February 25, 2013

Speaking: Showit United Conference

Whelp. It is most definitely that time of year! Conference season is in full swing, and we are off yet again….this time to go speak at the Showit United Conference in the amazing, amazing paradise of Santa Barbara. I know, it’s a tough life! :) I actually have the HUGE honor of giving the closing keynote for this conference this coming Wednesday, and in preparing for it, it sort of feels like getting ready to give a commencement speech at a University or something. I’m not going to lie, I’ve definitely been trying to channel my inner Steve Jobs…or, y’know, Oprah. Oooh or maybe Morgan Freeman. Yea, I bet if I could give the whole keynote in the voice of Morgan Freeman….that would be WAY more impressive! :)

Yesterday on the plane as we flew out here, I had some work for some upcoming deadlines I probably should have been working on. But instead, I just took that time to slow down and breathe (something I’ve been working on a lot more lately). I took time to read a book (non business related). To eat Pringles with Justin. And to look out at the world below. Because it is a really beautiful, blessed life that we lead. That we all lead. And if we don’t stop and look around once in a while, we just might miss it.

My friend Ferris Bueller taught me that.

Take time to slow down & look around today,
Happy Monday guys!

I don’t know about you guys, but I think this looks like the face of someone who wanted to get packed up & come along! We are going to miss this fluff ball SO much while we’re gone!

  1. Katie Yuen

    Is it me or does Cooper look a bit like Justin..?? Also, my mom named her new puppy Cooper, so it’s like they’re friends automatically ;) enjoy California!!

  2. Rachel McCloud

    Poor Cooper but congratulations for you guys. That’s awesome :)

  3. Kristin

    Wish we could have been there. We know you guys will do amazing!

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