August 24, 2011

Stuff We Love: All Things Lotion-y

It was when I was working at a law firm in London that I first discovered Lush.

On our very little down time, me & my only ally in the summer program would make our way down two blocks to the King’s Road. Where we would stand in the local Lush. And just breathe.

For those of you who have never been to a Lush before, they make a whole bunch of all handmade soaps that smell absolutely divine. So good in fact, that the smell can be found wafting out the front door and drifting as far as a block or two away. Leading you back home. So good in fact, that when I’m in the store I have to constantly remind myself not to take a big bite out of their big blue bath bombs. Because, let’s face it, that would just be unseemly. Clearly.

Yesterday, as we were running all the errands that take up the entire day before Walk Through, we were all feeling the need for a little rejuvenation. And it just so happened that right at the moment, right as we were feeling most worn down, we caught the trail of a Lush leading us back to where we needed to be. And so we stood there, all three of us- Justin, Julia & I- and took some time to just….breathe.

And while I was standing there, pondering the gold glittery (Ke$ha inspired??) soap, this got me thinking about some of my favorite lotion-y things. Some I’ve loved forever, some I’ve just discovered recently. But I wanted to share them all, with all of you.

1. The Ocean Salt Scrub was one of the very first things I fell in love with from Lush and I’ve been using it ever since.
2. Hope in a tube from Philosophy, I first discovered from one of my brides who was on the whole Hope regimen. Her skin looked amazing, so I gave it a whirl. Hope in a Tube is specifically for under your eyes and I adore it.
3. Grace body lotion from Philosophy is like calm & relaxation in a bottle. I highly recommend you pick some up!
4. I’ve been a devotee of Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizer since I was a senior in high school. Nothing comes close to that little yellow bottle.
5. I’m pretty much chemically dependent on Nivea lip balm at this point. Seriously, it’s an addiction.
6. This one is from Julia. She’s loving her Soap Bark & Chamomile deep cleanser from Burt’s Bees. But she said to be warned, it does make your face feel a little numb. :)
7. Just picked up this almond cuticle oil from The Body Shop and I travel with it all the time now for when my hands get so dry from flying.
8. This Prime Time primer also at Sephora is one of the best I’ve tried.
9. And finally, I just picked up this little gem of a mask yestereday, the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. I put it on this morning and it’s pretty much rockin my world.

So tell me….what are some of YOUR all time faves??

  1. Abby Grace

    I’ve never heard of any of these things- my skin care regimen consists of Lubriderm on my legs after a shower. I’m definitely checking out the Hope in a Bottle though, it even sounds magical!

  2. Jessica Horton

    I recently discovered lip stain! I’m not much of a lipstick wearer (but really who is in our generation??) I bought a stick of Stila last week, wore it to our Saturday wedding… and my lips were still pretty & pink at the end of the night with no reapplication! Love it!

    I think I have "flushed"

  3. Jessica

    Bath and Body Works Mentha lip gloss…best stuff ever!

  4. Catie Ronquillo

    My first time to Lush was in London too! It’s amazing. I love how they make everything. My favorite lotion is Aveeno. :) And Burt’s Bees for lip balm.

  5. Katie Yuen

    I LOVE love love the burt’s bees deep cleansing cream! the numbness is definitely weird though.

  6. Robin McQuay Anderson

    Prime Time is THE best…and all things Burt’s Bees!

  7. KatieB

    Oil of Olay Regenerist is amazing, as is Ocean Potion Lotion–it smells like a day on the beach!!

  8. Amy Clifton

    I am addicted to spearmint Chap-stick (fancy, I know) and Cool Citrus Basil lotion and body spray from Bath & Body Works. They discontinued it several years ago, but I found it at an outlet and bought like 8 bottles. Ha! Then, they came back with the same scent under a new name, but discontinued it this spring. Yet again, I bought about 4 more bottles. I may be crazy. :-)

  9. Christa Hann

    Blistex! Especially during the dry cold Canadian winters

  10. sharon elizabeth

    most any kind of chapstick.. MUST. HAVE. IT. — i carry at LEAST 5 different kinds at all times.. along with floss and a cold bottled water! necessities!

  11. Leeann Marie

    Ah! I was just at LUSH today! Discovered them in Scottsdale, and I swear that my skin looks great because of their UltraBland face soap and the BB Seaweed mask. Also picked up a lavender bath bomb today and had a bubble bath to relax tonight. They’re my favorite, and if you take back 5 black tubs you get a face mask free! :)

  12. Lydia

    Still haven’t visited a Lush store, but I keep hearing great things about it! Will have to keep my eyes open on my next vacation!

  13. Jen AKA Jupiter

    I used to be obsessed with Voluptuous Body Butter from Cocoa Pink. I haven’t purchased it in awhile though because there are so many scent choices and I can’t make up my mind about which I want.

  14. Brooke Summer Photography

    Lush sounds like a REALLY dangerous store for me!

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