December 4, 2009

Stuff We Love: Bon Jovi

Good morning and Happy Friday!!! To kick off your morning and get you rockin into the weekend, we thought we’d share a lil’ Bon Jovi with you this morning. Justin is a true blue Jersey boy, and therefore a dedicated Bon Jovi fan! I recently got him their new two disc album, complete with a dvd documentary called “When we were beautiful.”

And here’s our current favorite song from that album to help wake you up!! C’mon…..IT’S FRIDAYYYYYYY!!!!!

  1. applem00n

    thanks for the friday gift. cuz after all, we’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got.

  2. maggieb

    thanks for the wake-up call!!!

  3. Betsy Jo

    Apple moon’s comment made me laugh! Subtle little play on words there!

  4. jeramy

    no, you don’t love bon jovi….I LOVE BON JOVI!!!! except that the chorus of this song is a little to reminiscent of ‘born to be my baby’ for me to totally get into it. i’d rather just hear the original.

  5. Tracy (Serendipity Images)

    Oh I looooove Bon Jovi!! Thanks giving me a great big Friday smile! :)

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