October 22, 2013

Stuff We Love: Anchors & KJP

This past weekend we had an engagement shoot up in Boston, so we made our way up early so that we could take in some of the “Head of the Charles” while we were there! The HOCR is a crew boat race in the Charles River where high schools, colleges, and teams from all over the world come to compete. We got there just as one of my alma maters, the Yale women’s team, went by. And later we saw that the Yale men’s team was set up right next to the RIT team (which is Justin’s alma mater)….so it was pretty awesome all around!!

Justin got to go to the HOCR once when he was little & we’ve been talking about going together for the longest time. So this year we made it happen! And we already have plans to go back next year with a blanket & a picnic to take in the whole day there on the banks of the Charles. But if I’m being 100% honest, while watching the races is definitely super cool, I had my own ulterior motives for going in the form of the KJP booth at the main Brooks Brothers tent!

I’ve been following Kiel James Patrick (KJP) & Sarah Vickers (SarahKJP) since earlier this year on Instagram (after my good friend Tiffany told me about them) and I LOVE following along & seeing everything they’re up to! If you are a fan of all things preppy, New Englandy goodness, trust me you should definitely follow along as well! Together they have the fashion brand “Kiel James Patrick” that is basically all the things that I love. In fact, when I just spoke at Pursuit 31, all the speakers got one of their polka dot cross-over bags and an anchor bracelet. And then. I. died. (Loooooove you Karen Stott for being the best gift giver EVER!!)

So long story short, I knew they were going to be at the HOCR too & I was determined to meet them! Two cab rides, one shuttle ride, one wrong Brooks Brothers tent (the one that was two miles from the main one), and an hour walking in boots that were most definitely not made for….well….walking. We finally made it to the tent! And there they were!

So I of course immediatelyt urned into some super shy stalkery version of myself that I didn’t even know existed & I just bought my pink & blue bow bracelet and started to walk away. But then I was like, you know what, what did I spend ALL of January telling people at The What’s Next Tour?? Wasn’t it….forget FEAR! You never know, unless you ASK! If you want something, DO something. And I darn well needed to take my own advice.

So I went back in the booth, introduced myself & asked if I could have a picture with them. And you know what, they said yes. AND even better, they were super amazing about it & so, so nice in person that it made me forget all about the blisters I got in getting there.

So there you go. I think sometimes it’s just when we’ve come the farthest, when we’ve taken the most scrapes, and we’re almost there, that’s when FEAR gets the loudest.

It’s in those moments, we have to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps & just be brave enough to Ask.


And since I’m still on Cloud 9 from meeting these guys and the whole crazy adventure working out, we thought we’d spread the preppy love your way too! Just leave us a comment in the box below saying hi & we’re going to pick ONE lucky winner to get your choice of either one of their bow bracelets or anchor bracelets. And….GO!!

**ETA: We would love to give a HUGE congrats to the winner of our KJP giveaway, Miss Kathleen Berger!!! Shoot us an email Kathleen so we can get your mailing addy!!

  1. Josephine


  2. Sharon

    Hi…..So glad you overcame that fear and said Hello. The picture looks great……

  3. Jama Pantel

    Hi! I hope I win b/c that blue and pink bracelet is just what I need. :)

  4. Shannon Kelley

    Hi! I would love to win!

  5. Kathleen B

    Hi Justin & Mary! I’ve been following you guys forever – love your work! I saw this giveaway and got SO excited :) I adore KJP! I’m a total prepster photog. Would love to win a bow bracelet :) Thank you xo Kathleen

  6. Tiffany Farley

    I LOVE that you met them and I am already dreaming up how incredible it *WILL* be when they realize that YOU TWO are the absolute perfect fit for their future preppy New England wedding. Obvi.:)

  7. Lauren

    That bow bracelet is too presh! Looks like you had a blast!

  8. Amy

    Hi guys!

  9. Lisa Whitmore

    LOVE BOTH! Ahh how cute!

  10. Lou

    That bow bracelet is so cute, please tell me you can get them in the UK?!!

