June 3, 2010

Stuff We (ahem, I) Love: Chick Flicks, Cardigans & Ice Cream

Friday night is usually date night in Justin & Mary land. Friday=date night=perfection.

But Friday we will be shooting. So, Thursday. Yes, Thursday can also be date night in Justin & Mary land.

But Thursday (that would be today) we will be scurrying around getting our DIY on in preparation for this workshop we have coming up.

Ummm….so Wednesday. Yes, Wednesday. Wednesday sounds like a perfect night for date night in the land that is Justin & Mary.

Because my dear dub-dub-dub friends, it does not matter to me which night date night happens.

Just so long as it happens.

I think that Justin must’ve been really feeling bad for me that our date night was getting so jumbled around. Because he gave me a chick flick AND ice cream. Oh boo yea.

Last night we went to see Letters to Juliet, which was (I’m not going to lie to you) just ok. But we had fun anyway.

And then in keeping with the Italian theme, we went out for “gelato” (Ok, ok it was just regular old ice cream but go with me on this). And there is perhaps nothing I love more in the world than eating freezing cold ice cream while wrapped up in a cozy cardigan. Like this ruffled one I am drooling over from J.Crew and which Julia has already acquired. Hmmm…maybe she’ll let me borrow it for the next date night! :) hint, hint Julia.

And when it came time to choose a flavor, it was a no brainer: mint chocolate chip of course. I think all that talk of Godiva had me jonesing for it.

Happy Thursday y’all!

Make sure you keep checking back in today because we are going to have a TON of DIY goodness coming your way!

  1. Brandy Frank

    M – we went to this super cool drive in last weekend – it had four screens. we were at Shrek 4 / Iron Man but Letters to Juliet was on another screen. my friend looked over and said, "oh great, now I know the ending." lol your post made me think of that. love that outfit but I think the top would be too hot here. wish us luck we are going camping (family reunion!!) and we’ll have 100 degree temps. I love summer though! xoxo Brandy

  2. MM

    OMG! 100 degrees! I would melt….this is why I have to live in New England! :)

  3. molly

    so I would kill to be wearing my favorite cardigan, watching a chick flick eating mint chip with hot fudge!! Thanks for teasing me!

  4. Jennelle

    YAY! I LOVE date nights. Sadly, we only do them once per month. Hmm… Maybe we can shoot for once a week, like you guys. The last one was going to see "Date Night" and sneaking a pint of Captain Morgan into the movies with us to mix with our Cokes… Good times!

  5. Lydia

    I love cardigans! Just visited J. Crew yesterday and am going back to stock up on summer t’s. Sometimes the cardy is just too hot in the summer!

  6. Candace Prokopets

    I’m with you on the Letters to Juliet. No impressed at all. But totally love the cardigan and I’m a HUGE fan of mint chocolate chip. Yum!

  7. Ray

    Awww, I think it’s so cute that you guys have date night!Come to think of it: It is coming back to me…when you used to write about date nights in your old blog. ;o) You guys are too cute. And now you have me wanting mint chocolate chip ice cream! =P

  8. Leslie Barresi

    Apparently Coldstone is doing a 20th anniversary mint chocolate chip special set of delicious in a cup- ready……..go!

  9. Brent Pilgrim

    Mint chocolate chip is Patti’s all time fave!!! We had it on our first Valentine’s Day together, and we danced in the kitchen to Louis Armstrong. I think of that every time she asks for mint chocolate chip.

  10. Kare

    Letters to Juliet – also just okay in my world. Sure it was pretty and made me want to go to Italy and I was into it – but then the ending happened. The part when she asks him if he can move and he replies, "Just my lips." Hello, cheesefest! You know a dude wrote that because no woman would think THAT was romantic! *sigh*

  11. Harmony Loves

    oh my! I love the cardigan and chocolate chip mint ice cream- a girl after my own heart- we should be bffs ;)

  12. Erica Velasco

    Oooh I want to see that movie. Love the cardigan.

  13. Kati

    Yes. Your correct, date night can be any night. I agree Letters to Juliet was so-so. But my 11 and 8 yo girls loved it. It’s all good as long as we’re together with the ones we love, right?,

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