April 18, 2011

Stuff I Love (to Hate): Ghost Face

Last night, Mary casually suggested that we turn our computers off and go to see Scream 4. Cue my blood curdling scream.

I sort of have a dirty little secret. If you ask me if I like horror movies, I’ll tell you that I love ’em! That I watch ’em all the time!! But the truth is, I haven’t really SEEN all of movies I say I have. I may have been in the room with the movie- but for the most part, my eyes were shut, my hands were over my ears, and there was a blanket wrapped tightly around my head as an added precaution- just in case any light or sound got through. So yeah, I love horror movies!! :)

Well, last night. I had to put my money where my mouth is. I was NOT going to be the one who spoiled the night, the one who stayed home and watched the Food Network while J&M were out at the movies. Besides, I wasn’t about to miss out on movie theatre popcorn and a large box of sour patch kids!! And so I found myself sitting in a darkened movie theatre next to Justin and Mary panicking as the previews rolled. I wanted to run, to scream, to do something that would make them stop the movie. But it was too late. So I just looked at over at Mary who smiled reassuringly back at me, resisted the urge to jump into her lap, and wrapped my blanket tightly around my shoulders (yes, I brought a blanket with me to the movie theatre).

And as the credits rolled almost two hours later and I packed my blanket away. I found myself looking at J&M and smiling. I came, I saw, I conquered. Maybe I couldn’t have done it without a good old fashioned security blanket to hide my face in, but I did it! I screamed, and I jumped, and I laughed along with the best of them. And more importantly, I had a good time. Ya know, in that, I won’t be able to sleep for the next two weeks kinda way! :)

So tell me, what is one thing that scares you so much you need a security blanket? I promise I won’t tell!! :)


  1. Michelle

    Definitely, most definitely being home alone at night. Seriously, I scare myself walking up the stairs because I think the boogie man, or a big scary ninja robber is going to jump out and get me. Like, I run up the stairs and flip on all the lights as fast as I can to uncover said intruders. It’s terrible!!

  2. Caitlin

    Being home alone – I’m afraid someone lives in our 2nd bedroom/loft upstairs! Even though I have my FEROCIOUS goldendoodle, Miley, I still hate being there. If my hubby isn’t home – EVERY SINGLE light stays on until he gets there! So I hear you with the scary movies…..

  3. Mike

    Glad you conquered Julia! I am deathly afraid of spiders so when arachnophobia came out I was sitting in the theater thinking spiders were crawling under the seats! I am still scared of that movie today!

  4. Ray

    I’m afraid of heights (although I can go on rollercoasters. And I’m dying to go sky-diving! I know, I’m CRAZY)!

    And I’ve never seen any of the "Scream" movies! I know, where have I been?! LOL!

  5. Jil

    ooh i cant do horror movies. i like suspense well enough, but hitchcock is more my speed. :o)

  6. Caitlin

    I am so proud of you, because I totally understand. I have watched every scary movie through my fingers that are placed tightly over my eyes. And when I know something is going to jump out, I’ve been known to shut my eyes, cover my ears, and hum the Notre Dame fight song to make it all better. Oh yeah, I’m a treat to watch these movies with. But after all that I still want to see this one!

  7. Kare

    I saw the first Friday the 13th like that – hiding behind my fingers, cowering into my seat, scared to death. I haven’t seen a scary movie since. No, thank you. You’re braver than I, Julia!

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