July 16, 2015

Street Shooting in Rome


On the plane over to Italy, Justin watched- for the second time now- the Vivian Maier documentary (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you HAVE to.) And that has had him super inspired to push new boundaries, look for photos unfolding in real life right in front of us, to photograph people just as they are from the fly on the wall perspective, and to try his hand at street shooting (a la Maier and 1960s street photographer Garry Winogrand).

This kind of push forward is absolutely necessary for all of us if we are going to keep growing and stay inspired as photographers and artists. It’s required if we want to make sure we’re always learning and getting better all the time. To do that, none of us can be content to only look within our industry for inspiration…that only leads to getting stagnant and doing the same old staged shots over and over again. And I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t INSPIRE me. That definitely doesn’t set me on fire. If we want more authenticity, if we want images that feel real and make people feel something…then we should start by letting real life be what drives and inspires us.

Go rock it out & capture some REAL life today!

**All of these photos were shot black & white and square in camera on Justin’s Fuji x100s and carried in a Think Tank Urban Disguise.













  1. Spring

    Love these!!!! I just got a roll to play with in my holga- I’ve never been a master of street photography but love the challenge and hope I get a few good shots while I play with it this week! Perfect post for me this week thanks guys :)

  2. sharon elizabeth

    ohhhhhh SO much love!!!! love the one of the street and the bicyclist

  3. Sarah Houston

    These are amazing!!!

  4. Lani

    These are amazing! I was in Rome almost four years ago, and it’s definitely a perfect city for people watching/capturing!

  5. tiffany bolk

    I loved that documentary! So crazy how many photos she shot and never even had them all developed! She just had to do it. I really like the shot with the lady in the big hat. Very William Eggleston.

  6. Cinnamon Wolfe

    LOVE! I have an almost identical shot like your first one of the stairs in the Vatican! Kind of made me proud. =) Beautiful work you guys. I really need to check out that documentary!

  7. René Tate

    More of these please!!

  8. Dawn Browne

    I saw Vivian Maier and I knew I had to read this post. I LOVED that documentary. I used to do a ton of street photography…I used to want to be a photojournalist. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to just get out and see what I see. Might have to set aside a day really soon!

  9. Karen

    You should check out Cary Conover’s work! …. he was a NYC street photog for years! http://www.visualdiaries.com/pastessaysall.html

  10. Feuza

    I love these, good for resale as prints him hint

  11. Cindy Habel

    Truly stunning images..

  12. Rici

    Two days ago I had told my roomy about this documentary and just super incredible Photographer Vivien Maier! She is such an inspiration. I feel exactly the same about roaming the streets with new endeavour :))) Saluti! :*

  13. Joe

    These are awesome Justin! I love my X100s! I have more fun with that camera than any other digital camera I’ve owned.

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