February 21, 2012

Stuff Julia Loves: Fun and Frivolous Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope everyone at WPPI is learning a lot and hanging out into the wee hours with other photographers! I miss you all! Dance and extra dance to Ke$ha for me :) So while you all are partying it up in Vegas I thought I would bring a little fun and frivolity to the blog! Just a little list of things I’m loving (and repinning) that will hopefully bring a smile to your Tuesday!

This past weekend, Mike and I bought a new mattress (ecofriendly! yay!) and went a little bigger than our old mattress. Which is awesome! Except it means that our old bed frame is obsolete. So right now, we have a box spring and a mattress on the floor. And the funny thing is, we kinda like our new, lower perspective on things! So instead of going out to buy a whole new bed frame, we went looking on Pinterest for some interesting ways to make it work! And we are loving these two ideas!

Next weekend, Mike and I are going to get a ‘lil crafty and DIY ourselves a base and headboard for our new bed. What do you think? We adore the writing on the old farm boards, but were thinking of putting a little chalkboard paint in one corner and then mixing up the message whenever we feel ready for a change! (The pallete bed originally came from Apartment Therapy and the headboard from Sugar and Cloth)

It’s February. And although it has been unseasonably warm here in the Northeast, it’s still a little drab outside. So I need a little cheeriness in my life right now. I think this little beauty of a pillow from Kate Spade could be perfect!

Seriously? What better way to wake up? (I don’t think it’s available online anymore, but I’ve got my eye on the Kate Spade outlets!)

Due to the unseasonably warm weather, I have been able to keep up my running routine all Winter! Which is awesome, because I am NOT a treadmill fan. I love to run but what I really like… is this SIGG water bottle from LuLu Lemon

Is that the truth or what?

And finally, speaking of dessert. I want these mini donuts served with mini cappuccinos. If anyone will bring me a tray of these, I will be your friend FOREVER! Martha Stewart is a genius!

How’s that for a random, fun and frivolous Tuesday post?!?

See you all on Pinterest! :)


  1. Randy

    You have such great taste Julia! PLease share pictures when you guys finish!

  2. cathy

    I want that water bottle! :)

  3. Maggie

    Great ideas, Julia! Definitely let us see your finished product!

  4. maggieb

    Run! Julia! Run!

  5. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    I am coveting each and every one of these things! Thanks for sharing, Julia!


    Okay the bed ideas are awesome! I really like that headboard! Can’t wait to see what you end up doing. I kind of like the warm winter…too bad they don’t happen more often! lol

  7. Jil

    such a wise, wise water bottle…

  8. Molly Kate

    LOVE the headboard idea! Come to Philly and we can have mini cappuccinos and mini donuts … and we’re already forever friends, right??! :)

  9. Lindsey

    Love Kate Spade anything!
    (Paperie, bags, shoes!)The pillow is a cute accessory to mix new with old.
    Good luck with your project :)

  10. Bethany Belle

    Thank you for posting that water bottle, it totally made my day and could not be more true <3

  11. Lisa Cour

    Love the headboard idea with the chalkboard…how romantic to leave little notes to each other!

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