July 10, 2013

Speaking: Skip Cohen University

Happy Wednesday friends!

Today we are continuing our European adventures & having the best time. Yesterday as we were driving to Nice & the French Riviera, we couldn’t help talking about all the amazing trips we’ve gotten to do so far this year…and it’s only July! Besides the What’s Next Tour that took us all over the country, we’ve also had trips to Santa Barbara, Amsterdam, Vegas, Santo Domingo, and Nantucket just to name a few. In short, it’s been an awesome (albeit crazy!!) year!

The fun won’t be ending after this trip either, as we have a couple of back to back trips to Maine coming up when we get home as well as a trip out to the midwest on August 8-11 for Skip Cohen University in Chicago! We are getting SO excited for this trip & to meet all of the attendees. We first got to experience SCU last year when we were guest presenters on the married photographers panel. And this year we are so honored to be back there teaching for two days with an abridged version of our Walk Through a Wedding workshop (we’ll be teaching two different groups, so each group gets us for a day).

If you are thinking about coming, we would LOVE to see you there! Last year’s group was so amazing because the attendance is extremely limited which means everybody gets a chance to know each other and the students & teachers have a lot of time to hang out one on one. And there is nothing like learning something from somebody in person, when you can see it & try it for yourself. No online video or blog post can ever replace that. If you’re thinking about coming, be sure to email SCU@mei500.com after you sign up and mention the code “Marantz”…that will get you $50 off your seat! And if you aren’t able to cover the whole seat right now, you can sign up using the new “Save Me a Seat” program that will spread it out until after the program to October! You can check everything out by going HERE.

Hope to see you there!

  1. Emilia Jane

    Can’t wait to see you two again! And have you finally meet Wil :-)

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