September 3, 2010


I sat in the plastic molded seat with my pony tail pressed firmly against the headrest and the lap bar bearing down on my legs, and did something that I’ve never done before.

I closed my eyes on a roller coaster.

This from the girl who went on her first big roller coaster when she was about seven years old. I was tall for my age, and sure we may have padded my shoes just a little, but I went on. Eyes wide open. Because I’m the girl who throws her arms in the air going down the big hill. The girl who fist bumps the sky at the top of the next one. The girl comes back with bugs stuck in her teeth from smiling so big.

But not this time. A few years have gone by since I was last on a roller coaster, and this time was just… different. This time I closed my eyes. Felt my entire body tense. Let the fear that’s been creeping in take over. I was afraid of going too high, too fast. And I let it shake me. Time after time we would go bigger and bigger rides, and don’t get me wrong I was still having a blast, but every single time no matter how hard I tried…I closed my eyes. Because I didn’t want to know where we were going.

And as we sat in the last plastic molded seat of the day, I looked over at Justin with that same, stupid fear in my eyes. And he just looked back and said, “Hey, what if this time you just tried letting go? Threw your hands up in the air and just enjoyed the fact that, baby, we are soaring.”

He can be really deep like that where roller coasters are concerned. (But don’t give him too much credit because right after that he looked at me and said “I wanna go fast” in his best Ricky Bobby voice.)

So… I did just that. We shot out of the gate at 120 mph and rocketed toward heaven soaring four hundred feet in the air. And I counted every star in the sky. Threw my hands up coming back down the hill. And found myself picking bugs out of my teeth at the end from smiling so big.

And from this I learned two things. 1) my husband can be really, really deep. And 2) sometimes it is good to just let yourself go and soar a while.

* * The Cedar Point crew!

Cutest couple of the year, Paul & Erin

2Duce2 Video in the house

The Grays :)

I wanna go fast.

We are *such* trouble makers. For real.

But we weren’t alone.

LOL, Justin and the biggest snow cone EVER!


All cleaned up with somewhere to go….

….Ruby Tuesday at the Sandusky mall of course! :) We are SUPER high class like that! That and the place that I tried taking us to looked like a scene out of “Vacancy.” Oops.

  1. Lori Quarles

    You couldn’t have picked better people to spend time with!! They are such FUN and goofy people! My favorite kind personally! I saw all of you together at the Nashville workshop and it was great! PS I still want to see that Matrix style bump with Eugene in action. I got it from a "slice of life" aspect but in video I know it’s THE BOMB YO! Anywhooo I know you guys had a blast! Those moments….that’s what LIFE is about! Letting go!

  2. Pam Moan

    Would love to have seen a picture with your hands in the air. Maybe I should ask Justin to take me to the swings, I get sick just thinking about them :-)

  3. Denise

    Love this story! :)

  4. GrandmaIna

    that looks like so much fun!! I loved roller coasters and big waves in the ocean. I must be getting older (not old) because I don’t do either one any more!

  5. Matt Keener

    So jealous! I can’t ever get Leslie to join in on some coaster fun, unless I promise to ride a kiddie ride or two. I’m glad you guys had a great time, and learned something too. You guys deserved it!! :)

  6. Allison Walton

    Glad my home state treated you well–sorry about the restaurants. TTD was our favorite ride at CP, too. We watched a couple of cars not make it over–I was secretly jealous of their 2nd 120-mph ride. i hope you enjoyed your break!

  7. Nora

    Yea so I have knots in my stomach just looking at a picture of that roller coaster. I’d love to enjoy ’em… but the fear is just too much! Glad you guys had such a blast though! :)

  8. feuza

    my idea of soaring does not involve roller coasters but love the idea of soaring, what a fun group, I am jealous

  9. Jessica

    Oh how I love Cedar Point!! That’s probably one of the biggest things I miss about living in Ohio. Have you ever been to Put-in-Bay? It’s just a ferry ride from Sandusky and a great place. You ride around everywhere in golf carts!

  10. GrayPhotography - Zach & Jody

    Ahhhhhh!!!! Such good times!!! Fun pics :) We had a blast with you guys! xoxoxo! – J

  11. Cedarwood

    Such free spirits……….rock on.

  12. Anna Kim

    You guys are too cute! It was nice meeting you briefly at WPPI. Come to Hawaii already, okay? ;)

  13. Kimberly Sanderson

    Yay!!! This looks like an awesome day and a rockin way to finish out the summer. I had to comment on the Justin’s "roller coaster deepness." I have another friend who goes by the "roller coaster rule" when it comes to having children. He says you should always have enough that no one need ride alone. :) They are at 5 now…so I am expecting that six is a necessary must.

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