March 14, 2012

Speaking in Boston

Yesterday Justin & I wandered the streets of Boston. We lingered over breakfast burritos and egg hole sandwiches at The Friendly Toast, took 472 pictures with a sugar holder in the shape of a cat (I mean, a cat! hilarious.), and walked five blocks out of our way to see Harvard only to discover that we were in fact at MIT. At which point, we realized there wasn’t any danger of us getting in to either.

It was like the “school for gifted people” times a million.

And then last night, thanks to the invitation of our good friend Joe Don, we got the chance to speak to a packed house of Boston photographers and people we are now lucky to call new friends. So many wonderful folks turned out in fact that we had to switch locations at the last minute to the Genesis Church to be able to hold everybody. Yea, a church. And here I was about to give a presentation that calls for me to swear in the first six minutes (don’t worry Mom, I was just repeating what this guy at Best Buy said). Hilarious. I don’t know if it was the swearing in church or the bright lights, but let me tell you….I was sweating up on that stage.

But we got through it. Together. And by the end, I could feel a change brewing in Boston. In all of us. I’m excited about what comes next. And I’m thankful for right now. I’m thankful for Boston.

Y’know even if I never stand a chance of getting into Harvard or MIT.

This was where I demonstrated how to transition from the Robot…..directly into Thriller.


  1. Elizabeth

    i need to come next time you all are in boston!!!

  2. Ariel and Matt

    Thank you guys so much for coming out! It was great to hear to speak ! I know we both walked away inspired, with many new ideas for giving our current clients a better experience and attracting more of the amazing clients we want!

  3. Tiffany

    Harvard would be lucky to have you among its ranks — your Yale alumni card might burst into flames though. :-) Looks like Boston was a blast!

  4. Mary B

    So glad my friend and I drove down from NH, your talk was so moving. Can’t wait to change-up some of the things that I do with some incredible inspiration and new ideas. Thanks again!

  5. Krista

    Thank you so much for coming! It was encouraging and inspiring and funny, as always!

  6. Joe Don

    I often say I am blessed more than I deserve. It was so amazing to get to introduce you both. But then the kind words you spoke about me was beyond what I deserve. You two are so close to my heart.

  7. ashley barnett

    When Jeremy saw that pic of you guys and Jasmine/JD he said "It’s like that time someone snapped a photo of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones together!!!! :) Love it!

  8. Shefali Lindsey

    M&J, can you guys make a little midwest tour to ahem…Kansas City! Cannot wait to meet you guys IN PERSON one of these days! :)

  9. Bethany Cox

    It was so awesome to hear from you last night. Everything resonated so deeply with me. I feel a change a brewing too!!! (Go East Coast)

  10. Tiffany Bolk

    I love the robot/thriller transition! Incredible!

  11. Nancy Mitchell

    You just shine! LOVE ya!

  12. Kimberly Jones

    Aww thanks for much for putting the photo of Mary and I on the blog. It was great to finally meet you and see you two again!

  13. Sam

    Justin & Mary, your talk was amazing! Thanks so much for coming out to Boston. You guys rock!

  14. Kari Jeanne

    Transitioning from the robot to thriller – bahahahahaha. I just about died from laughter, you are too funny Mary. PS. Love both of your outfits in this post!!!

  15. Spring

    It was great to hug you guys last night!!! Loved your robot and thriller dance moves ;) XOXO

  16. Ashley Goodwin

    IT WAS SO GREAT TO SEE YA’LL!!!!!! How awesome for yall to come out in support. :) Hope you thought I sounded as funny as I think I do!

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