April 22, 2011

Sneak Peek: Stars Go Blue

Happy Friday!!

We’re just about to be leavin on a jet plane to catch our connection home, but as I’m literally standing in line to board I thought I’d share with you the latest with our OC Walk Through “Stars Go Blue” sneak peek. Enjoy!

  1. Linda kuo

    Wow soo beautiful. I never get tired of looking at your work.

  2. Alice G Patterson

    Way to knock it out of the park! Safe travels… I know a little furry four legged who is going to be sooo happy to see you. xoxo

  3. Tira J

    Lovely! Can’t wait to go through my images and share them too. Have a safe flight, and thank you sooooo much for everything. xoxo

  4. Sarah Danaher

    oh gosh, could that top portrait even GET any lovelier????

  5. maggieb

    Starry-eyed and misty…what a lovely couple…this is absolutely heavenly! I want to be there, in that moment…

  6. Ray

    Can you say bee-you-ti-ful shots?! Especially the bridal portrait. =D

  7. Christa

    Love the frames :)

  8. Stacy Conner

    Fabulous! Thank you again for all of your inspiration, sharing and honesty. Y’all are just wonderful photographers and people. Hugs!

  9. Jil

    love this!! and how gorgeous is the bride?!!

  10. Manya Keseloff

    Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for everything! You both are such an inspiration and both so much fun! I learned a lot! :)

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