May 22, 2012

Stuff Mary Loves: The Birthday Edition

na na na na na na……today is my BIRTHDAY! na na na na na na….is it your birthday TOO?!

Sometimes I think Molly Ringwald really set the bar high for what a birthday should be. I mean who doesn’t want to be sitting cross legged on top of a table in a pink poofy dress with flowers in your hair while blowing out birthday candles? With Jake Ryan. I mean really, it’s birthday done right.

And seriously, why on TOP of the table? I mean what, were all the chairs broken? And how did that conversation go exactly….uh, what’s up Molly. Thanks for coming over and ditching your sister’s wedding. All my chairs are out getting reupholstered this week….but we could just, y’know, sit on this paper thin glass pane table top. Cause y’know, even though I flunked math, geometry and physics this semester…I’m pretty sure it could hold both of us. Ahhh, the 80s.

But I digress.

Today is my birthday. My b-day. The day that I was born.

They say that as you get older, you get wiser. And I think a big part of that wisdom is just figuring out who the heck you are in the first place. Of who you were put on this planet to be. And then… being ok with it. Of finding a way to be 100% comfortable in your own skin. Because it’s just like what Socrates first said with, Know Thyself,. and Will Shakespeare expounded on when he penned the words To Thine Own Self Be True…. you just gotta do you. And really, for my money, in all the annals of literature and academia I think it was the poet laureate Nikki Minaj who really said it best with somebody please tell them who the eff I is. Truth Nikki Minaj, truth.

This past year has been a real exercise in struggle with this for me. I vacillate. I wander. I flip and I flop. I go between what I think I’m supposed to be, and the person that I really am. Because sometimes I think this world has a tendency to reward the glamorous. The successful. The I have what you want’s. The jet set lifestyle mixed with a Kim Kardashian sized pair of sunglasses. And above all else, whatever you do you must always. look. like. you. have. it. together.

Well here’s some birthday wisdom for you. Ready? I don’t always have it together. In fact, most of the time that’s the case. And trust me when I say, there are 80s style tube socks out there more glamorous than me.

We showed you some pretty pictures from our time in Australia, right? But what we didn’t tell you is that we were so jet lagged, that we were back in our hotel rooms by 7:15 most nights watching Big Bang Theory re-runs in our pajamas and taking in the quirky brand of creation that is the Aussie tv commercial. (My personal favorite was: Rice Milk….not as bad as you would think it would be!). And yesterday, when we shut down for the evening for the pre-birthday warm ups, I sat on our couch and watched the Lifetime Movie The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story on Netflix starring one Dean Cain. And then I spent the next twenty minutes reading the wikipedia entry to see what happened next. Because what can I say, I love me some Lifetime (Television for women who never want to sleep again) movies. That and obscure 80s movie references are just part of who I am.

And since today is my birthday, my b-day, the day that I was born….I thought it would be good to put together a list of some of the other things that are making up me, just as I am, right now. To help me remember that it was always enough.

Personally, I like to think Socrates and Molly Ringwald would be proud.

As I found out pretty clearly while putting together our Australia recap post, apparently I really really REALLY like navy & white clothes. Geez, talk about a style rut. As it turns out, I also really like anything with sequins and all things nautical. So after seeing this top on the website, I’m now convinced that Jenna from J.Crew is in fact Big Brother.

We’ve now officially watched all the seasons of Bones on Netflix and now we’re starting over at the beginning hitting all of our favorites along the way. What can I say, this show is so choice. Even if we do always make the huge mistake of watching it while we’re eating.

This year I really want to start learning film. I haven’t yet. I’m kind of petrified of it. But in my experience, being scared to death just means it’s something I really need to do.

I la-la-LOVED all the meals we had in Australia. And the BEST part? Because that part of the world is all upside down, the calories just fall right out. True story.

I hate it when that happens! :)

I’ve been a long time Yankee Candle fan since I got my first vanilla cupcake candle in college. We were walking through the mall a couple days ago, and discovered that they’ve just come out with a line of “man candles” including Riding Mower, 2×4, and First Down. LOL! And just like that, I fell in love with them even more.

I watched The Notebook for the first time all the way through on our flight home from Australia. It made me smile. And then I found *this* on Pinterest and it made me laugh out loud. My favorite part is the quote at the bottom.

We love us some wine. And a couple months ago, Justin brought this bad boy home to have with dinner and our whole world was pretty much changed. It’s a New Zealand Sav Blanc, and it tastes like grapefruit. It’s perfect for those summer nights we have coming up sitting on the front porch swing.

This is my jam. J’adore from Dior is my favorite perfume ever. It was the one that I was wearing all the time when Justin & I first met, but I haven’t worn it in a long time. When we were Sydney there were those Charlize Theron ads for it everywhere for some reason, and it reminded me how much I love it. I think a new bottle may have to be in my future.

In addition to 80’s movies, 80’s power ballads are ALSO my jam. And signing them with dramatic flair in the car? Even better.

Truth. And amen.

And I’ll end on this. DONE!

Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Stephanie Stewart

    Happy Birthday, Mary!!! Wishing you a fabulous day! xo

  2. Alicia

    I just LOVE this post!! Have the most awesome birthday ever! <3

  3. Kari Jeanne

    Best. Post. EVER. Wishing you a very happy birthday Mary!!!!

  4. ashley barnett

    I just LOL’d at the man candles. 2X4?! Hahahaha. I just picture my dad sitting around lighting his 2×4 candles enjoying the evening. Then mom comes home and asks "why does it smells like a woodshed in here?!" But I digress- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it is fully of sequins and anchors <3

  5. Stephanie

    Happiest of Happy Days!! Birthdays still rock.

  6. Kandise

    Happy birthday Mary! I hope you do Nicki Minaj a solid and spend the rest of the day mackin’ dudes up.

  7. Ashley B

    Happy Birthday Mary!

  8. Katelyn James

    awwww Happy birthday beautiful!!!!!!

  9. Jessica Frey

    Happy Birthday lady!! What a great post – enjoy your day today and celelbrate the woman you are…oh, and I left you some Ryan Gosling love on your FB wall today ;)

  10. Liz Lovi

    Happy Birthday Mary!! And thanks for sharing some of your favorite things…I just might have to try that bottle of wine ;) Hope you have a wonderful day filled with love, laughter, cupcakes…and wine :)

  11. jessica

    Remember that time when Mary sang Eye of the Tiger? That is all.
    Happy Birthday Mary!!!


    Wishing you a very fabulous birthday today, Mary! A birthday filled with 80’s music and all of your favorites! Cheers! =)

  13. Christa Hann

    Happy Birthday sweet Mary. Here’s to many many more :)

  14. Lexi McCreary

    oh my goodness….haha that video of you lip singing is HYSTERICAL!!

    Happy Birthday Mary – hope it is the best birthday yet! xox

  15. Jil

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! i hope its your best year yet :o)

  16. Jennifer Bacchiocchi

    Happy birthday, Mary! We sooo could have been besties in the 80s (if I wasn’t 10 years older than you)!

  17. Emilia Jane

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!! XXOO

  18. katie yuen

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY! I’m a big fan of treating your birthday like one of the MOST important days of the year! So here’s to you, and hoping you have a FABULOUS year! :)

  19. Realtor Dad

    Happy Birthday. I know you will get everything you want…Justin, Cooper….

  20. Melissa Thibodo

    Happy birthday, Mary! LOVE the video. So funny. Haha :)

  21. athena

    congrats to being exactly where you are, exactly who you are, at exactly this moment, friend. I hope your birthday is every bit better than you imaged and makes you heart swell and your cheeks ache. I’m happy to know you for this birthday – and can’t wait to celebrate more! x to the o, Mary!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEk!!! (Now go get some sequins, sprinkles, and wine, while rocking out to a slow jam. Or something).

  22. Rachel McCloud

    Happy Birthday to one of the most talented photographers I know. :)

  23. Gabby / En Route Photography

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST MARY!!!! Cumpleanos Feliz! Bon Anniversaire! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Boldog születesnapot!

    Have the most awesome year yet!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  24. Christina Dely

    Dear Mary, wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I am so happy to have met you this year. You are a one in a million kinda girl, and such an inspiration to me! Wish I could be there toasting you with a glass of White Haven. XO

  25. Emily K

    Happy birthday Mary! Have a fabulous day :)

  26. Kathryn Denelle Stevens

    Yay!! Happy birthday, Mary!!! I love that you posted that video…you are too… legit…2 legit to quit!!! Hugs!

  27. Anastasia

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mary!!! This year is going to be amazing! And I am officially in love withyour writing. xxx

  28. Sindy

    Happy Birthday Mary!!!

  29. Julia G.

    Happy Happy Birthday Mary!! Hope it was amazing!! xoxo

  30. Bethany Ann

    I know it’s now two days after your birthday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway!! I love birthdays!! :) I hope you had a fabulous day and have a fabulous birthday week!! Woo Hoo!

  31. Cindy Habel

    Happy Birthday!! I would have LOVED to have seen you in Sydney….! Maybe next time??

  32. kati

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day! Loved your personal lip-sync video! hahaha

  33. Alison

    The embracing? LOVE it! Hope you had a wonderful day my friend!

  34. Lauren Wakefield

    Ummmmm…are we the same person?? Happy birthday and you are perfect just the way you are! Ok that was cheesy but you get the point. :)

  35. Karen Stott

    Happy Birthday Doll!!!! Somehow I think we are twinsies.. raised by loggers on opposite ends of the country… So blessed you’re in our life.

  36. maggieb

    O Happy Day!

  37. Jessica Norman

    Loved the birthday edition! Happy belated birthday!

  38. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Awww, my little boy was ALMOST born on your birthday!

    I didn’t realize you guys were BONES junkies. :) Love that show. I actually enjoy listening to Kathy Reichs’ audio books while editing … she’s an extremely "smart" writer. Give her a try!

  39. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    OH – also, if you wanna do ‘film’ … think about taking a B&W wet darkroom class. Seriously – it’s my roots and many days I MISS it!

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