August 19, 2009

Sneak Peek: Rachel & Terry

We are heading out for the big Shoot Out & PUG Roast tonight (which is FREE and open to everyone, so please definitely join us at the Guilford Green at 6:30pm if you’re interested!!), but before we take off we wanted to give you just a little taste of the blue & gold goodness to come!!!

(**My apologies to any of you Husky fans who are coming to the blog for the first time for Tiffany & Dan’s pics….but GO ‘EERS!!!!)

  1. GrayPhotography - Zach & Jody

    We will be there!!! … in 10 hours… ha ha. Lovin’ the jersey’s… – JG

  2. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    You’ll be so happy to know I can’t be a WVU hater! I have a bride who is a med student there. Gotta show some love! Can’t wait to see the rest. This one is so cute!

  3. Samantha Harkins

    These are the ones I’ve been dying to see. Can’t wait!! :)

  4. carla Ten Eyck

    love the number on the jerseys…just sayin is all

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