May 18, 2011

Spread the Love: Seattle

Here’s a little behind the scenes action from Spread the Love Seattle (including me dressed like a sailor! :) And now we are gearing up for a full day of Walk Through circus themed fun!!

But we really just wanted to hop on real quick to announce the winner of our Crate & Barrel giveaway! We took all of the people who commented on both that post AND the ones after it (tricky, huh?? commenting has its perks! :) and randomly drew a name from one of them! And the lucky winner IS….Miss Amy Clifton!!! Amy just shoot us an email & we’ll get you all set up!

  1. Alicia candelora

    Love your skirt :)

  2. Amy Clifton

    Squeeeeeeeeeal! Yay–I’m so excited and have so many projects that I want to work on at my house. Thanks guys–love y’all! (Can you also share your mad decorating skills with me???)

  3. Katie Jordan

    Go Amy!!! Charlotte WTAW Love!

  4. sharon elizabeth photography

    yayyy amy!!!! and mary you always have on cute clothes!

  5. Jessica Sweeney

    Just how many awesome outfits do you travel with in that suitcase of yours? I never mentioned it, but I’ve been thinking of your dress from Spread the Love SF for the past week and a half. Where was it from??

  6. La

    Where is your super cute outfit from?

  7. Michelle

    Holy cow. Perfection. Stunning, stunning perfection.

  8. MM

    LOL! Thanks guys! So, let’s see: I *think* the skirt is Banana Republic from forever ago. The shirt is from The Limited. And the belt is mostly likely J. Crew.

  9. Karen Stott

    Congrats Amy!!!

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