June 28, 2010

Stuff We Love: A Good Night’s Sleep :)

Our bed is pretty much the shizzle. That’s right blogworld, I just said shizzle. But really, I had to.

Because honestly, no other word comes close to describing the dreamy goodness that is our new bed. About two months ago we upgraded to the Sleepy’s Sleep to Live 800 series in the King size mattress. It is pretty much heaven in rectangular form. What’s really cool is that they tested each of us for how we sleep best, and then each side of the bed was made custom for how we like it. I’m a Green. Justin’s a Blue. Just so ya know.

As you can imagine, with night’s like the ones we had on Saturday, we really value catching up on our sleep. So this was one investment we were really willing to splurge on. And it has paid off with every penny. Times a million. Not only are we sleeping great, but we don’t wake up with neck kinks and sore shoulders like our old bed gave us anymore.

Like I said, the shizzle. If you are in the market for a new mattress, I highly suggest you pick one up. :)

We are off to Vermont again to rescue our poor car, but stay tuned later today for a sneak peek from yesterday’s wedding!
Dreamily Yours

  1. maggieb

    We just purchased a queen size "sleep to live" a couple months ago!
    My husband really has trouble sleeping comfortably and this has made all the difference in the world. I gotta admit I was very skeptical of the hype and salespitch, but honestly, he can sleep now! We are both on blue heaven. I hope you can catch up on some zzzz’s after your nightmare over the weeeknd!

  2. Gina Meola

    So…. for rizzle, we’re coming to visit. And we’ll let you stay in the guest room. ;)

  3. Alison

    This just makes me want to go home for a nap more…

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