March 21, 2013

Speaking: The Pursuit 31 Conference

Almost a month ago, I sat in an empty ballroom with my good friend Karen Stott and cried biting, stinging, corner of your eye tears as I uttered the words, “I can’t do it.” Corner of your eye tears, because they were the kind of tears that you know if you just let go, if you let that dam break ….they may never stop falling. I sat in a room with her and told her that I felt empty. Hollow. The well had run dry.

There was no more left to give.

I had been asked to give the closing keynote at United. And as we sat there, both having just come from hearing an incredible speaker- Kevin Hall – give his address, I added he should have been the one. He should have been the one to close it out. He should have been the one to set this crowd on fire on the final day. He would have left them standing on their feet. And I returned to the only words that filled my thoughts and heart… I can’t do it.

But somewhere in the silence of words that might just have been true, my friend Karen- just like she always does- said something that pulled hope out of emptiness and planted purpose in the place of doubt. She said:

Maybe these really BIG things that we’re called to do aren’t at all about who we are….but who we are becoming.

It’s been nearly six months since I joined a group of women Christian creatives in Rome, Georgia for the first ever Pursuit 31 Conference (founded by none other than the inspiring, amazing advice giving Karen Stott). And in those four days, my heart was changed. When it came my turn to talk, I stood and the words that came out of my mouth were about things I’ve never talked about before. Nor have I again since. About the broken pieces of me that are still a work in healing. About the scars that we are afraid to let show. And about what it is to be called to a bigger purpose than yourself.

It was the kind of thing that I could have never been prepared for…and yet, it was exactly what I needed.

Maybe these really BIG things that we’re called to do aren’t at all about who we are….but who we are becoming.

I am incredibly excited & honored to be heading back to Rome, GA this October for the 2nd annual Pursuit 31 Conference . If you are in a place where you’re feeling empty. Where it feels like the well has run dry. Where the words I can’t do it have become the soundtrack in your head. If you need to find purpose and feel like you’re in this for something bigger than yourself….I would love to see you there. Where we will no doubt cry corner of the eye tears together! :)

Registration for the conference closes a week from tomorrow on March 29th, so be sure to
grab your spot before then!

Here’s to who we’re becoming

**Picture stolen from my friend Katelyn’s blog who will also be speaking there!

  1. Kristin

    LOVE that. (And I love that Karen Stott.) And it’s true… at least in my experience. I’ve had those ‘it just doesn’t make sense! I’m not ______’ conversations with God… and it’s funny because in accepting those callings and moving forward in faith I find that I have become more and more like that person. He changes… He enables. I love that. :)

    SUPER excited to be at the conference again this year AND to see you there again! Thank you for speaking and continuing to do so despite doubt and feelings of inability. I know personally that your voice and words are being used mightily, dear! :)

  2. Kristine Neeley

    Can’t wait to see you there!

  3. Katelyn James

    I’m so excited for this year… and I’m praying it’s as revealing and as powerful as it was last year. God does great things when we’re wifi-less and work-less for a few days:) I love you to pieces!! So thankful for this season of time together:)

  4. Alison Mish

    Can’t wait for this! :)

  5. Karen Stott

    Oh Em Gee Mary!!!! Make me cry corner of the eye tears why don’t you! And you know what’s crazy.. I didn’t see this when you wrote it… but now.. as I am facing that same I can’t do it thought cycle I come across it today. Just when I needed it myself. Love you oh so much! SO honored to have a friend like you!

  6. Ashley Cochrane

    Mary, you said SO many things in October that were exactly what I needed to hear! I can’t wait to see you there again in the fall!! :)

  7. ashley link

    YAYY!!! can’t wait to be there and see you!!! you are going to rock it out, girl! i’m so excited!!! :) is it october yet? :)

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