May 19, 2011

Sneak Peek: Water for Elephants


That is all.

No wait….that is so NOT all. Yesterday was insane. It was better than insane, it was insanity. I don’t know why that makes it better, but go with me here. Yesterday was so perfect storm, I almost expected George Clooney to show up. We had the best, sweetest group of attendees you could possibly ask for. The light was incredible. The models were gorgeous. The details were literally drool worthy. Seriously, we provided wet naps at the door. Julia was in rare creative genius form. And we had the help of the most amazing team of makeup artists, hair, dress shops, florals and design. Not to mention some of the most committed Style Interns we’ve had who flew and drove hours to be there yesterday.

We are truly blessed. So, so blessed.

The sweetness of this life that we lead is far and above anything that we deserve. But just like the copious amounts of cotton candy I ate yesterday….I am going to savor every bit.

Sneak Peek: Water for Elephants

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us out!! We couldn’t have done it with out you!!
Venue: SoDo Park
Florals and Styling: Bella Signature Design
Paper Suite: Lifework Media
Hair & Makeup: Kathy Evans Beauty Studio
Hair Accessories: Lo Boheme
Bridal Gown: La Belle Elaine’s
Linens: Linens by Alice
Place Settings: Totally Tabletops
Our AMAZING Style Interns!! Bunn Salarzon & Dianne Dotter
And a huge thank you to Laura Marchbanks! Who is just about the sweetest girl we know!! :)

  1. Isaac Stott

    Karen couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was! Thank you guys for doing what you do!

  2. Catie Ronquillo

    AMAZING and GORGEOUS!!! I hope there’s MORE to see!!!! LOVVVVE!

  3. Jackie

    so enchanting! wonderful theme!

  4. Lydia

    So cool!! Everything looks amazing!! Way to go Julia + team!

  5. Gail

    GAH is right!!! WOW to these!

  6. Kris Rae Orlowski

    Seriously, how is Martha Stewart Magazine not banging down your door for editorial work? Wow. Just Wow.

  7. amy

    Hooray!! I had such a blast with you guys and all the rest of the awesome attendees! Thank you SO SO much for all the inspiration and love! Can’t wait to do it again next year! Seattle will miss you!

  8. Em

    ok….. REALLY?? this is amazing. why didn’t I come to Seattle too?

  9. Katie Jordan

    This is the best WTAW yet! The theme was perfectly executed. I love it all!

  10. Jil

    wow!!! these are just amazing!

  11. kari jeanne

    WOW!!! So incredible – I love every single photo!!!

  12. maggieb

    …a pure blend of magic and elegance…!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Caitlin

    GAH is right this is amazing! My favorite yet (although of course I have to be partial to NYC). But my goodness this looks gorgeous.

  14. ashley barnett

    Wooo! This is gorgeous! I spy Karen! And Justin looks quite dapper in that hat! I can’t WAIT for Boston!

  15. Alice G Patterson

    This looks amazing… what an awesome venue in Seattle!

  16. Linda Kuo

    I’m with Kris on this one re: her M. Stewart comment

  17. René Tate

    This is going to be cool. And by cool, I mean freaking awesome!!! Love Justin… he must be the ring master?

  18. Karen Stott

    Ashley you are adorable! This totally makes me want to go to Boston also! Justin and Mary & Julia you guys are seriously amazing beyond words….I am truly inspired and learned more than I ever thought possible in one day. Thank you SO SO SO SO much!

  19. Stephanie Bachle

    OMG!!!! This is brilliant!

  20. jamie delaine

    looks ah-maz-ing. love the bride’s dress. wish i had been able to stay and attend! :(

  21. Bunn Salarzon

    This was SO much fun! I loved being a part of it; it was my first official styled wedding shoot. I hope and plan to do more on my own — wish me luck! ;)

  22. Anna

    This looks amazing! I would have loved to attend! I’ve heard such great things about you.

  23. Kare

    This looks amazing!

  24. Ray

    Love, love, LOVE! The circus theme rocks. I want to see more photos, please! That photo of Justin in that top hat is awesome. ;o)

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