April 2, 2013

Speaking: Amazing Life Webinar & Skip Cohen U

Good morning & Happy Tuesday!!

Today I am really excited to get to tell you guys about two places that we’ll be speaking this year, one of them coming up later this month!

First on April 26-27th, the incredible Liz & Ryan- who just have such HUGE hearts for marriage & people living Amazing lives together- have put together this 2-day FREE webinar where you can hear from six different couples how they juggle it all & keep their marriages first. We are SO honored just to be on that list of couples that we love so much! Our video goes live at 11am on the 27th & we’ll be hopping on there to live chat with everyone as it plays. But really, you should just plan to listen to the whole thing over both days to hear everyone’s stories & advice. I know we will be!

Like I said, it’s absolutely FREE to listen to the webinar live! You’ll just need to head over HERE to get registered beforehand. But if you can’t listen to the whole thing (or just know that you’re going to want to be able to listen to it again afterwards), from now until April 25th you can grab your copy of the whole webinar for almost half off at $49 (normally $89). And when you grab your copy by then that will also get you Liz & Ryan’s Cozy Date Night Guide, the Amazing Life Together ebook & The Breakfast in Bed Guide. It’s a pretty sweet deal! So make sure you head over & check it all out!

One of the other places that we’ll be speaking this year, is that the incredible Skip Cohen asked us to teach for 2 days at his new Skip Cohen University this August 11-14th in Chicago!! We will be teaching the same thing on both Monday & Tuesday to two different groups of 20. The space is incredibly limited & from what I hear a lot of the seats are already filling up with people who were already registered. So if you’re thinking about coming, definitely get on this soon! On our two days, we will be going through some of the trickiest parts of a wedding day, giving practical & technical tips, but also focusing on the deeper Why that each of us is called to pursue as a photographer. Then we’ll take that storytelling & show you how that can become one of your most powerful marketing tools.

There are going to be a ton of other amazing speakers presenting over the three days & it’s just shaping up to be an incredible time! We hope we’ll get to see you there! To find out more info, just click HERE!

Whew! Ok, so we don’t want this post to be just all announcements, so we decided to throw in a little contest just for fun! I saw that a lot of you are planning your own Spring redecorating projects, so leave us a comment saying hi & we’ll pick one winner to have their choice of $25 to Pottery Barn or Home Depot!! We’ll announce the winner on Friday, so get to it! And….GO!!

  1. Corinna Hoffman

    This is awesome, Mary! Thanks for the heads up on the free webinar!! I’ll go ahead and register for it after I leave this comment on your blog :) Thanks for the heads up on SCU also! :) Have a great day!

  2. Liz and Ryan

    YAY!!! SO excited for so many opportunities for you guys to inspire others!!! Love this! XOXO!

  3. Amy B


  4. Brooke

    My husband and I just bought a house so the Pottery Barn/Home Depot gift would be awesome!!

  5. Becca

    So excited to listen to you guys on the More Time for Love Webinar!!

  6. Katie S

    hi guys, can i tell you how wonderful i think you guys are!!!?? thank you for inspiring us and having a giving heart to help us get ready for SPRING!! <3

  7. Kristin

    So exciting! Always love hearing you guys speak!

  8. Tiffany Farley

    Love this webinar idea. Those two are brilliant. :)

  9. Tiffany Bolk

    Registered for the webinar AND I have some major yard redecorating plans in mind so I would LOVE this! Just as I love hearing all the birds singing outside my window, even though it’s still cold out!

  10. Jen Jar

    Can’t wait to see you guys on Liz and Ryan’s webinar! Love you! :)

  11. ahren

    yay! thanks for the contest and for being so inspiring. We cant wait to meet you guys in CT in June!!


    Yayyy!! Those are some amazing couples and even though I don’t know them in person, I feel like I do thru facebook and blogs. :)

  13. Emily Crall

    We just bought our first house! I feel like we’ve purchased stock in Lowe’s by now. :) Haha.

  14. Ali

    Aww it’s all going to be soo good!

  15. Taylor

    Hi Justin @ Mary! I’d absolutely love to be chosen for this! My fiance and I are in the process of buying our first home & this $25 could really get us a few great items for our new place together! Anyway, love you guys!

  16. Samantha

    Hi there! You guys rock :) Happy Spring — looking forward to seeing you sometime soon! xoxo

  17. Lea Ciceraro

    Y’all are so nice! Oh how awesome this would be for when we move into our new house this month. :)

  18. Alison Mish

    Hi! Looking forward to this webinar! :)

  19. Kristin Hinsley

    Suh fun webinars!! Thanks!!

