February 16, 2010

Spread the Love: West Coast (Part I)

Alternatively Titled: The LONGEST road trip recap post EVER!!…… Part I :)

From the great metropolis of Felicity, CA we rolled on in to San Diego, where we got to start the day grabbing breakfast with the incredible Jared Bauman. I just adore Jared!! He just launched a series of business workshops, and from what he was telling us over breakfast you do NOT want to miss this!! The first few are in Seattle, Portland, Washington DC, Dallas & Phoenix. If you’re in one of these cities, definitely hit this up!!

From there, we went to get set up for STL where we were being hosted by Jared’s business partner Garrett (they run Shoot Dot Edit together!) at his incredible lounge. How do you even begin to describe someone like Garrett?…..Nicest person on the PLANET! Yea, I’d say that would about do it! :) From the second I met Garrett, I could just tell we were going to be best friends forever. :)

Then it was time to get down to business. We had a PHENOMENAL group in San Diego. From the second they laughed at my really bad “hey, I think I saw a rain drop outside….do you think they’ll call off school” joke, a little piece of my heart was theirs forever. :)

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. Since our good pals The Youngrens couldn’t be there (since they are traipsing all over Asia right now) they had THESE bad boys made for us. Trucker hats with the J&M logo on them….y’know since we are truckin all over the country!! :) LOL!

Check out super cute Marissa Rodriguez & her hubby, who came bearing gifts. A Starbucks gift card, but of course!

From San Diego, we headed up for a back to back stop in LA. In torrential downpours no less! I thought Cali was supposed to have sun!

I am clearly hilarious. To me.

My girl Tira J hard at work.

Yea….he loves me.

And I like him just a little bit too.

A super duper GINORMOUS thank you goes to our girl Jasmine (J* for short!) for hooking us up with this killer space at Calumet. We love you Jaz!! And of course, to Calumet for being so killer in the first place!

From LA we made our way north bound to Napa valley. Where we got to drive by sights like this….

…and this!

On Superbowl Sunday, Justin & I snuck off with Cooper for some much needed down time. If you ever happen to find yourself in Napa valley in early Feb, you can probably expect to see something like this:

Or this.

But prolly not this. We live in CT.

The pooch was really digging some time with us all by himself! :)

As you can see it was a GORGEOUS day and we didn’t want it to end, so we spread out a blanket in this parking lot and stared up at the sky. Or imminent drool. Whichever!

LOL! Totally out of focus, but hilarious!

He’s so pretty!

I am Sasha Fierce

Work it, lemme work it

He’s so pretty!


Stay tuned for Part II of the longest road trip recap EVER: San Fran & Seattle. We are still very much on the road and will be rolling into Denver tomorrow!!

***Edit: We wanna give a big thank you to Damion & Julie Hamilton (and their two cutie pie girls) for taking us to lunch at the Rutherford Grill in Napa where they have the most amazing green pepper corn bread EVAH!! Love you guys! The food & the convo were just what we needed!

  1. Alice

    So good to see you two taking in some fresh air! Love your Napa landscapes, but I think my fave of this session is that awesome portrait of Coop looking up at the blue sky!

  2. Tira J

    Awe! You guys are so amazing! I was hard at work! My hand was tired after taking 19 pages of notes. And guess what? Amazon delivered tons of J & M recommendations today! Yippee! I am in love with those yellow flowers and Cooper, you are so handsome! xoxoxo Tira J.

  3. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Ahhh! Love the flowers! And I just want to hug Cooper! What a cutie pie!!

  4. RAy

    Napa Valley looks so beautiful. I’d just love to lay out there too with a blanket, and forget about everything. And a big Awwwwww on that photo of Justin titled, "He’s so pretty!" ;D That photo of you with that flower on you hair: "You are fierce!" =o)

  5. Bet Rank

    Thank you SO much for posting these photos. With dreary weather here in NJ I enjoyed imagining the warmth of sunny Cali. These photos also helped me drown out my sister’s voice when we talked today as she chirped "It’s 70 degrees here today in sunny Florida."

    Absolutely love, LOVE the out of focus Cooper. It’s awesome!

  6. Samantha Harkins

    Love the out of focus shot of Cooper. So so cute. He looks like he’s doing great on the road!

  7. Elisabeth Carol

    Ah I’m so jealous! I have always wanted pretty pics in Napa Valley!! Way to rock STL!

  8. Jackie Lamas

    doggie is super cute! And it’s so funny you said Sasha Fierce, I used that one at my last shoot! Glad you liked Cali!

  9. Nicky Peterson

    Beautiful shots!! Such a perfect day in Napa!!

    Cooper is adorable!!!

    It is so fun seeing your blog and reading your words after having spent time with you and meeting you! So awesome!! I am so thankful I got to go to STL in SF!!

  10. Michelle

    I know…we have such a hard life here in Northern California, don’t we? :)

    Aren’t those yellow "weeds" gorgeous? When I moved up here from San Diego a couple of years ago I couldn’t believe how pretty weeds could be! :)

    Cooper is just TOO cute!!!! He was lovin’ the sun, wasn’t he?

    I can’t wait to see the post for the O-town stop. It was great seeing you guys in action there and I am anxious to implement the ideas that cultivated from listening to you guys!

    Rock on, J&M! ;)

  11. Trude

    And that’s why I love NorCal! :) Still not over the LA STL, and I definitely had to puke a little at the sweet looks you guys kept giving each other. ;) Share the Love is right!!

  12. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    I had to laugh at the out of focus picture of Cooper. I’ve seen that look many times from our golden!

  13. Gina Meola

    Your for fun photos are beautiful!!! SO glad you stole some time to enjoy yourselves, and Cooper. XO!

  14. Jen May

    Looks like you guys are natural at having fun together. What a blessing!

  15. Kia Gregory

    I love the mustard seed blooms in Napa! So beautiful! Thanks for always sharing your lives with us!

  16. Marissa Rodriguez

    We seriously love you guys! And my gosh these photos of Napa are breath taking! And Cooper!!! He’s adorable! Big hugs!

  17. fEuza

    Marissa is so cute! and oh Napa Napa, and cooper happiest dog ever, so cute

  18. Jessica Fike

    OMG! I want to be in that yellow field of loveliness! I can just imagine the beautiful engagement and wedding pictures that one would capture there. Great pics, y’all!

  19. Nicole Glenn

    You two are amazing and I am so glad I was able to go. :) Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart. Glad California treated you well, seeeee, the sun does shine! xoxo

  20. Janice Day

    That Bombeck quote gets me every. single. time.

  21. Sarah True

    WOW!!! My dream come true, fields of yellow!! I leave for Nappa, Sonoma and Seattle on Saturday for a week. Can’t wait to see this in person. Welcome Home btw!

  22. betsy, la vida

    Justin & Mary! You were such an inspiration to us in San Diego!! Sorry you didn’t have more sunshine while you were here ;-) A million thanks for pushing us out of our comfort zone & encouraging us to grow. There have been lots of Marantz quotes up on the inspiration board this past month!!! XOXO, Betsy & Jeff

  23. Jannatul Ferdous

    Justin and Mary just happy to see you together. Also love the snaps. God bless you!

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