bring me up a cup of Starbucks with a note on it that said “Love you a Latte.”

Six years ago, I rode in a black 1952 Buick Limo to the church. A gorgeous vintage car….that, um yea, couldn’t go faster than 35mph. To the point that I thought I was NEVER going to get to you. Time seemed to slow down, just when I needed it to go faster. But I’m grateful for that time, because it meant when I finally saw you, I had missed you all the more.

Six years ago, I walked down the aisle and we both cried. We held hands and prayed, and we both cried. We promised forever, and we both cried. And we looked around the room, and all four of our parents cried. In other words, there was a lot of crying.

Six years ago, we ran out of a church as our friends rained down hydrangea petals. We took pictures with our friends on the lawn of The Branford House, and then just the two of us. We stared out at the water and wondered if there was ever a day so beautiful. We held hands. And pushed our foreheads together. And in that moment, we were certain that there never had been.

Six years ago, we had apple cider, apple butter and caramel apples. Because you had proposed under the old apple tree I used to climb when I was a little girl. And we wanted our details to tell the story of us, even if no one else ever knew. We heard the sounds of a fiddle player and had “grandma’s green beans” and at the end of the night we got down- me barefoot- to a dance remix of Country Roads. Because wherever we go, we have to take a little bit of West Virginia with us.

Six years ago, we danced our first dance to “These are the days” by Van Morrison. And even as the lyrics were playing, I somehow knew that as perfect, amazing, and even better than we could have ever hoped it would be, that our wedding was….it would still be all the days ahead to come that would be even better. That as pretty as our wedding had been, it would be our marriage that was even more beautiful.

Six years later yesterday, I woke up to you as the rain came pouring down outside. And I knew, it’s not the weather or the dress or the pretty things that makes what we have beautiful.

In every way….it’s you.

Happy Anniversary J! Here’s to the next sixty to come!

  1. katie

    oh goodness you guys! tears! I’m so happy that you’ve created a life and a marriage that is so beautiful!!!!! It gives me so much hope for the years to come in my own marriage!

  2. Rebecca Pierce

    HAPPPPIEST ANNIVERSARY! Love your story & love that you empower us to capture the stories that unfold around us, including ours. Here’s to the chapters still to write!!

  3. Karen

    Beautiful. And that’s what it’s all about. Happy Anniversary.

  4. Jackie Phillips

    Happy Anniversary you two! Savor those sweet moments!

  5. colleen

    beautiful. happy anniversary. thanks for sharing your memories with us!

  6. Tricia

    Happy Anniversary!! Love you guys!! xoxo

  7. GrandmaIna

    I’m happy to remember one of the best weddeings I ever attended–and to read how happy you both are together. Best wishes to you both.

  8. Jackie Lamas

    absolutely beautiful!

  9. Evonne & Darren Wong | U Me Us Studios

    Happy anniversary, Justin & Mary! xoxo

  10. Emilia Jane

    Love this and you all. Happy Anniversary <3

  11. Amy Clifton Keely

    Oh tears!! Such a sweet, beautiful post of such sweet, beautiful memories. Happy Anniversary to you two!

  12. Talia

    Happy happy anniversary j&m. Everyone deserves a love like you two have. Amazing!

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