August 19, 2010

Stuff Julia Loves: Turning Off

Mike and I love music, all genres of music- we try not to discriminate. Sometimes, we play our own version of Name That Tune. He pulls up songs on YouTube that he knows will trip me up: 80’s hip hop, obscure Kiss songs, and musical collaborations like Mad Season and Temple of the Dog. I in turn try to find a song he hasn’t heard. I break out Brittany Spears, Hot Hot Heat, and Kasey Chambers. Let me tell you, the competition can get pretty fierce! But sometimes, we like to listen to music that we both love. And music we have learned to love together. We turn off the lights, turn off our phones, turn off the TV, turn off our minds, and just listen. Our current obsession is Jonny Lang Live at the Ryman. Our friend Molly gave it to Mike for his birthday and we LOVE it!

In a world where email interrupts dinner and Facebook gets in the way of conversation- sometimes we need a little soul music to remind us of what’s really important. All we have to do is just turn off and listen.

So what kind of music to you like to listen to? We love Jonny, but might need some new tunes in a week or so!!


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  1. Matt K

    OMG you have that album too! SO awesome! I love Johnny Lang.You guys have great taste. I suggest John Mayers new Album

  2. Michelle

    Jonny is the bomb! Just saw him last week in Ridgefield. Amazing! Check out Sharon Little who opened for him. She was phenomenal!

  3. Kris Rae Orlowski

    There is one album that I’ve been recommending to people for years:
    Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 from DJ Z-Trip & DJ P. WARNING: Its not something you wanna play with the kids around. Its mostly good mixes, but there are a few naughty words. You can download the whole thing here:

  4. Katie Lewis

    That’s awesome! Johnny Lang is from Fargo! When I was in middle school he was in junior high and I remember him walking by my bus one day. At the time he was in a band in town called Johnny Lang and the Big Bang. I yelled out the window of my bus, ‘Johnny Lang and the Big Bang! Yeah!’. He looked at me like I was nuts. Clearly I was a very cool kid ;)

  5. Julia

    @Kris Rae- Thanks! We’ll have to check it out! :)

  6. Molly Kate

    So glad you guys love the album! I knew it was perfect when I saw it. You can never go wrong with some Jonny!! :)

  7. Sophia Harcourt

    Love "Lie to Me". Okay I wish people would share new music stuff with me because I feel like there is nothing new that is good anymore and I know that cannot be true. Now these are not new, however they are new to me (past year) . Here goes:
    Massive Attack (If you watch "House" their song Tear Drop is the theme song.
    Corrine Bailey Rae (will be seeing her play in a few weeks)
    Jem (not talking about the one with the holograms either)

    Lastly this one I have known for a couple years but it is just good chill music to me: Zero 7

    Hope one of these is new to you and something you like.

  8. Denise G.

    I love, love, LOVE Sting…anything he does. He’s just released a new CD of remakes of his greatest hits with symphonic accompaniment and what I heard of it sounds really good! I also like Maroon 5 ("Sunday Morning" makes me happy!), Cheryl Crow, and Kem–he has a new CD out "Intimacy III"…wow. ;)

  9. Amy Clifton

    I have gotten on a "chill music" kick for the past year or so. Love love love Amos Lee. All of his albums are great, but "Supply & Demand" is my fave. Also Paolo Nutini…found him through Pandora radio. You can’t go wrong with Eddie Vedder’s "Into the Wild" soundtrack, and Zac Brown is awesome for a little touch of country. I couldn’t live without music! :-)

  10. Erica Velasco

    OMG I LLLLOOOOVEEE Jonny Lang! He is so stinking talented! I have to get this CD!

  11. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    Beautiful set of images! Love the colours too!

  12. Jessica

    If you like "Name that tune" you might like this little twist: Often when I’m in the car with friends, we’ll play Name That Tune with the radio. You’ve gotta pick a good mix station, and you’ve gotta name that tune and/or artist before the DJ says it. Of course, whoever names the most at the end of the car ride wins. Have fun!

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