    I’m in over my head with projects around the house!!! My husband is delayed so I’m currently tryin to fix, clean and revamp his man cave room!

  20. Kristin Hinsley

    Suh fun webinars!! Thanks!!

    I’m in over my head with projects around the house!!! My husband is delayed so I’m currently tryin to fix, clean and revamp his man cave room!

  21. Melissa Pepin

    Woohoo!!! I love these ideas for webinars and I think it’s so great that you guys are a part of it all!

  22. Stef

    Excited to watch you guys on the webinar! :) And excited to get out and plant flowers!

  23. Amanda Buccieri

    Thanks for the chance to win! We’re redoing our sun room so this would be helpful!

  24. Chelsea Batey

    It’s really cool that I follow your blog because you inspire the people that inspire me. It’s a trickle down effect :) So excited for this webinar and that you’re practicing what you preach! Not only do you photograph the beauty behind weddings but you support the amazing life and work that goes into marriage!

  25. Kristin Hinsley

    Such awesome webinars!!!

    I’m currently in over my head with house projects!! I’m trying to clean, revamp and reorganize the house while my husband is currently deployed! Hopefully have a whole new man cave for him when he gets back!

  26. Jessica

    Well, I am amidst spiffing up the little love shack for client meetings and future summer barbecues. It’s gonna be friggen’ awesome!!! :D Have fun with all these future endeavors!!!

  27. ronnie

    Always look forward to your posts!

  28. Kristina

    I can’t wait for the webinar! Happy spring to you both!

  29. Chris Duke

    Could really use that $25 Home Depot card for a DIY photography project this weekend!

  30. Cassandra

    I would LOVE to redecorate my office. <3 Thanks for the chance.

  31. Chloe S

    That is marvelous! You guys are the best! I have been following you guys for aaaages and you never cease to inspire or impress or encourage or exhort.

  32. Katy Blevins

    What a wonderful webinar! So hoping I can tune in. I have great admiration for husband/wife teams and am always looking for new encouragements in strengthening my own marriage. And heck, a gift card to Pottery Barn…well, that would just be a much-needed breath of fresh air. :)

  33. Brittany Wong


    Would love to win a gift card to Home Depot! I’ve been wanting to get some plans to brighten up my apartment!

  34. Kelsey DeWitt

    I’m a student at Hallmark and learned so much when you two came to speak at our school! I’m moving into a new apartment with my husband in June to start my own business and would love a little help decorating the new home office :)

  35. Lena

    I could always use a gift card to pottery barn :) Favorite place ever!!

  36. Karen

    JUST finished construction on my NEW home office – would love to have a little cha-ching to do some fab decor! :)

  37. Jaylene

    I just want to thank you guys for all you do.

  38. Lena Marie

    Hi guys! Hope you have a great week :)

  39. Lindsey

    Hey! I love love love your photos! I would love to do a little spring re-dec! : )

  40. Corinne Dumont

    Hi guys! Absolutely love your work and I hope to someday hire you for my future wedding!
    Currently my boyfriend and I are remodeling our bathroom. paint is peeling off the walls from the "amazing" painting job the previous owners did…and none of our fixtures match the sink or towel rods. A great early spring project for us before we tackle the backyard!

  41. Jennie Crate

    Have fun at the webinar–sounds awesome! I’m creating my very first home office space in the new house my wife and I are buying, so would love to win the gift card. thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Anthony & Darci

    Hi Mary and Justin! Thanks for being honest and being you!

  43. Amanda

    Hi Justin and Mary! I just blogged today about how much a love Pottery Barn… so yeah, I’d love to win the gift card!!!

  44. Valen

    So glad to hear you’re coming to Chicago! :)

  45. Lindsay

    We close on our first home May 6th, so that would be awesome to have a little extra to get some odds and ends =)

    i always love reading your blog posts!

  46. Jennifer DeLaurentis

    I covet you guys for throwing a contest and would love that $25 PB gift card to go towards a square bevel glass mirror that will hang above our hallway console table! Can you envision it? :-)

  47. Corinne Dumont

    Hi guys! Absolutely love your work and I hope to someday hire you for my future wedding!
    Currently my boyfriend and I are remodeling our bathroom. paint is peeling off the walls from the "amazing" painting job the previous owners did…and none of our fixtures match the sink or towel rods. A great early spring project for us before we tackle the backyard!

  48. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Hi guys! I was so excited to see you were speaking for the Amazing Life webinar! Registered yesterday and can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say!

