August 16, 2012

Sneak Peek: Nantucket Editorial Shoot

Last night at around 11pm, we put the last of the light stands in the car and hugged the last of the attendees at our Atlanta Lighting Intensive workshop goodbye. As I got in the passenger seat, fastened my seatbelt, and closed the door…we also closed the door on a two and a half month streak of go, go, go that has been the craziest yet of our career. We counted it up recently, and since June 22nd we’ve only slept in our own bed 9 times. We’ve lived out of swapping suitcases, let the laundry pile up, and eaten more bad airport food than any one person should ever endure. And we’ve done it all while reminding ourselves often that in doing so, we were out there living the dream.

But as Justin pulled the car out of the parking lot he announced, It is now 11:15pm eastern standard time, and WE are officially on vacation. For the next week and a half or so, we will be laying really low and recovering from the insanity that has been our year so far. I plan on sleeping in, laying in the hammock a lot, getting in some beach time before summer is totally gone, and in general slowing life down. Because just like seasons of hard work are really important, so are seasons of rest. I look forward to doing all the little things we take for granted…things like grocery shopping, doing laundry, and putting our clothes away in actual drawers. Going on long walks, working on the house, and not having to dig your shampoo out of a suitcase before you can shower. I look forward to being home.

Because what we’re realizing, is that this too is living the dream.

So wherever you are right now, whether it’s a season of hard work or a season of rest, my hope is that today you will join me in stopping….to be grateful for it.

**It seems only fitting that on this, the day that we’re winding up this crazy streak of an adventure, we should show you a sneak peek from a shoot we did at the very beginning of it when we were out on Nantucket. We worked on this editorial shoot with the amazing Dawn Kelly of Soiree Events, and I am so excited to say that it is going to be picked up for publication later this year! We’ll have to hold off on showing you the full shoot until then, but for now here’s just a little sneaky peek!

And finally, a HUGE congrats to the winners of our recent contests! Kerri Deatherage is the winner of our $25 Starbucks card & Laura Gordon is the winner of our $50 Adorama card!!! Congrats guys! Just shoot us an email at and we’ll get you all set up!

  1. sharon elizabeth

    i don’t know whether to comment about this amazing post or those INCREDIBLE photos! take a rest you two — ya’ll deserve it!

  2. anouschka

    beautiful photos! enjoy the downtime :)

  3. ashley barnett

    Yay Laura! And YAY you guys!!! Enjoy your vacation! You deserve it!!! :)

  4. Deborah Zoe

    Seriously stunning! Rest up, you guys deserve it!!:)

  5. Laura Gordon

    Oh my lanta! This shoot is GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see more :) Second, you guys soooo need a break- I don’t know how you do all that you do! I hope you enjoy this week!!!! And lastly….. YAY! I never win anything this is so awesome- thank you SO SO SO much!!!!! <3 Love you guys!

  6. rich

    AMAZING images!!! can’t wait to see what publication it gets into!

  7. Lauren Wakefield

    ENJOY your time off! You guys deserve it!

  8. Laura Yang

    This is so pretty it hurts! Just dreamy. :-)

  9. Christy Tyler

    I love this! And I honest to goodness don’t know how you guys do the go go go and the only 9 days at home! Enjoy your season of rest and hug that pup of yours! I’m sure he misses to guys!!

  10. alicia sturdy

    OH. MY. LORD. New England sweetness at it’s finest. These are amazing!

  11. Janelle C.

    Love the images! Enjoy your time off!

  12. Joe Don Richardson

    So glad you all are taking some time off. Few people serve it more!

  13. Stephanie Stewart

    Soooo pretty! Cannot wait to see more!!!

  14. Julia


  15. Angie

    Can’t wait to see the rest!

  16. Emilia Jane

    Oh my word this is stunning. I’m just getting back from our own little get away and I am SO EXCITED for you two! You deserve it :-D

  17. maggieb

    Scrumptious! Hands down, one of my favs ever.

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