July 31, 2013

Speaking: Skip Cohen U & Pursuit 31 Conference

Good morning & Happy Wednesday friends!!

I absolutely can’t believe how quickly Summer is flying by & that this is the last day of July (seriously, when did that happen??) And if it weren’t for the fact that we still have some really exciting things coming up over the next few months, I think I would be really sad to say goodbye to July. But, we DO have some really exciting things coming up….so I say bring on the fun! :)

The first one will be next week when we head back up to Maine for a wedding and then out to Chicago for Skip Cohen University on August 11-14!! We are getting SO excited for this trip & to meet all of the attendees. We first got to experience SCU last year when we were guest presenters on the married photographers panel. And this year we are so honored to be back there teaching for two days with an abridged version of our Walk Through a Wedding workshop (we’ll be teaching two different groups, so each group gets us for a day). This is going to be a condensed version of all the highlights of our best tips for lighting, posing, dealing with the trouble spots on a wedding day, post-processing, marketing & more! It’s going to be an amazing (and intense in the best way possible!) jam-packed day of learning, and we are SO excited to have Profoto on board to loan us some of their amazing lights for you guys to play with. If you’ve been thinking about making it to a Walk Through workshop but haven’t been able to swing the trip East or the full price of the workshop, this is an awesome way to get the highlights of it in addition to learning from some other AMAZING instructors.

If you are thinking about coming, we would LOVE to see you there! Last year’s group was so incredible because the attendance is extremely limited which means everybody gets a chance to know each other and the students & teachers have a lot of time to hang out one on one. As you guys probably know, there is nothing that can replace learning from somebody in person when you can see it & try it for yourself. No online video or blog post can ever replace that! If you want to join us, be sure to email SCU@mei500.com after you sign up and mention the code “Marantz”…that will get you $50 off your seat! And if you aren’t able to cover the whole seat right now, you can sign up using the new “Save Me a Seat” program that will spread it out until after the program to October! So there’s really no reason not to make this happen! You can check everything out by going HERE.

And then of course the other super exciting thing we have coming up in the Fall is the Pursuit 31 Conference in Rome, Georgia! If you’ve been reading along on this blog for a while, you know how much this conference rocked me. To the core. I got the chance to speak there last year and am so excited to get to speak again, but really just going is such a HUGE blessing. I already knew that I was so lucky to get to speak alongside such an incredible line up of talented and good hearted women, and my excitement level just TRIPLED (if that was even possible!) when I found out that one of the people I look up to most in the world, Mr. Bob Goff, has just been added to the line up. Bob wrote the book Love Does (which I LOVE) and I have been following him ever since I read it. I just love what he stands for and putting action behind our faith and words. So I am beyond thrilled to be able to sit in the audience and learn from him. And ok, ok….probably very dorkily ask for an Instagram picture with him. Repeat after me: I will play it cool. I will play it cool.

Trust me, you guys do NOT want to miss this! I think there might still be a few seats available (I know that they had sold out at one point, but I think they were able to work with the venue to open up a few more spots), so be sure to jump on grabbing your seat ASAP if you still can! And I never use words like ASAP, so you know I must mean business! :)

And as an extra bonus, I think this post deserves a contest!! Just leave us a comment in the box below & we’re going to pick one lucky winner to receive your very own copy of Bob’s book Love Does. And….GO!!

And a HUGE congrats to the winner of our $50 Adorama gift card giveaway….Ms. Ahren Foster!!!

  1. Anna K.

    I just listened to Love Does and it was amazing! I’m so excited to hear you and Bob speak at Pursuit 31!!

  2. Christin V.

    I downloaded the teaser version of this book on my phone and was about to buy it! I’d love to win it!! Love inspirational books.

  3. Jennifer Medeiros

    I very much wish I was going to the Pursuit 31 Conference… Next year!! In the meantime, thanks for the contest. :)

  4. Amanda Truth

    I am SO PUMPED for the Pursuit 31 conference!! I absolutely cannot wait! And I’m so excited to hear you (and everyone else at the conference) speak!! Yay!!

  5. Alicia Sturdy

    Seriously BOO HOO-ing that I can’t go to P31! It’s my busiest two weekends of the year sandwiched on both ends. Next year – I’ll be there. Also – this book…I have heard about it…I want to know more.

  6. Laura Fisher

    I was just looking for a new read and this sounds perfect! Just got a new place, and you always have the best recommendations when it comes to literary inspiration… :)

  7. Jackie Lamas

    Skip Cohen is a boss… so cool.

  8. Kristin Ungerecht

    I’m so excited about the P31 Conference!! Super glad you’ll be there again, Mary! It was an AMAZING week last year and I have no doubt it’ll be another incredible week this October. :) As for Love Does, I’ve been wanting to read it for awhile now! Haven’t snagged a copy yet, though. Feel free to pass one along. ;)

  9. Wedding photographers

    Awesome images of sea summer feelings :).

    And yes, summer goes way too fast also here in Finland.

  10. Missie

    That looks like a well written, encouraging book I’d love to read! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Rici

    Every.single.time you post something about a conference or speaking somewhere I wish every.single.time I were somewhere close to the States!!
    Have a great week!
    ~ saluti.

  12. Heather

    After having the amazing opportunity to attend the lighting workshop in July, I am even more excited see you both again in Chicago (didn’t think it was possible to be any more excited!)
    To anyone considering SCU, or Justin&Mary’s workshops–find a way any way and GO! (PS I agree with Mary that there isn’t any reason you can all make it to SCU the more the merrier you won’t believe the friendships you will make and how much you will learn!)
    Ok, I have rambled enough. Would love to win a copy of Bob’s book!

  13. Meghan

    Soooo want to go to Pursuit 31. I have friends that rave about it. Hopefully some money will flow in and I’ll be able to come. AND this year is all about LOVE for me and finding the Father’s heart for me. I can’t wait to read the book whether I win it or not.

  14. Candice Hackett

    Wish so badly that I could attend P31. Love Bob Goff and eager to read this book!

  15. Nikki Santerre

    I have been trying everything possible to get to P31 this fall, and I’m just not sure it’s going to happen (major sad face). I’m definitely going to try to read Bob’s book soon, though!

  16. katie

    I can’t wait to see you at the conference and give you a big hug! <3

  17. Brianna

    I loooove to read :) ♥

  18. Megan

    I would have loved to attend Pursuit this year! Here’s to making a goal to attend the next one, hopefully next year! I would absolutely love to read Love Does as I have heard nothing but amazing words about this book! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!!

  19. Andrea Simmons

    Yay! I love free books!

  20. Joe Don Richardson

    So excited for all that is going on with both of you. Thanks for sharing your lives with so many. It means so much to everyone here. More than you may ever know.

  21. Megan Hayes

    Dreaming about going to the P31 conference. Bob’s book sounds to be soooo good. Would win a copy!

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