November 12, 2010

Sneak Peek: Melissa & Marc

Good morning!

We are gearing up for our wedding at the Ritz on Amelia Island today, the first of our wedding weekend. Melissa & Marc are also getting married this weekend, and we just wanted to hop on and quickly introduce you to them so you can “Meet” them before they’re Married!!


PS: Yes, they really are this absolutely GORGEOUS in person!! It should be illegal. :)

  1. Lauren Wakefield

    Ok…please tell me you know where her boots are from. I NEED them. I think it’s a matter of life or death.

  2. Emily

    gorgeous work, you guys!

  3. Marie Tyler Wiley

    OMG…sooo much fun. Thanks for the introduction! :) And have a great time at their wedding!!! :)

  4. Dennis

    Fantastic = Happy People!

  5. Caitlin

    I just LOVE these two! How gorgeous are they! Perfection!

  6. Jakki

    Lovin’ the little flirty shot of leg!! Gorgeous!!

  7. Larissa Smith

    I love this set! The skin tones look awesome!!

  8. Ray

    WHEW!!!! I didn’t think I would make it: What with having to play catch up (20-pages worth: equaling to two about months of missed reading time and photo goodness)…? I’m finally caught up. And boy, oh boy did I miss such AMAZINGNESS! I just love your blog so much. In every word you write the love just flows. It bounces off of the computer screen and into my own heart, and I can feel it. Oh yeah…I can feel it. Thank you for sharing your life with us, your honesty, and your beauty. As well as your heart and your awesome photos. Onto this current entry: I love that photo of Melissa and Marc sitting on the steps. Beautiful. ;o)

  9. Michelle Hebert

    I love your teasers…they keep us begging for more!

  10. Lisa Cour

    VERY nice. I love Yale and she is just beautiful…that skin!

  11. Karen Stott

    Stunning! You are right, they are Gorgeous!

  12. Julia R

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous couple!

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