April 1, 2011

Sneak Peek: Newsies & Knickerbockers

Today I am so tired. Maybe more than I’ve ever been. But it’s the best kind of tired….because it’s the kind of tired that comes from seeing a dream through to reality. From seeing a dream come to pass. Yesterday, “Newsies & Knickerbockers” the design board came together and unfolded in front of us as the real live thing. And I’ve got to tell you…it was even better than I could have possibly imagined.

Even better than I could’ve dreamed.

Because real life has a way of doing that…. If you’ll just look close enough.

To all the attendees, models, style interns and, of course the genius behind the design herself, Julia….I am in awe of you. All of you. YOU did this.

And we just got to be along for the ride. So thank you, thank you, thank you for being there. We live our dreams because of you.

So much love,

HUGE thanks to the incredible D.D. Nickel for ROCKIN’ hair & makeup complete with a lil’ original Revlon Red.

  1. Katie Jane

    I have to tell you guys… I had a major breakthrough at the workshop yesterday with lighting. It’s something I’ve really struggled with in the past, and for the first time – I feel like I totally GOT it. I learned so much, but off camera lighting was the big thing for me, and I feel like you guys changed the way I shoot in a fundamental way. So thank you thank you thank you. You guys are amazing.

  2. Spring

    I wish I could come to all these workshops if only to just shoot Julia’s amazing details and these adorable couples!!!!

  3. Ravyn

    I cannot wait to see the rest. These photos are fabulous!! The model bride is gorgeous! Great work, as always!!

  4. dd

    GORGEOUS you guys! Thanks for including me:)

  5. Robin McQuay Anderson

    Looking good! Looking forward to seeing more great images.

  6. Lydia

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Katie Jordan

    These are beautiful! I cannot wait to see the rest. And what fabulous backdrop for the theme!

  8. Caitlin

    I was so thankful to be a part of this day, watching you guys in action is so inspiring and helping Julia out behind the scenes gave me such an appreciation for what it takes to pull these workshops off. You three are amazing, thanks for sharing so much of yourselves. xoxo

  9. Jil

    gorgeous!! cant wait to see full reveal :o)

  10. ashley barnett

    Swoon! I love her hair, makeup, eyes and those lips!

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  12. Char

    I was such a pleasure!!! LOVED, loved it. Every minute. Thank-you for giving so much of yourselves to us!!! I learned so, so much. You guys are amazing!

  13. Sarah Danaher

    LOVE IT ALL!!!!!

  14. lucinda Wesson


  15. Nicole Chubb

    GORGEOUS!!! Love the veil, love the dress, the red lips – everything! Can’t wait to see the rest :)

  16. Nicole Chubb

    And how could I forget to mention the cannoli???

  17. erin mcginn

    The styling was perfection and the tips and lighting info was so great! I was excited to be a part of it!

  18. Katelyn James

    goosssssshhhhh. amazing.

  19. Kristin H.

    Ahhh! Katie is gooooorgeous!! And Peter looks pretty darn handsome!! Didn’t you just love them?! Can’t WAIT to see the rest :)

  20. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    your model could be Rachel McAdams!

  21. Ashley Lea

    I want MORE!!! Hate that I missed it, but I am saving up for next year! The next wedding I book is for you!

  22. Rebecca

    I have been dying to see these since you published the design board! Can’t wait for the rest – these are STUNNING

  23. Aida Krgin

    AWESOME! I was just telling amy husband about the day and realized that I learned more than I originally thought I did. Thanks for an amazing day.

  24. lisa cour

    I SO wanted to do this with you, especially after seeing you speak at CT PPA. Working toward having enough business come in to join you in Boston this year…its one of my goals!

    And your Society Room photos are devine!

  25. MM

    @Aida: Whoa, even more than that?! That’s awesome!! Thank you for the amazing fb comment too! :)

  26. Kristin Nicole

    Lovin it…

  27. Tara Sharma

    Thank you J&M&J2 for everything. You work so well together and its so great to see that harmony and be inspired – along with the wealth of info and tips so readily shared. Anyone can see your passion and be recharged to find the same. I had a wonderful time at the workshop yesterday – thank you!

  28. maggieb


  29. Alicia Kleppinger

    I have died and gone to wedding heaven.

  30. linda kuo

    I may have posted twice but it’s worth at least 2 posts. I never tire of your work and I tire easily. The accents. Red bridal dresses. Red lips. The smile and dimples on the blonde. I’d propose too! And the cupcakes!! I think I tried to eat my screen! I can taste pixels…

  31. Chelsea McGowan

    Mary, this will make you laugh : I just showed Mack this shoot, and he said, "Maaaaan. Every time I get to thinking we’re pretty good, I just look at their blog, and that fixes it."
    You’re inspiring, my friend!

  32. Michelle

    Is it just me, or does he look like Jim Halpert from the Office!??! Totally awesome couple, they were just the sweetest! :)

  33. Carissa

    holy cannoli!!!! (yes, i was quite proud when i thought of that.) but seriously, MOUTH WATERING images. love, as always!

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