  49. Nicole Gridley

    Hi there!!! I absolutely love everything you two do! It’s so awesome that you have found the perfect balance in work and your relationship! You guys are amazing :)

  50. Alicia

    I’m so beyond excited about Liz and Ryan’s webinar! Adam will be watching from CO and I’ll be watching from CT…which about sums up our life right now :)

  51. Jennifer Krieg

    Hi!! I would love either ( I’m not picky ;) Would be great for my pinterest inspired closet office project in the works! You two Rock!!!! Looking forward to the webinar!!

  52. Melissa

    I have been following your blog for a long time now… after stumbling upon your photography from a facebook album. Your clean, crisp photos are always an inspiration. Your beautiful marriage and professional success is even more of an inspiration. Thank you for letting us into the mix of it all :)

  53. Elle

    Webinar looks great and Pottery Barn rocks!

  54. Debbie Koundry

    I first saw you both at the CTPPA convention a few years ago. I remember the seminar very well and Mary’s Dad was in the hospital, a very emotional day and I could only imagine how Mary felt. I love your work and keep the teaching coming. :)

  55. christy foreman

    ohhh i hope i win!

  56. Karen Stott

    Seriously SOOO excited! Can’t even wait!!!! Oh.. and PB… just for kicks :)

  57. S^3

    You guys rock!

  58. Michelle Burke

    Opening my own small newborn studio space in may and it definitely needs some tlc and spring cleaning. Home depot feels like my second home at this point, lol. Thanks for the chance to win alittle extra cash :)

  59. Emily

    I feel like I’ve been living at Home Depot for the past two weeks during our new house reno project and it would be great to spend someone else’s money there for a change. :)

  60. jennifer pringle

    Cant wait for the webinar, and who doesnt love pottery barn or the depot!

  61. Jenn Valluzzo

    What’s up guys! Moving to a new house in 1.5 weeks – a gift certificate to either of those places would be amazing! Have fun on all your adventures this spring – you are awesome!

  62. Megan

    The Guide has really inspired me and helped me as I remodeled a room in my home for meeting my photography clients. I’m looking forward to using it!

    Thank you so much for all you give to others on a daily basis. You are appreciated and loved by sooooo many.

  63. Lelia Marie

    Spring project? I feel like I live at home depot. I have year long projects. Plural. :-)

  64. Sara Renee

    Yeeeeah! I have been building a lot of backgrounds for photoshoots lately and would love a Home Depot gift card!!

    Sincerely (member of the J&M Tribe),

  65. Erin

    Hi, Peter and I adore you both. That’s all :)

  66. Bethany Ann

    How fun! :) I will have to listen to the webinar at the end of the month. :)

    And, as far as spring redecorating goes, my husband and I just bought our first house, so there will be a lot of redecorating going on in our world for a few months. :)

    Have a great day!!

  67. Tiffani

    If only it were one project :) I think we have at least 5 active ones right now…inside the house. Don’t even get me started on the exterior stuff.

    I’m so happy I found a picture from the two of you during a random google search last year & took the time to read your blog. You two are so very inspiring and I always enjoy your musings on life, as well as your fantastic photos. Keep it up!

  68. Erin Schrad

    Ooh! I’d love a gift card to do a little sprucing up at home… I’ve been expending all my energy this year so far into my mom’s home remodeling projects!

  69. Marcie S.

    Always love your insight- thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  70. Kelly Dillon

    Hi! Thank you so much for having this contest! I would love to win as I am re-doing my office to make it more of an artistic inspired atmosphere :) I’m looking to get a new pottery barn desk!

  71. Stephanie Stewart

    We are getting ready to build a house, so until it’s time to move we are giving our little apartment a little makeover starting in the dining room! I’m thinking of gray, chevrons, and dark wood tones so far.

  72. Gregg

    thanks for the PASS download!!!!!! cheers!!

  73. Kara

    HI :D Spring is definitely time for redecorating in our house – just drastically rearranged our living room last night and already hubby is eyeing up other projects he’s dying to sink his teeth into!!

  74. Jennifer

    HI! I live a both stores so thanks for the giveaway. =)

  75. Emily Koska

    Congratulations to you both! That’s so exciting! Gosh I wish I lived closer. It would be so awesome to attend one your speaking engagements. SOMEDAY I will. It’s on my bucket list!! You guys will be great :)

  76. Nicole

    You guys make a beautiful couple. Congrats on starting your new life together!

  77. Becky

    My husband and I are in the process of filling some sink holes (awful I know) holes in our yard this spring – so we would probably choose Home Depot (even though my heart is at Pottery Barn)! :)

  78. Spring

    Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi :) my yard needs a total OVERHAUL!!!! Send me some Home Depot love! (And I bet you thought I’d want pottery barn) ;)

  79. Lauren Wakefield

    Woo hoo!! Chicago! What what?!?! Movie in the park??

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