January 9, 2010

Spread the Love: NYC & DC

After Boston, we made our way into the N-Y-C (one hand in the air for the big city) and Jason Groupp’s incredible loft studio for the second stop on our tour. But not before making an emergency stop in White Plains to drop off the trailer at our amazing 2010 clients’ equally amazing restaurant, Melt. When we got there, they not only let us un-hitch our wagons but they had lunch waiting on us too! Honestly if you are any where near the area, you have to check out this place. They were the best sandwiches we’ve ever had. Ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kristin & Bill for being the best clients turned friends we could ever ask for!

Once we were a trailer lighter and a few sandwiches heavier, we headed on into the city. Cause y’know….if we can make it there, we can make it anywhere.

This group was AMAZING and two of them even brought us home made brownies! Yea, I’m going to be 500 lbs by the end of this tour. Thank you Todrins!!!

Meet Miss Katie Lewis! She wins the farthest distance prize for NYC as she flew in all the way from Fargo, North Dakota to make it! How cute is she?

After we wrapped in New York, we packed up and headed back to White Plains to grab our trailer and pick up Cooper who will be joining us on all the rest of the stops. YAY!! Then we cruised on in to New Jersey to Twitterless JuliaG’s childhood home. I was totally hoping for some really bad perm junior high pictures, but alas she was as cute back then as she is now. Once we arrived we were greeted with a spread worthy of a king…or y’know P-diddy… and an equally amazing breakfast the next day! (Thank you Maggie & Henry B!!!)

Then it was off to Washington DC to change the world!

We had the sweetest group in DC….LITERALLY!!! Just look at these cookies that were waiting on us. Heart shaped J&M cookies in honor of Spread the Love! Kristiaan you are the BEST!!!

After three amazing, yet somewhat grueling days of speaking and traveling, traveling and speaking….we took yesterday off. First, we got our monument on and hit up the Washington Monument. You have NO idea how long it took us to get this shot (and how ridiculous we looked while getting it). Then once we got it we realized that it looks pretty bad, if you know what I mean. But I dunno….we’d worked so hard to get it that we decided to blog it anyway! Forgive us oh internet, for we know not what we do!

Me & Twitterless JuliaG chillin (quite literally!) at the Capitol. Brrrrrrrrrr!!

To get warm, we ducked into the Air & Space museum.

Where Justin, who really digs all this stuff, was in HEAVEN! Him with the Spirit of St. Louis.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t shut up about finding some woolly mammoths so Justin & Julia took me to the Natural History museum. They bought me an ice cream cone too. :P

Dead…….dead, dead, deadsky,


So those of you following along on Twitter saw that Cooper got jumped on by this Cujo of a dog in our hotel parking lot yesterday. It looked a lot like this! No worries though, he’s totally fine now and is kind of diggin’ the street cred it gives him.

Hmmm…..not quite a woolly mammoth. But we’re getting closer!

When we finally found them, it turns out that they were not-so-woolly after all. But still pretty cool!

And finally, I’ll just end with two pictures that I shot from the car that remind me of what life feels like right now: a total blur of moments I won’t want to forget!

On to Nashville! Also, stay tuned for our last wedding of 2009, Miss Sarah & John, which will be coming at you tomorrow!!

ETA: Just got this shot from the amazing Nicole Benitez who met up with us for breakfast at IHOP to talk shop, life & love about the future of her business. I’m tellin ya, keep an eye on this one. She’s going to take this industry by storm!

  1. Katie Lewis

    Ah! I made your blog. Super cool! You two have seriously made me start my new year on the right foot. Everything you said made so much sense and made me excited to make a lot of changes in my life. Mary, thank you for the millionth time for chatting with me after and making me realize that there’s no time like the present to make the changes you know you need to make in order to be happy. I will be forever grateful! Good luck on the rest of your trip!

  2. feuza

    THank you guys once again, we had a blast, my blog post is coming up soon,

  3. Amy Clifton

    Glad to see you snuck in some props for Starbucks in that first "blur" picture. :-) Can’t wait for your stop in the ATL!!!

  4. Allie Hoistad

    Woohoo Katie Lewis for representing NoDak! I’m a Grand Forks kid myself – so jealous that Katie go to be there!

    Hope the tour is going so great, J&M!

  5. Julia

    It was so blustery my cheeks look red in black and white!! Looking foward to meeting more amazing people and making tons more memories!! Nashville here we come!

  6. Kristin & Bill

    Yay! So glad you guys liked the sandwiches and that the tour is going well!

  7. Nicole Benitez

    You guys are fantabulous!!! Spread the love was amazing, but you were even more amazing!! And I’m stoked that I made your blog {omgosh!!} oxox, *Nic

  8. Ray

    Looks like you guys are having a great adventure so far. You take great b&w shots. Love the shot of you pretending to by frightened of the dinosaur while Justin’s looking at the camera like, "WTF?" Funny. =P

  9. caroline

    Ah, we definitely have a photo of my husband picking his nose with the Washington monument. I must remind myself that I love that man…

  10. maggieb

    are you guys havin’ fun, or what??!!

  11. Jaime Donivan

    Mary!!! I met you at PartnerCon – like all of the 500 others. SO, a week before your DC sightseeing, Chase and I did the same rounds!!! It was crazy to see the SAME pics on your blog! haha We were determined to follow the "Night at the Museum – Smithsonian" movie. So fun! Ok, we are trying to work it to come to the Dallas Spread the Love! Hope to see you there, hear your awesomeness again, and let you meet the man God has blessed me with! Heart you both!

  12. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Where did you have your STL banner printed??????

  13. Harmony Loves

    I’m so going to sign up for the San Diego one!

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