November 12, 2015

Speaking at Blink: 2015 Recap!!


Last weekend we flew to Austin, TX to speak at the third annual Blink Conference (and also the third out of four conferences that we’ve been speaking at over the last six weeks) put on by our good friends Ike & Tash! It was held at the super cool Lone Star Resort, and since a lot of the photographers there this time specialize more in high school senior photography (although it’s definitely for wedding photographers too!)…this was a brand new group of friends for us to meet! I always have trouble putting into words all the stories & amazing things that happen when you’re away for four straight days at a conference. So I think a great way to bring you along with us is just to tell you some of our favorite highlights. In no particular order, here they are!

*Playing a rogue card game of “Kent” this time with NO rules, and getting to know each other (and who is competitive, ahem ALL of us!) REAL fast!
* the first night dance party….and the second night dance party…and the third..
*Getting to hang out the whole time with Ashley Scobey & our new BFF for sure, Kayla from Shoot Proof! My abs are still hurting from all the belly laughs with these two!
*Getting to sit down with Tash  & really get to hear her heart for this conference. You guys, this woman has a heart of GOLD and she wants such great things for other photographers, and she’s working so hard to help make that happen. I just LOVE her!
*Learning to Dougie AND to Nay Nay
*Getting to hear from some AWESOME other speakers like Leah Remillet, Spanki Mills, Reginald Campbell, Jean Smith, and of course our dear friend Katelyn James who battled pneumonia to still show up & pour into these attendees! She IS a rock star!
*Meeting SO many amazing attendees with so many incredible stories who went out of their way to thank us for being there & tell us what it meant. I can’t tell you how life-giving that is a speaker to know that it counts.
*Going to dinner on the last night and having a couple at the NEXT table to us get engaged! Of course Justin was right there with his camera to take pictures!
*And of course, getting to talk to a new group of people about why stories matter, why what we DO matters, what God is calling us towards, and why we have to lay down these LIES we’ve been speaking over ourselves and RUN towards that calling as fast as we can.

It was SUCH an honor to be there!






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    so many wonderful and inspiring photographers in these photos. And great to see the amazing Jean Smith added to a group of over the top creative!

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