August 21, 2013

Speaking: Chic Critique

Happy Wednesday friends!!

We are gearing up for our first ever Art of Authentic Posing workshop today to a Sold Out group & we are getting SO excited to meet everybody!

But first I wanted to hop on real quick to tell you about an upcoming place that we’ll be speaking soon & also ask for a little help. :)

On September 23rd, I will be presenting a FREE live online event for Chic Critique all about Booking Your Ideal Client.

In this 90 minute event, I’ll be covering how to:

Define & attract your ideal “Lovemark Clients”, the ones who are most likely to rave about you in the first place.
Give those clients the stories you actually want them telling with a remarkable “Purple Cow” experience (because it’s not that they’re talking but what they’re saying)
Move on to building your “Secondary Circle” of followers in your tribe- an army of evangelists thousands strong out there saying your name, AND
Become a company actually worth believing in by having something that you stand for
Plus, you’ll be able to ask me questions LIVE during the Q&A AFTER PART-AY!

WHEN: Monday, September 23rd 2013 @ 8 pm Central (6 Pacific, 7 Mountain, 9 Eastern) Be sure to mark your calendars! And in order to get to watch FREE, you have to register first which you can do by going HERE!!

But like I said, I also wanted to ask for your help! As I’m preparing for this talk, I want to make sure that I’m hitting all of the biggest issues people are dealing with right now when it comes to getting booked. So if you guys could do me a huge favor & take a couple minutes to answer the following three questions in the comments box below I would appreciate it SO much! 1) How are most of the clients you’re booking now finding you, 2) What is the biggest hurdle you’re facing to getting booked/getting your name out there, 3) are there any questions you want me to specifically address when it comes to getting booked? Thanks you SO much friends!!

Also, I just really wanted to thank all of you who took part in our Get REAL challenge! I loved every single word you guys wrote & I take so much heart knowing that you guys are the ones leading this industry forward. In short, it gives me hope. And I’m so thankful for you guys! I LOVED all the entries, but we did have to pick just one winner & one that really stood out to me was Miss Eryn Kesler!! I just loved the heart behind her answer and everything she said about creating a legacy! Congrats Eryn!! We can’t WAIT to do a mentoring session + headshots with you!! xoxo

  1. Morgan Leigh

    1) Most of my clients are STILL friends, I have only had one bride come to me that I didn’t know personally, and I REALLY want that to happen more. 2) My biggest hurdle is booking people I don’t know! My first website is in the works, so I hope once it is up and I begin blogging and posting my work consistantly that will grow my business! I’m having trouble getting my name out in the mean time. 3) I have learned from photogs I look up to that doing a discounted price or special for your wedding packages probably isn’t going to attract your "Ideal Client," so if I want clients that are passionate about their photos and memories, and they know they are worth the price they pay for my services, if not more, HOW do I attract them? Also, when a bride inquires, should I give my pricing through email or ask to meet for a consulation before I give out any details? Thank you! Can’t wait for this event!!

  2. Laura Rahel

    My biggest feat in obtaining bookings from ideal clients is that I just recently moved to a new area (a new state!) and I don’t have any contacts here so I’m starting to network from scratch. My biggest question would be- how do you find ideal clients in a new market?

  3. Emily

    1) word of mouth or google search 2) Biggest hurdle is pricing. 3) I am priced so that I can successfully run my business while paying my bills. If I charge any lower I make no profit and I cannot run my business. What do you do if some clients are not booking you because you’re "too expensive" yet you’re priced according to your expenses?

  4. Sandra Fazzino

    1. Most clients that I’m booking find out about me through referrals, either via industry vendors, past clients or friends. Trust amongst all these categories is established by how we work together but it is also reinforced through social media. 2. The biggest hurdle I am facing to getting my name out there may be fear. I’m already feeling very busy, but I would like to double my income. That is a daunting idea. The fear of wanting more and getting more keeps me "quiet" or tentatively inching along instead of pushing harder. Which leads me to question three. 3. The questions I have regarding landing bookings are how do you manage growth spurts once you do begin landing your ideal clientele? How do you manage more work, client relations and exceeding expectations as you’re attracting your ideal client? How do you oversee all of the balls you have to juggle in the air as your business continues to grow while maintaining your core values and brand identity so that what attracts your clients makes them rave about you? In other words, how much do you put on auto pilot, outsource, and how how much do you do yourself?

  5. Tiffany Bolk

    1) this year most of my clients I got through friends or through a wedding that I shot that was published in a local magazine. But still only at 10 weddings for the year.
    2) biggest hurdle is very few people contact me. So it’s hard to book weddings when no one contacts me. So, I book I guess 95% of the people that I meet with, but I only end up meeting with 12-15 couples. I would like to attract more people somehow! :) I have done the cards, last year I do a monthly vendor post on my blog so I could meet with other vendors and get to know them and vice versa, I’m in a photo group with several other women that share ideas and referrals on facebook. I feel good about my work, but I know I could still do better and of course I still always feel like there are others that are better then me and I don’t like thinking that because I feel yucky! Then I wonder if I’m even tough enough for this market anyway. I’m getting off track now, so I’ll stop! Okay, looking forward to this! :)

  6. Eryn Kesler

    This has taken all day to soak in! I’m SOOO excited!!

  7. Eryn Kesler

    I guess it’s time to pull Lovemarks off my bookshelf and READ it! And maybe Purple Cow too. :)

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