  11. Maria

    GREAT reminder to do what you are looking to do and not let fear get in the way. Or painful footwear. =) I love both bracelets and would love to win one! Thanks as always for a great post as well as a fun one!

  12. Evian Granitz

    Super cute!! I love Boston, isn’t it gorgeous?!

  13. Krista A. Jones

    Oh I love KJP! Their brand is incredible and I secretly love their lives too!

  14. Jessica

    LOVE that brand ! And I’m obsessed with anchors! Seriously collect everything anchor. Great giveaway!

  15. Candice

    LOVE IT! & I’m officially following on Instagram!

  16. Nicole Barr

    Hi! Hola! Bonjour! Holla! I rarely ever enter these things because I have no luck, but these are just too awesome not to take a chance.

  17. Dallas

    I’m so proud of you for going back to say hi! I always find it so hard to to that, but agree that it’s so worth it to push past the "shy stalkery" feeling and make a new acquaintance!

  18. Amy Gonzales

    Hi!!! Good morning

  19. AMY . L

    Hi !! <3

  20. Alicia Daw

    I’m so beyond jealous that you met them. Sarah Vickers is one of my favorite fashion bloggers.

  21. Cameron Lewis

    LOVE this idea :D

  22. Stef

    Hi! You guys are too cute! And the anchor bracelets are perfect for Mary :-)

  23. maggi

    so worth the blisters!! :) what a great story!

  24. Kimberly Tabor

    Just wanted to say hi! I love your work and am a big fan. I saw this bracelet and thought how much my daughter would love it. She loves anchors :) hope I’m the lucky one!

  25. Kimberly Tabor

    Just wanted to say hi! I love your work and am a big fan. I saw this bracelet and thought how much my daughter would love it. She loves anchors :) hope I’m the lucky one!

  26. Megan

    Hi there! Good for you for overcoming your fear! I get super shy like that, too!

    Cute preppy accessories!


    How did I not know KJP existed!!?? Thank you for sharing such preppy goodness!

  28. Caitlin Buchanan

    Finally, someone who shares my obsession with KJP!!! I have been pining….PINING!…over his anchor bracelets forever. Relocating from Maine to San Antonio has definitely made me miss nautical preppy chic! So jealous you got to meet them!!! Xoxo

  29. Natalie

    The anchor bracelet has my heart! Oh my goodness!

  30. Jessi

    Hi!!! <3 Can’t wait to see you in Cannon Beach!

  31. LeiLani @ Elle Golden Photography

    Ah! That anchor bracelet is beyond fab. I’d love to win it because I’m a Delta Gamma and it would be most appropriate. ;)

  32. Lena

    Absolutely LOVE KJP, jealous you got to meet them!

  33. Sarah Goodwin

    ooooo lala! love me some nautical themed anchors & bows :)

  34. Thuy -Minh Hussey

    Ooooh those bracelets are so cute!!!

  35. Melissa

    This are adorable!! Loved meeting you at P31~

  36. Morgan E.

    so stinkin’ cute! love them both

  37. Alli McWhinney

    Oh, I love KJP! Their stuff reminds me of my preppy Boston roots! That anchor bracelet is totes amazing!

  38. Ashley

    Thanks for sharing so much of your personal life with the blogging world!! It encourages me to share more. Way to say know to fear!

  39. Jeffrey Shipley

    OMG. I’ve been dying to have an anchor bracelet for montthhhhs. Since my soon-to-be-lauched brand is allll about anchors and ships and such. Hello SHIPley. I mean come on, I just had to with a name like that and my love for the open sea. Ok, I sound like a pirate. And I’m off. Avast!!! :-p

  40. Gabrielle C

    Oh gracious how cute are those! I absolutely adore all things anchor. Good for you taking your own advice and taking the plunge! I know how hard that can be. :)

  41. rachel

    HI!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the anchor bracelet! you guys are so sweet for sharing the love of KJP

  42. Jacinthe

    Aw, you guys are awesome. :) Thanks so much for this chance to win. Love those bracelets!

