November 17, 2015

Something REALLY BIG Is Coming!!


Ohhh friends!! We are working on something brand new for you & it’s going to be HUGE!!! I can’t say too much more than that just yet, but just know that you are going to want to mark your calendars for January 5, 2016 in the Washington DC area! And you are ALSO going to want to mark your calendars for next Monday right here on the blog when all will be revealed! In the mean time, get so SO excited because we have NEVER done anything quite like this before!! And it might just be our craziest undertaking yet! But life is way too short NOT to be crazy!

Join us back here on Monday for the big reveal! Any guesses on what it is??


  1. Rici

    Sounds AMAzing! :*

  2. Misty Hough Dawson

    Hi! My daughter is Paige Hough. She is a huge fan of your work. I am trying to surprise her with a ticket for “The Event” on 1/5/2016. I would really like this to be a surprise and she mentioned the tickets go on sale tonight but I have no idea how or where to purchase her ticket. I’m sorry to bother you on a holiday but if you read this and able to guide me in the right direction I would be so grateful! I hope that you and your family are having a happy Thanksgiving :-)

    Thank you,
    Misty Hough-Dawson

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