December 8, 2009

Spread the Love Sign Ups!!

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This is it! You’ve found it! This is the place to grab up your Spread the Love seat!!

But first, we wanted to answer a few of the frequently asked questions that we’ve been getting:

How long is Spread the Love? How many hours do I need a babysitter? :)

Great question! We’ll aim to start all of the sessions at 3pm (but the time may vary if we have any location restrictions) and then will go til around 7pm. Although I tend to keep going once you get me started, so plan on 8pm just in case!! :)

Spread the Love sounds AWESOME! What is it again? :)

:) :) Spread the Love is not a photography specific workshop. It’s a LIFE workshop. So anyone in a service based industry or who works for themselves could attend!! The whole idea is to show you how to build a business that works for you (rather than always the other way around) so you can get back to having a life again. Seriously, when was the last time you felt like you had a life outside of your business? So we focus a lot on building up your business, but we’ll also dig into things like building your financial house, taking care of yourself and your relationships with the people you love, and giving back to the bigger picture. It’s the feel good movie of the year!!

I’m just getting started….is Spread the Love for me?

Absolutely!! Oh what I would have given for Justin & I to start out with this information rather than having to learn it the hard way. It was a long, hard road for us which is a big reason why we wanted to start these workshops. We figured if we could help just one person avoid some of the pitfalls we fell in to, it would be worth it!!

What are the dates again??

Spread the Love Boston: January 5th
Spread the Love NYC: January 6th
Spread the Love DC: January 7th
Spread the Love Richmond: January 8th
Spread the Love Nashville: January 14th
Spread the Love Charlotte: January 15th
Spread the Love Atlanta: January 18th
Spread the Love Jacksonville: January 19th
Spread the Love Houston: January 22nd
Spread the Love Austin: January 25th
Spread the Love Dallas: January 26th
Spread the Love Phoenix: February 2nd
Spread the Love San Diego: February 4th
Spread the Love LA: February 5th
Spread the Love San Fran: February 8th
Spread the Love Seattle: February 11th
Spread the Love Salt Lake City: February 15th
Spread the Love Denver: February 17th
Spread the Love Kansas City: February 19th
Spread the Love Chicago: February 22nd
Spread the Love Maine: March 24th

Ok, ok… how do I sign up again?

Just head down to the drop down menu below, pick your city and click buy now. (You will need to sign up for a free Google account if you don’t already have one)

We can’t wait to see you there!!

***The not-so-small-print: Since this is your basic homegrown operation and we’re paying for everything ourselves :), we won’t be able to offer refunds for anyone if you end up having to cancel for a reason on your part. However, if we end up having to cancel a stop either because that city didn’t make it to 50 sign ups or because of illness/inclement weather then we will give you the option of receiving a refund, attending another city on the tour or attending the re-scheduled stop. So you’ll be all set there!

  1. Judie Zevack

    Hi Mary & Justin!! My fiance bought me a spot for the workshop as a Xmas gift. Will this be a problem the day of since it is his name on the registration and not mine?? Will I need to email you my name as well so you know exactly who will be attending? I am so excited!!!

  2. MM

    Hey Judie! Yea if you could send us an email with the city and his name that would be awesome!

  3. dorelies

    hey why don’t you spread some love in europe, maybe Austria – would love to meet you!!!

  4. Gina Meola

    Yaaaay!! Can’t wait to see you in Phoenix!


    Are you guys doing photo sessions in any of these cities as well as the workshops … or just the workshops?

  6. Christine Pobke

    Wahhhh, why is Australia not on the list??! :) Come heeeeeere! :)

  7. MM

    @Christine: oooh now that would be fun!!! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Australia!

  8. AJA

    How about spreading some love in the New Haven area?? Didn’t know about you guys when we were in DC and now that we’re here I was excited… but no CT on the list?!?

  9. MM

    @AJA: we actually already did a CT one back in January. And for this tour we left it up to a vote, and Boston & NYC won out!

  10. Alyse

    Hi Justin and Mary! I’m a long-time follower, but first-time commenter! And I’m ALL over this STL next year!

  11. Heather Corporan

    So bummed I will miss this year : ( My hubby has a business trip during the Boston, NYC, DC one’s, and I’m due two weeks later, so no traveling for me. Next year though!! I can’t complain though, after seven months laid off, we’ll take a business trip : ) I hope it goes great for you guys!!