  43. Sarah Hoppes

    These are adorable!!!

  44. Tiosha

    Hi! I love reading your blog posts and I love these bracelets. :) I’d be one lucky girl if I won one!

  45. Heather

    First, I adore your chicken sweater and the fact that you are adorable and gorgeous all at the same time. Second, thanks for the reminder. Last, I would really really love to win one of those darling bracelets!!

  46. Stephanie

    Hey there! Sounds like Boston was great😊love the anchor bracelet⚓️

  47. crystal blackledge

    I loved hearing you speak at P31! You are amazing, I LOVE your work!

  48. Sabrina

    So fun! I’m loving the anchor bracelet :-)

  49. Leonia

    Awh! I love your work! It’s such a beautiful thing what you guys are doing by sharing the love of couples. I also have been eyeing the anchor bracelet that is super adorbs! Wishing you guys the best and continue changing the world!

  50. Jen Araya

    Love anchor bracelet! Next year we should plan to meet up when you are in Boston!! Love you guys!

  51. Tiffany

    EEEEP! Obsessed with all things nautical. :) Thanks for doing the giveaway!!!!

  52. Araceli Covarrubias

    Love all things polka dot!

  53. Lynn

    What a great story. I love the adorable anchor bracelet.

  54. sara graham

    HI! So love your work and sooooooooooo excited to meet you two at UNITED! I don’t know if I am going to get any sleep during the next 4 months, but it will totally be worth it!

  55. Miranda

    Hi! I absolutely love y’alls style of photography and just your style!! You are such an inspiration. :)

  56. Kim Morgan

    Hi! Lovely wrist adornment. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the chance to win one of the KJP bracelets :)

  57. MrsJBolt

    Yay love finding preppy brands to follow on Instagram!

  58. Allie

    Ahh love it! Sooo preppy :) Thanks for your words about fear, Mary…they totally hit home!

  59. Brittany

    Is there anything preppier than the HOCR?! I might have gotten really excited/jealous when I saw Justin’s Uber Instagram pic that you guys were in town! One of the best weekends in Boston, glad you were able to soak it in a little and make some preppy dreams come true in one fell swoop!

  60. Sara

    Hi! Both are so preppy and cute!!

  61. Urška Majer

    These both look great!

  62. Kara

    these are SO cute!!! always in the market for fun new accessories – thanks for the introduction :D

  63. Kimberly Wilson

    Oh, you had me at polka dots and bows! ;) d

  64. Becca Pettingell

    LOVE the anchor bracelet

  65. Stephanie Stewart

    Love both, they are so you, Mary! I’ve been in love with all the nautical fall stuff I’ve seen lately!

  66. Jen Jar

    Oh my goodness! That anchor bracelet is the perfect "Jen + Ashley" brand colors!!! :)

  67. Melissa Farmer

    Those are gorgeous! My roommate is a fan of anchors – what a great gift idea for her. & since I love bowties I’ll have to indulge in one of those for myself :)

  68. Rhea

    I have seen their stuff before. So cute! And looks very "Mary" :)

  69. mary

    awesome!! hello

  70. Casey

    Pretty pretty pretty!! Loving the anchor bracelet A LOT.

  71. Kristin Ungerecht

    Hiiiii, Mary! :) I’d get a bow bracelet, I think! It’s super cute! ^_^

  72. Lori Calhoun

    Wow! What a fun story! It’s super cute when your idols have idols!!!

  73. Lydia

    I confess, I’ve also stalked Sarah on instagram and have always loved the anchor bracelets!

  74. Eleonora

    Hi there!
    How cute are these bracelets! My favorite one is the anchor bracelet.

  75. lauren

    hi m & j! i am in love with kjp’s anchor bracelets and would love to have one! ;)
    keep on keepin’ on! *

  76. Lindsay Taryn

    Whoa, thank you for introducing me to the amazingness that is KJP. New England, represent! :)

  77. Bethany

    Love it, such cute accessories!

  78. ahren

    bow bracelet is AMAZING! love it!

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