March 29, 2011

Stuff We Love: Betty White

That’s it. No words or in depth explanation. We just {heart} Betty White.

We’ve been watching a lot of Hot in Cleveland on apple tv, and we fell in love with her all over again. Plus, I just love when she makes Justin laugh. :) Word.

  1. Rupa

    Word. : )

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  3. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    I’ve loved her since I watched reruns of "The Golden Girls" with my grandma. :)

  4. Kristin H.

    ME TOO! Rose Nyland rocks! Tie between her and Sophia Patrillo for fav GG.

  5. Amanda

    Oh man, I recently started watching hot in cleveland via netflix…but wasn’t sure it was something people admit to. ;) HAHAHAHA. Betty White makes it, she is something else! And I grew up on Golden Girls, who knew retirement age single ladies could hold such interest for young girls (I know I wasn’t alone). =)

  6. Rupa

    I was trying to remember when I first started watching her and I knew it wasn’t Golden Girls…it was the Mary Tyler Moore Show!!! Tells you my age, huh? She was so good in that & well ahead of her time way back in the (’70’s) day as well!!

  7. ashley barnett

    Alright, this made me smile. :)

  8. linda kuo

    She’s the most talented comedianne! Hilarious as Sue Ann Nievn on Mary Tyler Moore

  9. Jessica Sweeney

    Me too!

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