September 7, 2010

Stuff Julia Loves: Ice Cream for Dinner

We sat on a rough outcropping of rock and dangled our feet over the calm water. I looked down and smiled as the baby sunnies played in and out of the swaying lake plants. I gently squeezed his hand as John Mayer sang Covered in Rain from the iphone sitting in our tackle box. The breeze died as the sun exploded in a burst of orange and yellow on the other side of the lake. As it slid slowly below the trees, we reeled in our lines and began to pack up our things. It was time to go home. When we got to the car he smiled over at me and said, “ya know, pumpkin ice cream is back at Dr. Mike’s”. And I smiled back at him. No more words needed to be spoken- there was going to be Pumpkin Ice Cream for dinner.

And just like that, the day was perfect.

Can we get an AMEN for pumpkin ice cream being back?!

  1. Julia R

    Amen!!! One of my all time favorite flavors and one of the best things about fall!

  2. Michelle

    … and pumpkin cheesecake… and pumpkin muffins… and pumpkin soup… and pumpkin bread… and pumpkin pie… mmmmmmm pumpkins! <3

  3. Jen Otchy

    Amen. And cinnamon, too!

  4. Alena

    Had Dr. Mike’s pumpkin ice cream last night, AMAZING!

  5. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    My secret indulgence = eating popcorn for dinner. A BIG bowl of it! :) The most difficult part about this fall is I was recently told I’m allergic to pumpkins. Like make my innards freak out and double you over in pain allergic. That explains a lot, but bums me, because, as the weather cools, every girl should eat pumpkin pancakes + enjoy a pumpkin latte.

  6. maggieb

    yummmm…breakfast too!

  7. Erin

    OMG Dr Mikes pumpkin ice cream soooo scrumptious!!! Like frozen pumpkin pie!

  8. Kristin

    OMG!! Aaaaamen! My sister just bought me and Bill a quart on Sunday from dr. mikes!! We ate it all in a day (prob not something I should share….)

  9. MM

    A to the men. Pumpkin ice cream is the bomb diggety do.

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