February 27, 2011

Spread the Love: Sign up HERE!!

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  1. MM

    OOH, please take note that Philly is now NYC!! We’re working on changing that right now.

  2. Elizabeth

    Still can’t believe that I’m not going to be around when you’re in Boston!!!! Maybe another time!

  3. Sophia Harcourt

    I am so excited to see you in Charlotte! Don’t forget if you need extra setup help I can be available.

  4. sarah

    i’m bummed that the charlotte walk thru a wedding is booked or else i’d totally do both sessions!

  5. Lindsi Luffman

    You guys should add a Nashville, Knoxville or Atlanta session!! Pretty please with a really big cherry on top? ;)

  6. Samantha Gale

    Hoping that one day the universe will guide you down to Australia for a Walk Through a Wedding Workshop – A girl can dream…

  7. MM

    @Samantha: We just may need to work on that! I have always wanted to go to Australia!

  8. Jennifer Hejna

    I coudn’ t find Europe on this list – hope this is just a little mistake ;-) I would love to attend your workshop.

  9. MM

    @Jennifer: Stay tuned on that! :)

  10. Columbus GA Photographer

    Would love to make it to one of the walk through workshops. Let’s hope =)

  11. courtney kerr

    ooooooooooooo … boston :)

  12. Melissa Beck

    Ohhh. So pretty. Congrats on the feature. Would love love love a copy for the new meeting space!

  13. chesley

    just curious when you’ll be sending out the schedule for charlotte. i need to get my babysitters in place!!! :)

  14. MM

    @Chelsey: Later today!! :)

  15. laetitia

    OMG, yes, this is so true !!! A nice hotel to get ready is way better to have very elegant pictures of the getting ready: generally nice big windows, mirrors, antique or modern decoration …
    Is it worth the extra spending for your wedding day? Hummm… DEFINITLY

  16. Robin McQuay Anderson

    Welcome to Florida where almost every wedding is HOT! And I mean that in several ways! Beautiful teaser – anxiously awaiting the rest. Feel better Mary.

  17. Emma Sharkey

    waaaa…. I just don’t see Australia listed anywhere here :( very unhappy face! You know you guys, Oprah has been here, Jasmine has been here, it’s only fitting that you guys make the journey down under. Experience our fabulous country & hospitality. Just do it do it do it!!! Did I mention the food is good…LOL

  18. ellie

    there is no discount code to put in. I went to the pug in nyc and can’t find the code

  19. MM

    @Ellie: Sometimes it shows up different for different people (maybe depending on the browser), but I know for some people it doesn’t show up until after you enter the cc info. But it always shows up somewhere before you finalize the purchase

  20. MM

    By that I mean the place where you enter the code, we gave the actual code out at the meeting.

  21. Kelli Boling

    Any chance you’d have space for one more at Charlotte’s "Walk Through" next week? I’d LOVE to be there!!

  22. MM

    @Kelli: unfortunately we are totally sold out! But I would really consider flying up for NYC….it’s gonna be INSANE!

  23. Kelli Boling

    @MM NYC would we AWESOME But I’m out of town during that time. I’m leaning towards Boston, so hopefully I’ll see y’all in August!

  24. amelia (amy)

    Woo Hoo! Just signed up for the Walk Through in Seattle!!! SO excited!!!! Eeee!

  25. MM

    Awesome Amy!! We can’t wait to see you there!

  26. teri pozniak

    yay! Just booked NY on Thursday! Now to arrange all the travel & details, coming from Baltimore!

  27. Jonni

    Hi Mary & Justin,

    Good luck on the workshops. It looks like they are going to be awesome.

    BTW, I just saw the article over at Photoshelter. Cool! :)

  28. Stephanie Stewart

    I can’t wait for June! Sooo excited for the WTAW workshop! I was all giddy, shaky, and happy when signing up last night! Is it June yet?! ;)

  29. Liz Lovi

    Yay, can’t wait for San Francisco in May!! :)

  30. Julie

    I would love to be apart of your seminars. Do you think you would ever consider coming to Vancouver Canada?

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