  12. Elena Gormley

    My sister and I are giving your workshop to my brother for Christmas – he’s owns a Fly Fishing Outfit in Argentina (Patagonia) and needs some sole proprietor inspiration – he’ll be in Richmond with you and I’m coming to your Boston session:) Elena

  13. MM

    @Elena: that is SO awesome!!! Thank you so much!! We can’t wait to meet you guys!

  14. Ann Marie

    Love it!

  15. Kerry Andriuk

    I can’t wait to meet you guys! SO excited!

  16. Kellie Trenkle

    Ohhhhh Please come to Portland between San Fran & Seattle!!! Or even Eugene, Oregon. I could round up 20 peeps for ya. Oh please please pleeeeease! I live in Roseburg, but I would travel 3 hours to come see you! What would I need to do to get PDX on your tour???

  17. Gregory Croft

    Really wish you were coming to Detroit. We could use a little love.. :)

  18. J&M

    hmmm is Chicago too far? :)

  19. Kristin

    When you mentioned the tour I realized we never told you how much Bill & I are dying to come! But with the NYC/Boston ones during the week we can’t make it there :( Any chance any of them would be broadcast on the internet and you could sell "tickets" to see it?! Obviously it wouldn’t be the same experience but maybe it’d be close?!

  20. MM

    @Kristin: It’s such a great idea!! We’re going to check into it!

  21. Dana Goodson

    I just signed up for the Jax workshop. Yay! My early Christmas present. Can’t wait to meet you both. :o)

  22. Emily Hayes

    You should come to DC :-)

  23. MM

    Lol! We are! On Jan 7th!

  24. Marietta

    hey there mary and Justin

    Do you have info on the place that it will be held at? We are coming to Boston!!

  25. Kikop

    I come to discover your magnificent website. I congratulate you for the wonderful pictures you share. A greeting from France.

  26. Jill

    It would be great to know the location of the Boston workshop. It is in 3 days. Please post! Thanks!

  27. MM

    @Jill: Hi Jill! We actually did send everything out already for Boston. If you didn’t get it you can just shoot us an email & we’ll get it out to you.

  28. Chelsea McGowan

    Just wanted to check in. I haven’t yet received my tickets for the Dallas workshop… if you haven’t sent them yet, that’s totally ok, I just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. I’m ridiculously excited! (and also mentioned the workshop in our latest blog!)

  29. MM

    @ Chelsea: Hiya!! We will be sending out Nashville through Dallas within the week! Stay tuned!

  30. Ravyn Stadick

    Yay for your first Spread the Love Stop TODAY! :) I am sure you two are so excited for your tour. See you in Chi-town (Isn’t that what the cool kids call it?). Cheers!

  31. Eliane Filho

    There’s no words to Describe how Amazed I was at the Spread The Love Work Shop with Justin and Mary You guys are the best…May God Bless u2.. I not only learned a lot of things but I also came out of there a new person with new DREAMS and GOALS. Thank you Justin & Mary for the opportunity, for taking your time to come out and teach us/ help us get better/ and also let us know that WE DON’T NEED PERMISSION TO CHASE OUR DREAMS. I’m so happy and exited I can write all night LOL I wanted to leave this here as well as my face book in case you guys don’t see it— :*) (shy face)

  32. Catherine Cella

    You two are an incredible match! I so throughly enjoyed meeting the two of you at Spread The Love Workshop in Boston yesterday. I woke today re-freshed and challenged with new opportunities in the start of a new year! It truly is a Life Workshop! I will chase my dreams and be filled with JOY along the way! May God continue to pour blessings down on you and your message to so many people while you travel this fantastic world we love in! Embrace it, love it, live it to it’s fullest everyday! I leave you a little quote from a book titled "The Book of Good Cheer" copyright 1913. I got from my Gram and it sits here on my desk . "It’s the song ye sing, and the smiles we wear, That’s a-makin’ the sun shine everywhere. ~ James Whitcomb Riley.


    Just signed up to see you in Chicago! Thanks for coming our way. Can’t wait to learn from you both. hugs and kisses! ~ Dawn

  34. Erin Ricart

    Hi Friends!! Had some free time at work (gasp!) and I wanted to see what you were up to….OMGoodness. Are you guys sleeping at all in the next few months??? And why aren’t you coming to Philly? Next year we’ll have to work on that. Love you both.

  35. Sarah B. Gilliam

    J&M!!! I am surprised I slept at all last night. Thank you for such a FABULOUS workshop!!! I didn’t get to say thank you in person (so many admirers, of course), but here is what I would have said:
    I can’t wait to start putting your ideas to work for my business.
    I really was conflicted- half PUMPED about my work and the future of my business and half DEFEATED by the seemingly endless components it takes to run one. Thank you for clearing my path, and making it possible for me to see the potential it has.
    Travel safe and best wishes in your new home.
    Sarah B.



