September 30, 2010

Spa at Norwich Inn Wedding: Tiffany & Charlie (Part II)

And now….Part II of Tiffany & Charlie’s gorgeous Spa at Norwich Inn wedding! We pick back up with the ten minute rule in full effect!

The wedding party was WORKING it!!

More gorgeous blooms from Miss Yumiko!

We hopped on the trolley for a quick ride over to the Spa at Norwich Inn

Where we got these two all to ourselves.


Tiffany you are stunning!

T&C had a custom drink called the Cherry Blossom in honor of their DC home. Look how pretty it is!

LOVE this set! It is so old south to me!

All those Killer Details! Because Charlie proposed with a message in a bottle down in DC, T&C spent hours making custom messages in a bottle for all their guests. Each one had a different quote about love on it and all the aging was done by hand by the bride & groom. Now that’s some kind of DIY!

The original message in a bottle that started it all.

LOVED this wish tree Yumiko did!

Seriously, how talented is Yumiko? She blows me away every single time!

Huge shout out to Donna of Creative Cakes for rockin out this gorgeous cake for T&C

First Dance

So Tiffany & Charlie did a lil something different here and had their own version of the Very-Newlywed Game. They were asked questions and had to hold up their signs to either say it was more like Tiffany or more like Charlie. If they both answered the same, Charlie got to take a step toward his new bride. If they answered opposite, he had to take a step toward the Best Man.

And whoever he got to first, he had to kiss….

….Let’s just say, Charlie lost!

Toast time!

How fun is she?? Love!

So remember that second dress I told you about? Well at the end of the night the band announced the last dance and had everyone circle up. But Tiffany was nowhere to be found. Just as Charlie started looking for her, she walked in in that stunning ice blue Priscilla of Boston getaway dress. It was the showstopper of the night! :) LOVE Charlie’s reaction!

Georgetown Cupcakes (brought in all the way from DC) to end the night!!

The End!

  1. joan solitario

    that wedding looked so much fun!! great job in capturing the emotions of the day

  2. Alicia Candelora

    She is seriously the most adorable thing ever!

  3. Samantha Harkins

    Great shots. The getaway dress is so gorgeous!

  4. Emily

    These are so gorgeous!! I love the details, and the newly-wed game looks hilarious. :)

  5. Naomi Elle

    messages in bottles?? fabulously romantic!! I <3 this beautiful wedding… :D

  6. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    Beautiful couple, beautiful details, beautiful venue. And that cake! It’s sooo gorgeous, I’d hate to eat it!

  7. Meredith

    These two are totally adorable! Beautiful, beautiful!

  8. Life with Kaishon

    Oh my heart. I LOVE this wedding. So fantastsic. I could feel the love : ) and the details are out of this world crazy cool! : )

  9. Gerri

    You guys did an amazing job at capturing the love that we all felt while there. Thank you for making my brother and new sister’s wedding one to remember with these fabulous photos!

  10. Phil and Joan-Carol Taber

    After much research and deliberation Charlie and Tiffany chose Justin and Mary as their wedding photographers. It certainly was the best choice ever. The pictures are spectacular and captured the love and happiness of their day.

  11. Elizabeth Tag

    It was great having the opportunity to be at the wedding and then enjoying all the wonderful moments again with the fabulous pictures. The pictures truly captured the true love that Charlie and Tiffany have for each other.

  12. Stephanie Bachle

    I LOVE the details from this shoot!

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