    See you all in Chicago!

  37. Star Bradshw

    LOVED.LOVED.LOVED it!! I didn’t fall asleep until after 3am because of all the stuff I learned at your workshop! You two were so inspirational….this was the best workshop I’ve been to! There’s only been one other photographer that has moved me so much, and that was Jesh de Rox….you ROCK too!!!! I’m forever grateful :)

  38. Realtor Dad

    Just signed up my friend Kathy for the Dallas STL.

  39. Treva Tribit

    Just signed up for Dallas! Yay!!

  40. j cogliandro

    hey guys it was great being at your spread the love workshop. You guys are doing a very good thing
    with this workshop and know you will affect many more like you have me. Thanks for kicking me into gear for the 2010 year! big fan of you guys!

  41. Kathy Schoenick

    I had a great time in Dallas! You guys do a great job. You not only spread love, but honesty.

  42. jackie g. photog

    this was AMAZING!! life-changing! it was such an honor to meet M&J! you guys rock! everybody else reading this…if you’re on the fence…just do it!! :)

  43. Sarah Esther

    Any information on where the STL tour will be hosted in San Francisco? Trying to decide between San Fran and Seattle based on hotel stuff!

  44. Casia Fletcher

    AWESOME, FABULOUS, EMOTIONAL, UP-LIFTING AND INSPIRATIONAL!!! Eric & I LOVED your Phoenix STL and can’t THANK YOU enough for sharing all your advice, funny stories and your talent! We can’t wait to see what the future has in-store for ALL OF US! We’re ready to make our dreams a REALITY!!!

  45. mandie

    Totally psyched to be a part of Spread the Love when you guys are in Seattle next week! Can’t wait!

  46. ashley

    Seriously, how adorable are you two??? I love it… really want to meet you, bring your train to OHIO… :) I can help organize something…..???
    Keep it up girly!~!!

  47. Jana Morgan

    Will you guys come out to Hawaii sometime soon too? Hint-Hint Nudge-Nudge Winky-Wink =)

  48. Jessica Hanaumi

    Shucks! I’m in Hawaii now, so I’ll miss your Seattle stop! What can I do to get you to come back? Orrrr you could come to Honolulu this month!

  49. amanda thiessen

    if only i knew sooner you guys were coming to town i so would have signed up!!

  50. Sarah Nebel

    I’m signed up for your Chicago workshop and couldn’t be more excited!! I haven’t received anything about the location, was just wondering how I find out where it will be. Thanks!

  51. MikeyG

    You guys were so great in Phoenix! I am so inspired to take my business to the next level! Great pics by JuliaG as well!

  52. Carmen Salazar

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…for being so real. for telling it like it is. for making me feel not alone. for revealing so much of yourselves. for giving me a glimmer of hope. for sharing a path to success. for helping me become a DOer.

  53. Stacey Lawlis

    Fantastic workshop last night in Seattle! I got home to Bellingham SO late, and still couldn’t sleep with so many good things buzzing around in my brain. Thanks for doing what you do. It’s fun to work together and help each other make dreams come true!

  54. maggieb

    Time for an oil change! ;-) Have a safe trip back to CT.

  55. Leandra and Grant

    I can’t describe how encouraging your talk was on Monday. We needed it. THANK YOU!

  56. michele dyson

    So, I think your next plan should be to visit us up here in Canada for a workshop! The Okanagan, BC is beautiful and packed full of great vineyards and orchards!!! Thank you for you kind words on my blog – I’m so glad I found your site as your work is incredible and very inspirational! You have a new fan!

  57. Tammy Toperosky-Hwang

    Please come to Calgary Alberta, Canada

  58. Drew

    Dang it. I wish I hadn’t missed this.

  59. maggieb

    are you still doin’ Maine?

  60. MM


  61. lmen

    come to tampa!!!

  62. amy little

    I MISSED IT!!! how do i get to see it/attend? I’m so beside myself now…so sad……

  63. Evie Perez

    I just want to say Thank you a million times over and over. I loved your presentation at WPPI. Thank for reminding me to love because I have been loved. I love the video that the two of you made! Thanks for reminding me that I can do whatever I can not matter what other say/think!!! Keep on being a blessing to others and to each other.


    Thank you so much for saying HI and leaving a comment on my humble blog! Love your work!

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